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Somehow it didn't bring any wow or that satisfying moments, where you are still wondering how well it's executed, because it's not.

It's average at best with mapping, story and facing that "custom enemy" ending feels rushed and unfinished. I don't personally recommend this, but it has little potential to make something great if you keep focusing more on detailing and making it even more exciting, because for now it lacks a lot of exciting gameplay experience with amazing scares and potentially worthy events.


- Design
- Chase event


- Short
- Nothing exciting
- Puzzles are pretty basic
- Repetitive

5/10 - Pretty basic mod



Mod review - 1 agree

Oh my f*cking god, this mod is so good, I can't even stop thinking about it anymore. I don't even know where to start?

Well.. I finally finished it and I was smiling all way from beginning to an end. What a masterpiece this is, pure art and so much effort where everything just connects and plays perfectly.

Story is really interesting and well writed, really interesting atmosphere and when collecting notes and listening voice-acting It really sucks you in the Amadeus mod.

Level design is phenomenal and professionally maded, much love and passion and it really shows here, I just stared that lobby area so long and many other rooms and just looked everywhere I can, all the small detail is perfectionally made, I never seen so carefully level designing as this is. Everything is just out of this world and I didn't even know how you can still modern default amnesia this good, I didn't even feel I played amnesia anymore, I just feel that this is "Amadeus the Real survival horror game" seriously it is that good and impressive.

Puzzles are freaking cool and well thought even sometimes I got stuck a lot, because some puzzles are just really challenging which is good and I love good challenges and this mod delivers that. Piano puzzle was frustrating, because I suck at it, but after 40min trying and trying I finally managed solved it and I was proud person after that :D Awesome puzzle and excecution!

Atmosphere is freaking terrifying and top-notch horror you can face for a very long time.. I was really scared when exploring dark areas and those creepy hallways with events, I just panicked and hide in a corners a lot, amazing execution here aswell!

Overall I just love it and want more, more and even more. I have played over 500 custom stories, maybe 30-40 different Full conversion and never faced and experienced this good ever, it's art, it's like awakening to a Amnesia community to bring these kind of modes, even more. I love it, thanks for making this dear creator! You have such a talent making something like this, I'm still stunned!


- Story
- Terrifying monster
- Disturbing events
- Atmosphere
- Level Design is freaking Art
- Unique puzzles
- Everything connects


- Only one thing, I want MORE!!

10/10 - Mod of the year, one of the greatest rides I ever experienced!


Testificate (v1.1 update)

Mod review may contain spoilers

Just finished this mod and all I can say, you really put effort on this one, I loved the puzzles and being tiny player and those mini-monsters were crazy funny and really refreshing idea to use them. I liked every puzzle and they weren't that hard to solve. Scares are good and somehow gameplay is really enjoyable, I hoped still something unique experience and something I haven't seen before, besides those puzzles. Simple story, but enjoyable one.


- Puzzles
- Mini-monsters, mini player world
- Intelligence
- Level Design
- Platforming map


- Something is still missing
- Lack of story

Overall really well maded mod with time and effort put on it. Thanks for making this, I enjoyed it a lot.

8/10 - Decent and thrilling


The circles of the devil

Mod review may contain spoilers

Amazing work, because 24 hour limit only given. Loved atmosphere, whole new setting and visuals are amazing, every enemy I faced I loved different style of them. Scares are good, chases are sometimes kind of annoying, but beatable, still pretty tough to beat on one try.


- Atmosphere
- Music
- Level design
- Visuals
- Enemies


- Bugs but understable, because of the time limited mod example. First time button vanished when pressing it, after replacing patch it worked.

- Chases are annoying in the end, because one hit kills

Great little mod, with really creative level design, with exciting twists and choices how you can finish the game, thanks for making this, I really enjoyed it!

8/10 - Devilish and must try RIDE


When I am no more

Mod review may contain spoilers

I loved this one, it's so unique with new elements and style! First I was confused how everything works, but after trying couple times, I learned it so quickly and loved every second of it, breath of fresh air on puzzling!

I was sad when It ended, I wish it was much longer, because this mod got so much potential it's just stunning.


- New element
- Unique
- Puzzling is fun
- Environment and twist plots


- Nothing really, just little bit longer (optional wish)

I need more of these, so that's why I didn't yet rated 10, it's near perfection whats comes to puzzling, maybe little more ideas what you can make still, but overall it's awesome and unique and take's the Amnesia puzzling whole new level. Everyone should try this!

Thank you for making this, it's stunning mod!

9/10 - Breath of fresh air and must play


Illusions of the Dead

Mod review may contain spoilers

I rarely give anyone perfect ten. But this time, I was stunned, how amazing this mod was. Amazing work buddy!

Where do I start? I have played so many mods on Amnesia, I can't even count them anymore. This mod uses original assets too, but it's done so good it's really something you should experience right away.

Map Desing is near perfection with lightning, shadows and all the realistic atmosphere make's this mod one of the unsettling and terrifying as I have played any mods so far. Stunning.

Scares are top-notch on this mod with atmosphere and all them combined, it's like dream come true. I have never scared so much, when you start those events with flashing eyes and you must just go forward to face that fear. It's freaking disturbing moment I have ever encountered. You managed still even advanced Amnesia player, scared the living hell out of me. Well done!

Story is really great and easy to follow, everything is nicely fitted on the areas and you can deep in your mind to it and experience whole story with gripping story writing aswell.

Puzzles are good and fairly done, I was stuck couple times, but didn't need that guide overall. I managed to solve every piece eventually. I like challenges and this mod have these brain-puzzles along the way you proceed further and further.

Music is great, even with original music, because you scripted those perfectly, I was scared so many times, because of that.

Creativity as Krusti said, is one of the strongest points on this mod, all the design and how everything comes together is damn good and I enjoyed every minute of it, I wasn't bored at all, in fact I was terrified almost every time I faced something unsettling. Damn you! :D


- Creativity
- Unique
- Music
- Story
- Puzzles
- Top-notch Design
- Unsettling events
- Gameplay time is long


- Couple maps got FPS drops
- Couple bugs and flickering textures, which is so normal it doesnt affect at score at all

You have done justice to this mod, and I applaud you for making this. 1,5 years is long time and you certainly delivered so much! It's one of the greatest mods on a long time and I will definitely play it again, it was just that good! Fantastic work and genius mapping. This mod still haunts me on my dreams, for sure.

10/10 - You can't miss this one!


Penumbra: II

Mod review may contain spoilers

This was really enjoyable one and scary as hell. Monster encounters are perfectly balanced and chases are intense as hell. Desing is average, but fair to go through all the levels. Item finding and where they belong is little annoying, especially those keycard doors. I find myself lost many times, because of that beginning.

Story is okay, but I wanted still more to find and not just get that dull ending with a flashback.


- Music
- Monsters
- Atmosphere
- Intense chases
- Glowstick


- Confusing at times
- Should be longer
- Rushed ending, expected more

Overall this mod was really nice and refreshing, but still lacks of gameplay and need more detailing on the levels and even more complexing puzzles to solve. I love penumbras so I really see you put effort on this one as well.

7/10 - Enjoyable ride with intense moments


What's Beneath The Truth - Released

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

Great mod, at first I was little annoyed, because I didn't get that much clue to find stuff. I like challenges in puzzles, but I really wanted find stuff much easier. I was lost too many times and because lack of oil, I get frustrated easily because I can't locate every item.

Story is good and make's sense most of the time and I enjoyed decent map desing as well.

Scares are pretty good, but I still wanted more unique scares, couple jumpscares here and there are fine, but some script events are unpredictable. I loved library area, but slow movements and progressing room to room are sometimes pretty depressing to actually enjoy the gameplay. TBH I hated first act, because sometimes it was sloppy to proceed, after that act, I enjoyed pretty much everything and was less annoyed.

I got lag always at the library area, pretty weird thing and faced couple game-breaking bugs which you should definitely fix. Example. I can grab all the closet keys, without opening them, some enemies are bugged and I was one time stuck at study 3rd floor, because monster jammed me on that little room.

Overall ending was great and overall design is really decent and enjoyable with new scripting events and unique things at times.


- Monster encounters
- Puzzles
- Design
- Story
- Lenght


- Game breaking bugs
- Hard to find all the relics
- Item placements
- Boring when you get stuck

This mod is playable after fixing those bugs of course and journey will suck you in immediately. Not Krusti's best work, but definitely good and scary journey to enjoy after midnight.

7/10 - Decent thrill ride


Delightful Decay

Mod review may contain spoilers

Wow another amazing adventure with new, refreshing surroundings. Thank you for making this, I keep this time my review short, because everything is amazing, except I wanted better and terrifying ending.


9/10 - Refreshing and terrifying mod with couple twists



Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

This mod have much potential, I really liked it overall. All the activities like taking a shower and day after day it gets interesting and scary. I truly was scared at points when you have to "see at surveillance camera that stranger" then it gets really interesting and terrifying. Design was alright, but many rooms missed so much stuff, I loved all new textures, it was really refreshing and unique to play it, it just misses even more action, difficult puzzles and even more deeper and depth storytelling with many twists.


- New style and design
- Day and night times
- Activities
- Scary moments


- Couple bugs
- Some moments are predictable
- Sometimes really confused where to find items to progress
- Enviroment coule be more detailed

Great job on this one, if you make sequel make it more interesting, extreme detailed and something even more unqiue stuff, because you have potential and refreshing things in this mod. Well done!

7/10 - Worth to play and experience this terrifying little gem

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