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Delightful Decay

Mod review may contain spoilers

Wow another amazing adventure with new, refreshing surroundings. Thank you for making this, I keep this time my review short, because everything is amazing, except I wanted better and terrifying ending.


9/10 - Refreshing and terrifying mod with couple twists



Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

This mod have much potential, I really liked it overall. All the activities like taking a shower and day after day it gets interesting and scary. I truly was scared at points when you have to "see at surveillance camera that stranger" then it gets really interesting and terrifying. Design was alright, but many rooms missed so much stuff, I loved all new textures, it was really refreshing and unique to play it, it just misses even more action, difficult puzzles and even more deeper and depth storytelling with many twists.


- New style and design
- Day and night times
- Activities
- Scary moments


- Couple bugs
- Some moments are predictable
- Sometimes really confused where to find items to progress
- Enviroment coule be more detailed

Great job on this one, if you make sequel make it more interesting, extreme detailed and something even more unqiue stuff, because you have potential and refreshing things in this mod. Well done!

7/10 - Worth to play and experience this terrifying little gem


Amnesia: The Streets of London

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Well that was quite an adventure, but in my opinon I wish it was little longer.

I loved those AMFP assetts and you guys nailed it this time, using those creatively, but coolest thing in whole mod was the beginning when I see those animated people running I was like "WOAH, that's new and amazing" and this moment happens many times, you see a lot alive people too, not just monsters and you surviving here.

Story is cool to follow and easy to understand, searching and exploring the city was fun and something different, whole city how is it builded is so mezmerizing and so unique to look at it and how beautifully it was maded and there are so many streets to explore, I was heading wrong direction at times, which is good and sometimes little challenging to find the right route in the end. Pigs are scary and immersive, however I was **** scared when I see new enemies as well and that "suitor with new style looked thing" I screamed couple times when I was seeing those statues and suddenly it follows me, same thing when I first encountered that widow, WOW. So terrifying.

Desing is so good, but sometimes I got little bored with too dark places, I love when you have to survive, but there isn't nearly oil at all, I only found like 4-5 bottles max on whole mod, surviving with pigs is really challenging at times, and I liked it, well done here, really intelligent enemies this time to dodge and stay away from them.

Puzzles are great, but there wasn't that much of those, but one time I got stuck when you hit container that lock and then I was really stuck and confused what to do next? Well after searching almost 30 minutes I was like "oh" that's unique, but how it's possible if you waste all you're oil? Just wondering.

Scares are really good and terrifying, but sometimes I think there are too many encounters which make's game easily hard or you just have to die many times.

I noticed couple bugs at the cellar map, where is that "Container puzzle thingy" One of the rooms have misplaced door frame and wall, if you look closely. Another was when I climbed down the ladders and addicently I died and respawned down there, literally freezing screen, because script is deactivated that moment I think. And lastly some stairs are bugged and have to jump couple more times not to get stuck on those.


- Music
- Scares
- Atmosphere
- Design stunning
- Pigs and other enemies
- Storytelling


- Little bit longer
- Couple bugs

Overall it was great adventure, but in the end I kind of feeled repetitive moment those last maps, because I think I saw similar design at the original campaign as well, I guess. Still awesome experience and thank you for making this, it's really good addition, when making AMFP mods.

Really well made AMFP mod with unique atmosphere and design - 9/10


Painful Memories

Mod review may contain spoilers

I finished all of them and neither of those series Impressed me with joy.

However, I liked the design at points, but there are too many repetitive maps just going over and over and just searching keys or different items. I liked mansion, but it was just frustrating to proceed overall and just watching those same wallpapers which was really boring and repetitive and then couple monsters here and there chasing me, i really didn't find any originality on this mod. It was just bland and not that scary.

Boss fight was nice add, but really poorly executed, I was running like crazy and died many times, but still managed to beat it, because if you die once and timer resets, it's painful to go all that chasing part again.

Voice acting was pretty good and strong point on this mod, everything else just flats and becomes easily boring to experience all those maps.

I appreciate effort on the design, but I think you have to improve a lot from the design, because it was really repetitive and annoying to find and search just too much overall.


- Story
- Music
- Voice acting
- Lenght


- Confusing and annoying to find items or progress at times

- Repetitive at times, need's refreshing experience too

- Bland and repetitive design

- Average map designing, lightning too

You tried and you didn't wowed me at all, I liked the story how it goes, but experience is really flat and should improve a lot, but thanks for the experience. Now you guys only can improve further now and get better. Don't ever rush, quality over quantity is my phrase when making mods.

5/10 - Average ride to play


The Black Eagle Castle

Mod review

A Late Night Drink: The Last Sip

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree - 1 disagree

It's near perfection, maybe little more work and maybe a little longer and I would give you a 10.

Anyway, I freaking loved this one, that "Painting scare is so intense and my scariest moments, you managed really get me crying at the corner and hoping not to lose my mind completely. Awesome job on that one, really unique and scary as hell.

I enjoyed whole experience, you managed create something so refreshing and new, couple moments was like jaw dropping, those walls falling down and all the spikes and events, I was so confused how you made all this awesomeness still and surprise advanced players who are desperately trying and dying to see something new and you really got me.

I envy your skills, you are one of the greatest scripters and now I see how much work you put on this, despite it was in my opinion short, but so enjoyable and amazing and overall so breathtaking, I loved it that much. Bravo!


- New styles and events
- Puzzles
- Scary events and unique parts
- Story
- Music
- Intense moments ex. (chasing)


- Wish a little longer and even longer ending

Well, that's about it, I wish continuation and even more kind of these moments, I miss them and I want MORE! :D

9/10 - Unique sequel like any other


Amnesia: 6th Anniversary

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

I really want to love it, but I just can't give this anniversary party map any higher than six.

I greatly envy how umbakarna, Spelos, KiraImmortal are the golden creators here, I loved every one of the maps. Loved spelos "story oriented map" with a interesting twist. Umbakarna give's new ways to scare players again and lastly I loved KiraImmortal's so much effort putted on one map. Just amazing as always.

Every other map was really lazy and I hated when I played multiple maps by Daemin, I really can't get over it how lazy work that was. I really can't see anything new here, just walking those maps beginning to end, with nothing new addead, couple flashes which was (so annoying I have a headache) now, what's the point? Moving couple items here and there, created one extra room on "guest room" with no reason to explore that place. Just searching nothing, everything was same amnesia which is just dull and dumbly created with no effort when making those maps.

So I rate my best maps:

Spelos: Great, new style to experience amnesia 7/10

Umbakarna: Scary and unexpected monster and couple new scares too. 8/10.

KiraImmortal: Amazing one long map to play and figure eveything out and yet so challenging I was stuck many times and freaking scary. 9/10

Any other authors I appreciate effort, but really didn't enjoy all of them. Kinda disappointing feeling at the end.

I loved anniversary's always and there are fun to explore and experience all the fun, but I think this was little rushed and not so fun to play all way through.


- Anniversary
- Many authors
- Loving community
- Few maps have new things to play


- Lazy work at some parts
- Useless points
- Overall, really short
- Some parts are really confusing and not that fun

6/10 - Pretty good, but feels repetitive at times.


Amnesia: Extraction Point (V2 RELEASED)

Mod review may contain spoilers

Once again, KrustiClawn did this mod a justice, I really felt he put so much effort in this. I was so terrified times I literally sh*t on my pants.

Everything fits so nicely and whole storytelling is amazing, voice acting is pretty good and understable fully and executed well.

Atmosphere is so good, I liked where you put first encounters and suddenly I was crying in a corner, because avoiding enemies in this mod is really challenging at times and you have to think a little bit more and not just rushing into them and be lucky they don't kill you. I like that.

Puzzles are really good too and refreshing at times. I was easily stuck couple times and didn't find everything so fastly.

Mod is niceely long and doesn't disappoint a bit, my only complaints are some missing description in the items and signs which was confusing at times, because earlier mod have all this perfectly named.

Overall this was awesome experience again and wonderful to play and get sh*t scared many times, new and unique scares including too, which I always love to fear and play through.

Sad to see this was creator's last mod, because all the mods have so much potential to make something big one day. Thank you Krusti for all your mods, they are amazing and I will experience them soon AGAIN. It's near perfection, but here and there couple flaws.


- Custom stuff
- Voice acting
- Asylum
- Music
- Different areas
- Storytelling
- Atmosphere and enemies
- Really terrifying to play
- Two endings


- Couple signs missing name labels
- Some items are useless to find

Thank you Krusti and good luck with your further projects, I believe in you :)

9/10 - Must play for everyone


Destiny Revenant

Mod review may contain spoilers

I really enjoyed this one, there are so much content and never-seen action I ever experienced. Still I really can't give perfect score, because sometimes it felt little boring when some places are really empty like that space, but really effective and creative don't get me wrong!

I really loved how the story creates when Janus starts to experience whole universe in really different world. I love all the mechanics you put on this, so much content and custom textures it's freaking crazy, new stuff like that new lamp with new entities and scares and all the adventures mixed up it's just freaking awesome and unique!

I love this mod so much, even sometimes it felt little bored when walking in that town searching too much clues, if beginners play this. There are not so much hints after all what you need to find, but it's okay, I liked the challenging difficulties and beat this mod two times in a row overall and find over 20 trophies and reveal the secret chapter, which is cool, but not that exciting.

Mapping is excellent overall and content what you put into, I really didn't even regognize this is amnesia anymore, which is your main goal on this and that is my man what you achievement! I'm really satisfied what I just got through, it's not even same mods what we got, it's so much different as always Unbakarna mods have been!

Scares are freaking terrifying at times and I really love different monsters, sometimes they even get me sh*t scared and so terrified I was crying corners couple times and afraid to move on. WELL DONE! on that.

Atmosphere is really terrifying it's different, futuristic, so freaking cool overall I can't explained it any better.

I loved the ending with a boss fight and all the fights overall, what a epic fight that final one, I really experienced other game when I was doing that fight, seriously, you have talent creating fight scenes with camera angles aswell.

And lastly I enjoyed the minigames so much! Really laughable and funny ones. You really can imagine so creative ideas if you put effort on it and it shows once again.


- Mapping and textures
- Unique monsters, new ones
- Puzzles
- Music
- Atmosphere, really terrifying at times and really awesome adventure
- Camera angles (new and unique)
- Minigames
- Side quests and collecting trophies to unlock secret chapter


- Some rooms need little more detailing
- I felt bored sometimes

Overall it's really well effort mod which I really enjoyed it!
This creator put something awesomeness and different experience I never expected and this is why this mod deserves at least nine of ten!

9/10 - Wonderful adventure what everyone should experience too


Painful Reality

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

It was kind of refreshing but still overall really bland designing, maps well short and just plain boring, I really like how story is progressing with wife problems etc. But, what I really didn't enjoy was repeating that same level with JUST couple adjusments like "brightning room or darkening or making it really RED couple times" that was good, but not enough to satisfy my experience, I really like this idea, but I wasn't so exited after all. I always cheched that bed what is happening after reading those notes. But still I wasn't satisfied how badly everything ends, don't get me wrong I liked atmosphere which is pretty poor, but still I liked gameplay somehow, but you could make monsters even interesting and make some new places like really that "Storage or cellar" kind of maps. I really didn't like that same desing over and over. You really can spend time some map designing and making it more complicated and more spended quality time after all.


- Places and how it fits that story
- Endings mucic was pretty nice
- Story and how I felt into it


- Music was kind of repetitive even if I die facing that monster
- Repetitive puzzles
- Lacking ideas when progressing through
- I kind of wanted even more after all

I really liked story, but executing it, I wanted more and ever more complicated design. That was big flaw, because one map wasn't overall that complicated or confusing overall.

Really well effort - 6/10