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3 Review

Mod Review on Aug 6th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

I really can't give any higher score, I didn't find anything unique, just planned boring, repetitive as hell, find key and then another it's just pointless and gets boring really quick. Scares are cheap ones with jumpy ones.. don't do those because it really kills the atmosphere when playing mod and then quickly it becomes really lazy experience overall. Map design is really weird and small maps didn't impress me either, like those Dungeons, Cellars really rushed ones and too small to imagine this one to be "dungeon or cellar map" same thing with every each of the map what I played. Hub is really just long way with locked doors and whole playthrough is really boring and repetitive with key quests and cheap-*** scares, ugh.

Overall you really can do better and unique experience with rich detailing and unique ways to scare actual player. This is just rushed mess with really poor design with boring ideas and monster poofers aswell.

My experience and things what annoy me: (Just helping what you need to improve)

- Really bland beginning and after picking up key, monster spawned immediately
ruined my experience a lot
- Many poofers, nothing actual reason to spawn monster here and there
- Found extra key and didn't use it anywhere
- Found bug after going back to main hall if I didn't collect everything and go
back door is locked.
- Really boring to progress, just finding keys and I didn't enjoy poor and low
detailed rooms
- Not scary at all, couple stupid jumpscares with no reason
- No actual puzzles at all, just finding keys
- Bland atmosphere and I didn't feel one second I was really at danger and feared

I'm just helping with critizing a lot and writing critic review too. Not being harsh even if I sound like that, just try to improve, because this mod needs much longer gameplay and just exciting story with detailed map design, unique scares, puzzles etc. just spend time with a mod, don't ever rush it, you will get low score for sure if you continue doing that.

Good luck with your further projects!

3/10 - Repetitive key hunt with bland design (Not recommended)

7 Review

Mod Review on Aug 2nd, 2015

It was good, but sometimes I felt running back and fourth too much and get confused at time, what I need to do and find those missing items. Scares are good and new monster was really terrifying and I really got scared couple times and that was really improving part when playing this. Map design is pretty good, but fast-paced maps isn't always a good thing, I think I completed whole mod easily under 20 minutes. So there is not that much challenge, but it was still really enjoyable to play through.

Voice acting was nice, but after a while it didn't impress me that much and I was expecting far more epic events and twists etc.

Atmosphere is really well build, but I think from dark to bright rooms was confusing and when I have to go back basement area, nothing really changes here, just items are "Pickable" now.


- Cool intro
- Terrifying monster
- Atmosphere when monster appears
- Couple new ideas like "Collecting parts to build lantern"
- Design was overall cool and enjoyable to play


- Confusing at times
- No text when clicking some of the objects
- Thaler collecting with no actual reason
- Simple ending and nothing "Wow" moments here.

Overall really solid mod with a lot of heart, but some things could really be improving and desing could be even simpler and more "areas to discover" maybe more encounters with monster and a longer story would be nice. It was too short in my opinion, still really good effort guys!

7/10 - Solid experience and terrifying ride at times

Amnesia: The Second Dimension
9 Review

Mod Review on Jun 11th, 2015 - 6 people agree 1 person doesn't

Well... I finally finished whole mod and just wow, how entartaining this one was! Really original concept with everything executed almost perfectly, except couple really annoying situations and bugs I found when playing it.

First of all I liked the dialogue so much, I laughed so much when "Grunts talked each other nonsense or just "humor talk" that was funny! Map designing is beautiful and elegant and how whole platform jumping execution was great!


Sewers part make me angry, I literally cried after trying this part 50 times and died too. Okay first "section" wasn't that hard, second was little harder and timing is critical too. WELL, after that I faced last section AND I was so frustrated I was thinking why to make it so annoying, I mean you have to jump, jump and turn, jump more and just perfectly landed that one platform and then turn again and jump rapidly and just "90% luck to reach that final platform" and this is time limited part and if you are even "0.0001 second slower" you will drop of the platforms, I mean c'mon with these grunt controls and climbing up next platform etc. becomes so frustrating I can't even tell you guys.

Well... then... I was thinking "It's finally over no anymore these parts" Oh... boy I was wrong... then comes the "Choir map"

I literally raged out of my mind when I progressed that "Choir part" that was pain in the ***! I mean I literally tried this part 100-200 times up and down, I mean controls are not that good and timing is critical what comes to jumping another platform to another when I was trying find that last key, it was so annoying and frustrating platforming part I ever played in whole "Platforming genre" it was that painful. Sorry to sound harsh and critical, but you guys need to update this part more easier, because sometimes when jumping another platform and then second one and another and + timing is have to be perfect. It's really hard to execute perfectly and you have to try it and try it so long. There's no easier guidance or use something to make it less "frustrating".

I don't blame you entirely because of the controls, but that's why you need to improve platforming parts little easier and not that frustrating! Like adding couple checkpoints here and there, I know some of the maps are really easy to finish with even one life, but platforming parts are just annoying as it gets and that break my experience sometimes so badly.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed this mod, but some big maps I got low fps and lagging a lot, don't know why, but that was little annoying too and it's hard to jump and focus on the puzzling parts too.

Humor is really good in this mod and those conversations make's it so enjoyable to play, every monster and all those chase parts were my favourite and sometimes it was really challenging, but I managed complete every part only with couple of deaths.

Last of all I really loved this mod + expect those couple "Most annoying platforming moments" still, you put so much effort on this mod it's unbelievable it was so refreshing and awesome to play! Ending boss was really funny and little challenging and awesome to beat!


- Monsters
- Talking sequences (including humor talking) + events
- Chase events
- Music
- Tension
- Creative designing
- Original concept, different and refreshing to play whole mod through
- Lots of different levels to play


- Couple game-breaking bugs (You can cheat couple parts)
- Couple really annoying platform jumping parts (Raging is 95% possible)

Well done Aetheric Games team! You really managed to made this mod possible and it's amazing! I really felt playing different game and imagine to play it "In different dimension" and that was you're goal and you succeeded!

Thank you so much for making this! "Clap Clap" :)

9/10 - Amazing & original ride and MUST play for every Amnesia-fan Player!

Final Revelations --Released--
9 Review

Mod Review on May 2nd, 2015 - 7 people agree 2 people don't

Wow this was you're best mod easily, I loved Dark Case and this one prove's it you really worked hard on this mod.

All the original and new ideas, make's this mod one of the uniquest I ever played and experienced. I love the town, bar, my room where I can sleep and do stuff. Everything is executed perfectly!

Story was really intriguing and so interesting I lost track of time how long I have been playing this, everything is well done with story wise and how plot thickens and all those twists are really well made.

Puzzles are top-notch in this one, sometimes I really have to think and sometimes everything make's sense and if you think hard, you can't get stuck all the time. Well.. I have to ask few times hints, because couple finding items and events, annoyed little bit and I was getting frustrated and stuck long time, but just a few times. My favourite puzzles are "analyzing areas and machine-puzzles". That was so refreshing and new I didn't get bored even one second. Everything is just planned smoothly and you just used so many elements what we need to solve this puzzle and progress further. Amazing!

Gameplay is really interesting and kept me going a long time in one sitting, whole story took me over 4 hours to complete it was really enjoyable and long one. Chapters splitting is always smart and tell player how close you are to the final part.

Scares... are just.. really freaking terrifying, whole atmopshere is builded so interesting and scary, I was thinking "Whenever I walk somewhere I never was safe" that was my feeling and it's really good you executed this well, because it's really hard to make player fear so much and this mod did it superb. I jumped many times, okay couple cheapscares, but sometimes those monsters "popped-out" I manly screamed little bit it was that terrifying. Whole slowly builded atmosphere is something really hard to make and this one did the job easily, this is what im looking in the mods nowdays. Well done, sir!


- Music
- Map Design
- Scares
- Puzzles (complex ones too)
- Atmosphere, really terrifying
- Story
- Town, own room creativity with different events
- Bar which contains "buy-in system with coins"


- Couple annoying "finding item moments"
- Sometimes I needed litle more hints for the puzzles

Really awesome mod for an awesome creator! Thanks Kaernk for making this, this is my favourite mod of 2015, easily!

9/10 - Thrilling ride with different experience unlike any others

5 Review

Mod Review on Mar 14th, 2015 - 2 people don't

Wow, that was quick I finished chapter one in like 10-15 minutes, really short and disappointing and bland.

First of all I liked the atmosphere, but it was really rushed design, like there was nothing to explore at all, pretty non-linear gameplay and just running through maps, beginning was nice start, but when I progressed more and more it becomes bland and boring a lot, there's no detailing at all just hallways and corridors and just walking and walking. I mean it was little scary when I reached final maps and that encounter comes, but everything is just planned blandly and boring experience, glad there was not cheap jumpscares, I know you builded only nice atmosphere, but I expected a lot more! Like more scares, puzzles and many scripting events.. overall there was like 4-5 scripts coded. I have played hundreds of stories and this wasn't that good at all, mapping was okay, but story didn't make sense at all. Really quick chapter to play and make me want discover even more, well if you split those chapters like " example. Chapter 1 this is just exploring and player reveal dark secrets" then "Chapter 2 contains more events and more complex story, what Chapter 1 didn't show at all.. and so on" if this is you're plan, great! Otherwise I expected much more. It was okay story, but you really need more detailing and a lot of more interesting gameplay to make this mod more enjoyable. Sorry if being little harsh, but I'm just critizing a lot when I write a review.

Playable, but needs much more work and interesting gameplay - 5/10

GabryGames - MOD Fan
1 Review

Mod Review on Feb 24th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Yeah, why even you can't try, make something decent. Run away troll.

Are you serious This field must be at least 150 characters long. Oh my god.

1/10 - Pointless mod, don't even try, you only get cancer from this

Brutal Changes
7 Review

Mod Review on Jan 28th, 2015 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

That was pretty enjoyable mod, but far from what I expected. Sure level design was good and puzzles are interesting and somehow genius, but there are many flaws and I occured and have to re-play this mod like four times to finally get to the 3rd map. Really annoying, because some really silly mistakes. I liked the scares like those grunts running fast, I jumped twice when that monster runned like hell two times. I loved that event where you have to block that room with box, clever and unique script.

There are couple more enjoyable events, but sometimes it felt kind of rushed gameplay and little bit boring in my taste.


- How it begins and ends
- Special events
- Some never-seen stuff which is good and new
- Puzzles
- Atmospheric


- Stupid errors and couple annoying bugs
- Have to re-play many times than actually finish it in one sit
- Some areas didn't make sense
- Map design could be better, it's overall average
- Huge size doors was kind of blah moment and dull

There are many flaws and many good things in this mod, so I give it 7/10 because of that, it was enjoyable ride... but ends quickly. Well done!

Quite entertaining thrill ride - 7/10

Amnesia: Depth
7 Review

Mod Review on Jan 22nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees 3 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Really atmospheric and dark mod with great suspense, story was well written and everything make's sense when you got to the end, I was little disappoint how it ended, sadly and quickly.

Scares are good, but there are only couple penumbra enemies which are getting old and boring. Puzzles are good, but sometimes I really have to think where I go next, there are pretty easy, expect I occured a bug and have to do different way so I don't get stuck forever. Design was okay, but could be better, what I most liked was the atmosphere and new custom stuff filled with entities and textures.


- Story
- Puzzles
- New textures, new atmosphere feeling
- Dark and suspense


- Couple bugs and stupid script failures
- Sometimes feels bland and rushed
- Water part was annoying and boring

Overall I expected even more, it ended quickly if you know what you have to do, it's a nice effort, but this could be much better if you pay more attention using even detailed mapping style and more interesting gameplay.

Dark & good mod and worth to try - 7/10

The Barn's Secrets -Full Release-
9 Review

Mod Review on Jan 18th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

What a beautiful little mod you got here. Tension was great and whole journey with exciting atmosphere, extreme detailed maps were top notch for me! Voice-acting is really cool and well executed, couple puzzles kept me thinking a long time and I was almost giving up, but I always like challenging puzzles, other ones are really easy and make's sense, but one puzzle gave me a lot of trouble and Chapter 5 was really frustrating and kind of ruined gameplay for me and this part take me like 20-30 attempts straight, anyway I succeeded and finished it with great feeling.

Couple scares were really unique and different and so terrifying I was actually truly scared sometimes, levels are kind of short and little rushed in my taste, but they are so WELL CRAFTED, so much different and new design with other mods I have played.


- Interesting story
- Genius map design with different gameplay experience
- Tension, scary and really terrifying
- Exciting gameplay
- Lightning is amazing and well maded
- Night time / Morning time event


- Chapter 5 platforming part, annoying and confusing
- Couple flickering textures (no biggie)
- Overall pretty short and fast level changing

Great work man, I truly enjoyed this one, this mod is one example
how mods should be done, mapping was perfect and enjoyable to watch and just explore every place with great tension you builded in this mod.

Different and thriling ride all way through - 9/10

The Subconscious Trials
10 Review

Mod Review on Jan 2nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Amazing... just amazing.

It took me nearly 6 hours to finish this beast and my god, it was long, but damn entertaining and epic, especially those last two maps with full of brain-thinking puzzles with genius way to solve them.

All the atmosphere, storytelling I never been so touched and interest any story out there, but this got me big time, like those "small rooms when that guy is speaking from that speaker... every time I proceed to the next map things gets so interesting with epic twists, I was like "Woah, now I see how much work you guys put into this mod".

My first try was little disappointing with the missing walls, but I'm glad they got fixed and I was enable to proceed and go to next levels. Later on when passing that "scary part with ghosts everywhere and collect those 4 tinderboxes and then climbing those ladders and transforming to the next map, it crashes, I was really frustrated and maybe 5-10 attempts again to try to proceed, I succeeded randomly, so really don't know what caused that, but all I can say my Windows freezed everytime and Amnesia stopped working and I have to every attempt reboot my PC. It was really raging moment I got there... sigh. Finally I managed to continue...

Everything is just so epic!! All the puzzles you build, those tasks what I have to do in the third map, it just becomes more interesting and not lacking experience at all, last map was maybe one of the greatest moment in my Amnesia experience history. All that running and platform jumping, holy moly that was just perfect it remind me like "Metroid Prime 1 prologue where you have to escape to the spaceship with all the equipment broken"

Overall, Kman I envy you, you have so much talent and you really delivered it, I waited this mod for years and I got what I was hoping for.

One thing I was facing many times it was how much lag third map causes, I don't know is the custom walls the problem which ones you fixed, before playing this mod 2nd time. Also I was having massive lag sometimes when using AG ninth map, it was really frustrating to beat that puzzle with 10fps most of the time. Maybe it's my PC or I don't know.. weird thing is my other mods never lagged that much and other maps in this mod worked perfectly, but some custom maps didn't, which ruined little bit my gameplay experience.


- Epic storyline
- Voice acting is really good and emotional
- Interesting deveploment all way through
- Phenomenal map design
- Everything fits and is delivered perfectly
- Puzzles are genius as hell
- Unique platform parts
- Long gameplay which is really good
- So many other things, I can't remember now


- Couple annoying crashes between the maps and couple bugs here and there
- Lag fest on couple maps (not sure what's causing that)

Kman, thank you for making this it was one of the greatest journey's I ever played, this is easily my top 3 mod now.

10/10 - Masterpiece with excellent amount of work put into this epic ride