We’re from the Caribbean. You know what it means… grog, pirate ships, rude fishermen, spitting contests and overheated CPUs. Every man, every blueprint, every idea is surrounded by the sea breeze of Margarita Island. And there, on the tracks of sunsets and slow-growing coconuts, we create games. We create games because we like games, especially thought-provoking and family-friendly games.

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We're very pleased to announce that NagiQ 2: Treasure Hunt, our new word game, is now available at Desura! Albeit we've developed NagiQ 2: Treasure Hunt as a sequel to our first game (NagiQ, also available here at Desura,) the gameplay is totally original. Furthermore, NagiQ 2 comprises 5 islands, and each island delivers a very specific challenge with words. This original gameplay is based on combining words on a board. In order to win, all the letters on the board must have a golden color.

By combining words you'll be able to

  • win coins,
  • defeat an evil pirate,
  • win prizes,
  • punch evil skulls,
  • explode monsters,
  • trim mustaches

and also prove that you are the ultimate wizard of word games! 75 boards with plenty of fun with words, perfect for brain-fitness, lie ahead!

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IKIGames, coding since 2011, is a team focused on development of games and other projects combining visual arts and software development. Fun, mind-expanding...

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