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Mod Review on Mar 14th, 2015 - 2 people don't

Wow, that was quick I finished chapter one in like 10-15 minutes, really short and disappointing and bland.

First of all I liked the atmosphere, but it was really rushed design, like there was nothing to explore at all, pretty non-linear gameplay and just running through maps, beginning was nice start, but when I progressed more and more it becomes bland and boring a lot, there's no detailing at all just hallways and corridors and just walking and walking. I mean it was little scary when I reached final maps and that encounter comes, but everything is just planned blandly and boring experience, glad there was not cheap jumpscares, I know you builded only nice atmosphere, but I expected a lot more! Like more scares, puzzles and many scripting events.. overall there was like 4-5 scripts coded. I have played hundreds of stories and this wasn't that good at all, mapping was okay, but story didn't make sense at all. Really quick chapter to play and make me want discover even more, well if you split those chapters like " example. Chapter 1 this is just exploring and player reveal dark secrets" then "Chapter 2 contains more events and more complex story, what Chapter 1 didn't show at all.. and so on" if this is you're plan, great! Otherwise I expected much more. It was okay story, but you really need more detailing and a lot of more interesting gameplay to make this mod more enjoyable. Sorry if being little harsh, but I'm just critizing a lot when I write a review.

Playable, but needs much more work and interesting gameplay - 5/10

GabryGames - MOD Fan
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Mod Review on Feb 24th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Yeah, why even you can't try, make something decent. Run away troll.

Are you serious This field must be at least 150 characters long. Oh my god.

1/10 - Pointless mod, don't even try, you only get cancer from this

Brutal Changes
7 Review

Mod Review on Jan 28th, 2015 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

That was pretty enjoyable mod, but far from what I expected. Sure level design was good and puzzles are interesting and somehow genius, but there are many flaws and I occured and have to re-play this mod like four times to finally get to the 3rd map. Really annoying, because some really silly mistakes. I liked the scares like those grunts running fast, I jumped twice when that monster runned like hell two times. I loved that event where you have to block that room with box, clever and unique script.

There are couple more enjoyable events, but sometimes it felt kind of rushed gameplay and little bit boring in my taste.


- How it begins and ends
- Special events
- Some never-seen stuff which is good and new
- Puzzles
- Atmospheric


- Stupid errors and couple annoying bugs
- Have to re-play many times than actually finish it in one sit
- Some areas didn't make sense
- Map design could be better, it's overall average
- Huge size doors was kind of blah moment and dull

There are many flaws and many good things in this mod, so I give it 7/10 because of that, it was enjoyable ride... but ends quickly. Well done!

Quite entertaining thrill ride - 7/10

Amnesia: Depth
7 Review

Mod Review on Jan 22nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees 3 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Really atmospheric and dark mod with great suspense, story was well written and everything make's sense when you got to the end, I was little disappoint how it ended, sadly and quickly.

Scares are good, but there are only couple penumbra enemies which are getting old and boring. Puzzles are good, but sometimes I really have to think where I go next, there are pretty easy, expect I occured a bug and have to do different way so I don't get stuck forever. Design was okay, but could be better, what I most liked was the atmosphere and new custom stuff filled with entities and textures.


- Story
- Puzzles
- New textures, new atmosphere feeling
- Dark and suspense


- Couple bugs and stupid script failures
- Sometimes feels bland and rushed
- Water part was annoying and boring

Overall I expected even more, it ended quickly if you know what you have to do, it's a nice effort, but this could be much better if you pay more attention using even detailed mapping style and more interesting gameplay.

Dark & good mod and worth to try - 7/10

The Barn's Secrets -Full Release-
9 Review

Mod Review on Jan 18th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

What a beautiful little mod you got here. Tension was great and whole journey with exciting atmosphere, extreme detailed maps were top notch for me! Voice-acting is really cool and well executed, couple puzzles kept me thinking a long time and I was almost giving up, but I always like challenging puzzles, other ones are really easy and make's sense, but one puzzle gave me a lot of trouble and Chapter 5 was really frustrating and kind of ruined gameplay for me and this part take me like 20-30 attempts straight, anyway I succeeded and finished it with great feeling.

Couple scares were really unique and different and so terrifying I was actually truly scared sometimes, levels are kind of short and little rushed in my taste, but they are so WELL CRAFTED, so much different and new design with other mods I have played.


- Interesting story
- Genius map design with different gameplay experience
- Tension, scary and really terrifying
- Exciting gameplay
- Lightning is amazing and well maded
- Night time / Morning time event


- Chapter 5 platforming part, annoying and confusing
- Couple flickering textures (no biggie)
- Overall pretty short and fast level changing

Great work man, I truly enjoyed this one, this mod is one example
how mods should be done, mapping was perfect and enjoyable to watch and just explore every place with great tension you builded in this mod.

Different and thriling ride all way through - 9/10

The Subconscious Trials
10 Review

Mod Review on Jan 2nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Amazing... just amazing.

It took me nearly 6 hours to finish this beast and my god, it was long, but damn entertaining and epic, especially those last two maps with full of brain-thinking puzzles with genius way to solve them.

All the atmosphere, storytelling I never been so touched and interest any story out there, but this got me big time, like those "small rooms when that guy is speaking from that speaker... every time I proceed to the next map things gets so interesting with epic twists, I was like "Woah, now I see how much work you guys put into this mod".

My first try was little disappointing with the missing walls, but I'm glad they got fixed and I was enable to proceed and go to next levels. Later on when passing that "scary part with ghosts everywhere and collect those 4 tinderboxes and then climbing those ladders and transforming to the next map, it crashes, I was really frustrated and maybe 5-10 attempts again to try to proceed, I succeeded randomly, so really don't know what caused that, but all I can say my Windows freezed everytime and Amnesia stopped working and I have to every attempt reboot my PC. It was really raging moment I got there... sigh. Finally I managed to continue...

Everything is just so epic!! All the puzzles you build, those tasks what I have to do in the third map, it just becomes more interesting and not lacking experience at all, last map was maybe one of the greatest moment in my Amnesia experience history. All that running and platform jumping, holy moly that was just perfect it remind me like "Metroid Prime 1 prologue where you have to escape to the spaceship with all the equipment broken"

Overall, Kman I envy you, you have so much talent and you really delivered it, I waited this mod for years and I got what I was hoping for.

One thing I was facing many times it was how much lag third map causes, I don't know is the custom walls the problem which ones you fixed, before playing this mod 2nd time. Also I was having massive lag sometimes when using AG ninth map, it was really frustrating to beat that puzzle with 10fps most of the time. Maybe it's my PC or I don't know.. weird thing is my other mods never lagged that much and other maps in this mod worked perfectly, but some custom maps didn't, which ruined little bit my gameplay experience.


- Epic storyline
- Voice acting is really good and emotional
- Interesting deveploment all way through
- Phenomenal map design
- Everything fits and is delivered perfectly
- Puzzles are genius as hell
- Unique platform parts
- Long gameplay which is really good
- So many other things, I can't remember now


- Couple annoying crashes between the maps and couple bugs here and there
- Lag fest on couple maps (not sure what's causing that)

Kman, thank you for making this it was one of the greatest journey's I ever played, this is easily my top 3 mod now.

10/10 - Masterpiece with excellent amount of work put into this epic ride

Pactum Tenebris
5 Review

Mod Review on Dec 21st, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

At least I saw something new, otherwise It was average and not that good.

Mediocre at it's best, I really didn't saw anything amusin and there are many flaws and I have to teleport myself in that Third level, because in that part where are many monsters with time script I died last one and re-spawn at other side and that "Door stay's locked" I was like sigh.. and teleported other side using "LoadDebug thing"

Well.. there are couple good parts, but everything else was lacking with puzzles and design was weird and doeen't make sense at all.


- New monsters
- Some map area sounds were cool


- Lacking puzzle ideas
- Lacking map detailing (weird design)
- Story didn't make sense for me (Where is the actual solid storyline)?
- Short

Overall it was okay and I did enjoy some cool script events, but in third level I got massive lag and everything was unplayable then. You need improve so much more to give something refreshness in the next chapter. This mod only contains nothing but default assetts, no need to make FC then.

Mediocre - 5/10

In Lucy's Eyes
9 Review

Mod Review on Dec 18th, 2014 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

What a wonderful mod, played maybe 2-3 hours straight, but I finished it in two parts, because I never have to take a break when playing mod in one sit, but this time I was so terrified to continue it if I didn't sometimes catch that break.

So about the mod goods and bads:

Design was amazing, everything fits with map detailing which is really rare, how much you guys put "extreme detailing in many places" I was wowed couple times how gorgeous the map areas are and all the lightning and atmosphere is just pure genius what comes this mods designing. Scares are really goood too, there are only few what made me jumped a lot and definitely I wasn't alone, atmosphere is builded so good in the end I was screaming like hell when I see new monsters which are epic and really refreshing add to the mod. Story is nice and well executed with the name title.

Bad things was when I started to play it I have really laggy framarate when I begin walking on the outside map, well same thing happens in many maps too maybe there are too large and too much detailing putted into, like Library, Guest Rooms, Sewer, Cellar, Basement, Mining tunnels those are were I got so much lag, I was frustrated what's going on sometimes with my PC, because I have lately have really long that problem, earlier my PC handled almost every mod with 60fps, now I get in this mod really odd struttering when event's happens or I enter big area.. maybe it's my PC or something is wrong with Amnesia latest patch. I really need to solve this problem or other mods will be annoying to play, because of that lag.


- Map design, amazing!
- Music
- Many puzzles with new ideas
- Terrifying atmosphere
- Entertaining and really genuinely scary
- Gameplay is pretty long and well executed all the way
- Voice acting was interesting and damn good to hear


- Lagfest which break the gameplay immersion sometimes
- Ending was pretty cliche and I expected much more

But, overall this mod is amazing, put so much effort and there are only 11 maps so exciting I totally forget that, there are only that much.. there are exciting as hell, so much complex design with complex script events I was even more excited when I continue it.. and continue that's
what makes this mod so purely great, I even want to play it again.. sometime.

Thank god this mod didn't disappoint me in one bit, maybe little improvements with framerate and maybe I need something add-on (DLC) of kind to make story fully understable, because in my opinion ending wasn't that satistfying why I didn't rate it perfect score.

Amazing guys! I need more of this!

9/10 - Wonderful mod with a lot effort putted into it

Wheezy Everlasting
7 Review

Mod Review on Nov 30th, 2014 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Well this was quite a nice little mod with custom stuff and really enjoyable one.

First when I Started I was amazed with tutorial level with all the cool stuff, really liked new enviroment with special items, entities, new-shaped levels with using couple Frictional maps.

Now to the annyoing parts and reviewing each memory:

First memory: I searched long time those masks and was really confused first, but after thinking a while, it was quite nice challenge overall.

Second memory this is where things got really difficult when you have to sneak and dragging items back and forth, carrying the ladders silently was really annoying and I died too many times in that part, well.. When i searched that cannon this part made me rage a lot because when I finally pass that room with brute... another Brute comes and face me, I was like "WHAT?!" are you freaking kidding me and I died instantly, after dying countless times and raged like crazy I finally succeeded and set that cannon and BOOM. Well.. when I saw that text, I need some kind of tool to open that door finally, sigh. I just lost it and have to take a break and do this same thing again third time, well... finally I finished it, but not in happy mood. I was raging and to be honest I hated this memory because of it's difficult. I really love challenges, but this was just unfair and too hard.

Third memory, much easier and really nice change of pace and bit weird, but in a good way :)

Final memory was quite fun and cool to play, but this map take's a little skill with platform jumping and really good nerves too.

That's all about it. It was really challening, sometimes really annoying but overall experience great! I will play more of this if you continue these series :)


- Different designing
- Music
- Custom stuff and monsters
- Cool puzzles
- Memories


- Really annoying sometimes and hard to progress (Example Memory 2)
- Quite short
- Story was pretty confusing and it didn't make sense that much
- Original flashbacks used

Really great mod, with great atmosphere and map designing.

Deserves at least 7 out 10.

7/10 - Decent and fun gameplay at times

Wanted - an Amnesia custom story
2 Review

Mod Review on Nov 16th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Shortly, this was really bad, design is awful at many points and just really lazy atmosphere and I think this mod have been maded less than 2 weeks.

There's no effort at all, story is confusing as hell, scares are lame and only one monster which is slow and almost harmless.

Spent more time with everything and re-imagine whole thing, with much more better designing, atmosphere and really focus on the story.

This is just messed up story with confusing progressing.

Really bad through out the ending - 2/10