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Amnesia: 6th Anniversary

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

I really want to love it, but I just can't give this anniversary party map any higher than six.

I greatly envy how umbakarna, Spelos, KiraImmortal are the golden creators here, I loved every one of the maps. Loved spelos "story oriented map" with a interesting twist. Umbakarna give's new ways to scare players again and lastly I loved KiraImmortal's so much effort putted on one map. Just amazing as always.

Every other map was really lazy and I hated when I played multiple maps by Daemin, I really can't get over it how lazy work that was. I really can't see anything new here, just walking those maps beginning to end, with nothing new addead, couple flashes which was (so annoying I have a headache) now, what's the point? Moving couple items here and there, created one extra room on "guest room" with no reason to explore that place. Just searching nothing, everything was same amnesia which is just dull and dumbly created with no effort when making those maps.

So I rate my best maps:

Spelos: Great, new style to experience amnesia 7/10

Umbakarna: Scary and unexpected monster and couple new scares too. 8/10.

KiraImmortal: Amazing one long map to play and figure eveything out and yet so challenging I was stuck many times and freaking scary. 9/10

Any other authors I appreciate effort, but really didn't enjoy all of them. Kinda disappointing feeling at the end.

I loved anniversary's always and there are fun to explore and experience all the fun, but I think this was little rushed and not so fun to play all way through.


- Anniversary
- Many authors
- Loving community
- Few maps have new things to play


- Lazy work at some parts
- Useless points
- Overall, really short
- Some parts are really confusing and not that fun

6/10 - Pretty good, but feels repetitive at times.


Amnesia: Extraction Point (V2 RELEASED)

Mod review may contain spoilers

Once again, KrustiClawn did this mod a justice, I really felt he put so much effort in this. I was so terrified times I literally sh*t on my pants.

Everything fits so nicely and whole storytelling is amazing, voice acting is pretty good and understable fully and executed well.

Atmosphere is so good, I liked where you put first encounters and suddenly I was crying in a corner, because avoiding enemies in this mod is really challenging at times and you have to think a little bit more and not just rushing into them and be lucky they don't kill you. I like that.

Puzzles are really good too and refreshing at times. I was easily stuck couple times and didn't find everything so fastly.

Mod is niceely long and doesn't disappoint a bit, my only complaints are some missing description in the items and signs which was confusing at times, because earlier mod have all this perfectly named.

Overall this was awesome experience again and wonderful to play and get sh*t scared many times, new and unique scares including too, which I always love to fear and play through.

Sad to see this was creator's last mod, because all the mods have so much potential to make something big one day. Thank you Krusti for all your mods, they are amazing and I will experience them soon AGAIN. It's near perfection, but here and there couple flaws.


- Custom stuff
- Voice acting
- Asylum
- Music
- Different areas
- Storytelling
- Atmosphere and enemies
- Really terrifying to play
- Two endings


- Couple signs missing name labels
- Some items are useless to find

Thank you Krusti and good luck with your further projects, I believe in you :)

9/10 - Must play for everyone


Destiny Revenant

Mod review may contain spoilers

I really enjoyed this one, there are so much content and never-seen action I ever experienced. Still I really can't give perfect score, because sometimes it felt little boring when some places are really empty like that space, but really effective and creative don't get me wrong!

I really loved how the story creates when Janus starts to experience whole universe in really different world. I love all the mechanics you put on this, so much content and custom textures it's freaking crazy, new stuff like that new lamp with new entities and scares and all the adventures mixed up it's just freaking awesome and unique!

I love this mod so much, even sometimes it felt little bored when walking in that town searching too much clues, if beginners play this. There are not so much hints after all what you need to find, but it's okay, I liked the challenging difficulties and beat this mod two times in a row overall and find over 20 trophies and reveal the secret chapter, which is cool, but not that exciting.

Mapping is excellent overall and content what you put into, I really didn't even regognize this is amnesia anymore, which is your main goal on this and that is my man what you achievement! I'm really satisfied what I just got through, it's not even same mods what we got, it's so much different as always Unbakarna mods have been!

Scares are freaking terrifying at times and I really love different monsters, sometimes they even get me sh*t scared and so terrified I was crying corners couple times and afraid to move on. WELL DONE! on that.

Atmosphere is really terrifying it's different, futuristic, so freaking cool overall I can't explained it any better.

I loved the ending with a boss fight and all the fights overall, what a epic fight that final one, I really experienced other game when I was doing that fight, seriously, you have talent creating fight scenes with camera angles aswell.

And lastly I enjoyed the minigames so much! Really laughable and funny ones. You really can imagine so creative ideas if you put effort on it and it shows once again.


- Mapping and textures
- Unique monsters, new ones
- Puzzles
- Music
- Atmosphere, really terrifying at times and really awesome adventure
- Camera angles (new and unique)
- Minigames
- Side quests and collecting trophies to unlock secret chapter


- Some rooms need little more detailing
- I felt bored sometimes

Overall it's really well effort mod which I really enjoyed it!
This creator put something awesomeness and different experience I never expected and this is why this mod deserves at least nine of ten!

9/10 - Wonderful adventure what everyone should experience too


Painful Reality

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

It was kind of refreshing but still overall really bland designing, maps well short and just plain boring, I really like how story is progressing with wife problems etc. But, what I really didn't enjoy was repeating that same level with JUST couple adjusments like "brightning room or darkening or making it really RED couple times" that was good, but not enough to satisfy my experience, I really like this idea, but I wasn't so exited after all. I always cheched that bed what is happening after reading those notes. But still I wasn't satisfied how badly everything ends, don't get me wrong I liked atmosphere which is pretty poor, but still I liked gameplay somehow, but you could make monsters even interesting and make some new places like really that "Storage or cellar" kind of maps. I really didn't like that same desing over and over. You really can spend time some map designing and making it more complicated and more spended quality time after all.


- Places and how it fits that story
- Endings mucic was pretty nice
- Story and how I felt into it


- Music was kind of repetitive even if I die facing that monster
- Repetitive puzzles
- Lacking ideas when progressing through
- I kind of wanted even more after all

I really liked story, but executing it, I wanted more and ever more complicated design. That was big flaw, because one map wasn't overall that complicated or confusing overall.

Really well effort - 6/10


Penumbra: Twilight Of The Archaic

Mod review may contain spoilers

I never been this excited and thrilled when I finished add-on version, it's almost even better than Necrologue, this is masterpiece all way through! I love it so much, it's intense, freaking scary and atmosphere is one of the scariest yet!

Story is thrilling and all the experience and the map designing is just genius.
Scares are really unexpected at times and really terrifying.
Puzzles are really good, refreshing and original too, I never get bored when thinking what to do next. Couple times I got stuck and noticed couple game-breaking bugs, but no worries I just "Load last save" and I was progressing again.

I love penumbra series so much and I think after Amnesia this is really great to see people are still making Penumbra series, there are only few ones and I just admire you're work what you guys put to this and it show's easily!

I was thinking this is pretty short, but It wasn't! It was actually quite long! My finishing time was nearly 3 hours and I was relieved, because it was really really scary. That freaking worm and couple new enemies, make me scream like a little bitch couple times so loud.


- Intense chases
- Music
- Puzzles and events
- Genius design, really professional
- Storytelling
- Voice acting
- New enemies, terrifying ones
- Lots of gameplay


- Couple bugs (doesn't affect the score)
- Some rooms are too empty and less detailed (doesn't affect the score)

Fantastic mod and everyone should experience this. It's so good. Awesome job guys, again!

10/10 - Would play this masterpiece again, it was that thrilling



Game review

Wow, first there was Penumbra series I was so excited to start playing those.. played all the series and love it. Then frictional released Amnesia which was super-exciting, thrilling, amazing and one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I ever felt in my whole life and this continued years, because people created so original and unique mods and used different experiences, things and I played those over nearly 1000 stories from beginning to an end. What a gem amnesia still is.

Then.. SOMA was released! I watched every freaking trailer and I loved how different this is going to be and IT IS. First couple hours I feeled the atmosphere how unique it was and when I was progressing even further then everything feeled I wasn't alone and I was really scared at this point. FG manages again to make something so scary I never expected to fear that much in some areas where enemies were lurking and walking slowly. This game has so nerve-wracking moments too and unpredictable moments I never expected, I hided too many times in a corner and weeped like a bitch it was that SCARY. I applaud FG again, because they did it again and I ******* my pants literally too many times. I loved so much that design and how every underwater part was maded all the chases, intense moments, puzzles and that story with Catherine and working together and figuring everything out, how we come to this? How we espace? and all the other mystery questions waiting to reveal.

Monsters are really terrifying and that "Scary effect" when screen is tearing it was really good idea to put that and make something different and not using same bluriness what Amnesia has when enemy is too close.

I never been more sucked-in story what this game is, it's beautiful, it's depressing at times, really sad and player really can feel the sorrow, but still brave enough to continue it and end it all.


- Story
- Music
- Monsters (really scary ones too)
- Atmosphere
- Intense and terrifying chases
- Puzzles (really challenging ones too)
- Complicated map design which is awesome and unique
- Never expected and nerve-wracking moments


- Sometimes I got FPS drops and not smoothly gameplay (average 40-50 fps)
- Maybe little longer it felt short after all

Amazing work Frictional again! This team got so much potential I'm eager to wait what they will create next! I'm proud to be long-time Fricitional fan and I always will be! Fantastic!

Amazing ride with new things and unique approaches - 10/10


ENIGMA : A Full Conversion mod

Mod review may contain spoilers - 5 agree - 5 disagree

Disrispecting others and making many fake accounts and giving payback with misunderstandings and then giving bad ratings over Damascus mods!!
I removed my review, because now this mod doesn't deserve that even a little bit.
And of course latest version still have "Crisco's content" which Crisco didn't gave any permission. Delete this mod and ban this moron asap.

And finally I lost all my respect for this guy, what a fake thing.

1/10 - **** you DnALANGE, pathetic attempt.


Amnesia - The Fugitive - Episode Three

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Wow I'm just blown away literally.

First there was Fugitive 1, I think not the greatest one entire series and lack of map designing and just copying original maps most of them.

Then there was Fugitive 2! So much better with original design and never-seen stuff I ever seen with a lot of heart and passion making sequel to the series. Enjoyable and really well maded.

Then... the final part of series Fugitive 3! I mean "oh my god" this mod is something so freaking unique and exciting I ever faced and I have played so many FC's + over 600 custom stories and this is one of the mods which show's how much talent and work whole team putted on this.

Gameplay is really long what I loved and experienced! After Chapter 3 **** got real and really freaking terrifying and I was literally cringing so many times I can't even count those moments. Every freaking chase, event with unique things produced here is so refreshing it's literally mod of the year.

Short reviews in chapters:

Chapter 1: Really good start, but doesn't excite that much yet and this is the main point every modder should make, build the atmosphere and give the player feeling you are going to get ****** many times.

Chapter 2: Things start to unravel and give the player feeling you are in danger.

Chapter 3: This is the part where I shocked many times, because those terrifying sounds with headphones literally jumped me countless times.

Chapter 4: Oh god, this chapter is so disturbing and maybe the scariest that I have to take a break a lot of times to collect myself and progress further.

Chapter 5: NO NO NO..... JUST NOPE!

Chapter 6: I can't even... think anymore, so many screaming moments and cringing and crying at the corners.

Chapter 7: What a relief! I can enjoy the peaceful music, but nope more events coming and twists on the way, this is the most important chapter of the mod, I think.

Chapter 8: Everything reveals, finally and you can take a breath and just breath.. and breath.

I have to say just one thing, this team got ME scared so much I got freaking nightmares now, it's just that scary. Those insane parts where player lose his mind and events start to happening and some scares are just facing you with most disturbing image they haunt me forever now and I don't think I can't even see real life worm now without getting scared. Hahaha, thanks Neelke :)


- Story
- Custom music
- Insane voices, scary sounds really terrifying ones
- Custom monsters and really disturbing ones (they got me so many times)
- Complicated puzzles with refreshing ideas and executed perfectly
- Unique maps with interesting design
- Ridiciously long gameplay which is damn good and exciting


- Couple bugs and have to "update couple hps files" to finish it finally
- Sometimes maybe too challenging puzzles and got stuck at times

(These things doesn't affect the score)

I can't really see anything critizing negativite or big foul on this mod. It's just amazing, exciting one of the scariest ever, maybe even SCARIEST. You must play this one, it's so scary ride you will cry many times and **** many bricks I promise that. I got guts to finish it and I'm proud of myself, because it wasn't EASY at all.

My final result, after I finished this mod.

- Screamed at least 30 times
- Hitted "ESC" button too many times
- Taking a break like fifteen times (long breaks too)
- Closed my eyes at least 20 times
- Shouted and saying nonsense maybe 150 times

Thanks Neelke and everyone, who made this, this team got a lot and passion with map designing and they managed to scare the hell out of me! Bravo TEAM! I'm still amazed and will PLAY it again and again when I have courage to do that AGAIN. Lol.

One of the scariest ride I ever faced and played, amazing mod! - 10/10


"Mysteries" Trilogy

Mod review may contain spoilers

Really well done trilogy, with great suspense and exciting atmosphere make's this mod really enjoyable and all the storytelling is really nicely executed to play and experience.

I liked the final part of this trilogy a lot, with a lot of dialogue and voice acting is really convincing and good!

A really must play for those who are looking good story with decent voice acting and experience something really horrific and cool!

8/10 - Brilliant ride all way to the end


Blood Enemies

Mod review may contain spoilers

I really can't give any higher score, I didn't find anything unique, just planned boring, repetitive as hell, find key and then another it's just pointless and gets boring really quick. Scares are cheap ones with jumpy ones.. don't do those because it really kills the atmosphere when playing mod and then quickly it becomes really lazy experience overall. Map design is really weird and small maps didn't impress me either, like those Dungeons, Cellars really rushed ones and too small to imagine this one to be "dungeon or cellar map" same thing with every each of the map what I played. Hub is really just long way with locked doors and whole playthrough is really boring and repetitive with key quests and cheap-*** scares, ugh.

Overall you really can do better and unique experience with rich detailing and unique ways to scare actual player. This is just rushed mess with really poor design with boring ideas and monster poofers aswell.

My experience and things what annoy me: (Just helping what you need to improve)

- Really bland beginning and after picking up key, monster spawned immediately
ruined my experience a lot
- Many poofers, nothing actual reason to spawn monster here and there
- Found extra key and didn't use it anywhere
- Found bug after going back to main hall if I didn't collect everything and go
back door is locked.
- Really boring to progress, just finding keys and I didn't enjoy poor and low
detailed rooms
- Not scary at all, couple stupid jumpscares with no reason
- No actual puzzles at all, just finding keys
- Bland atmosphere and I didn't feel one second I was really at danger and feared

I'm just helping with critizing a lot and writing critic review too. Not being harsh even if I sound like that, just try to improve, because this mod needs much longer gameplay and just exciting story with detailed map design, unique scares, puzzles etc. just spend time with a mod, don't ever rush it, you will get low score for sure if you continue doing that.

Good luck with your further projects!

3/10 - Repetitive key hunt with bland design (Not recommended)