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Hot Nirvana Philosophy Hour!

HotNirvanaJudoTrend Blog 7 comments

There is no I, My, or Me. <!--- blog body ---> there is no such thing as myself, for "I" does not exist, me is nothing but a collective of people and universes, the divine god of the all things which is in and of us all.

from the tiniest zero point to the maximum percent capacity we are all one and together, flowing amongst ourselves, in perpetual motion and change.

what is now is no longer the now that existed between each word "now". every moment of every thought of every idea is gone as soon as it existed, so how can we say "Me"?

in the blink of an eye, an entire universe is born, lives, and changes. we are but the tiniest zero point energy of the universe above us. just like the universe below us.

the physical equation is essentially: the smallest point is equal to the largest point.
for example, our universe, from outside the universe, is seen as an electrode orbiting an atom. the universe, as all collective stars and galaxies, is a tiny insignificant spark, orbiting around a tiny mass, which is the building block for another world.

This process repeats, and loops, and spirals about itself in any and every possible and impossible comprehension and incomprehension.

There is only we, our and us.

Far Cry 2 griping hour!

HotNirvanaJudoTrend Blog 10 comments

okay, i've played FC2 long enough to have the authority to rant about it.

take a dee3p breath, hold it, and start reading! if you feel like passing out while reading this, feel free to, and pick up where you left off when you regain consciousness. then hold your breath and try again.

First things first, the game is wonderful and i love it. it is 1/4 as massive as battlefield 2, but the gameplay and physics more than make up for it and as a result, FC2 triumphs over BF2.

Now, goody goodness aside, i am really disappointed in the limited multiplayer land area. it looks like what, maybe a square mile? at best! 5 Sq mi would have been much more appropriate!

THEN they have to limit the available number of vehicles to SIX! and to top it off, the vehicular selection SUCKS! we get what, 2 boats, and 5 kinds of cars, and a hang glider!

here ya go the entire list!!!

fishing boat
swamp boat
dune buggy
jeep liberty
jeep wrangler
gun mounted truck
Hang Glider

the only viaraty of these vehicles are the three types of mounted weapons found on the trucks and boats and the colors of the hang glider!!

Not to mention the shameless plug of pasting the Intel emblem on that one glider.

usually video game companies paste their OWN insignia on billboards and trucks and, in this case, hang gliders. which is still annoying, but at least it makes sense!

we dont have any of the COOL vehicles, you know like tanks and helicopters, but on the other hand, it wouldnt make a hell of a lot of sense in Africa. still, it would be nice to have a wider range of vehicles, as well as lifting the multiplayer vehicle limit!

i cant see how, as the editor can handle it, the game cant handle more than 6 cars, or is this an ubisoft server issue?!? that isnt any better mind you!

Now what would i have left to gripe about?

Game play. Multiplayer is tremendously suppressed with only 4 game modes to play, and none too interesting either. very commonplace, the most unique of the bunch is uprising and they even managed to make that suck!

Uprising would be completely better if there were up to 8 capture points, and on top of that, that ANYONE could capture it. battlefield be damned, i couldnt care in the least bit if that was "copying" battlefield. it's a good concept, and fun to play, so why ruin a good thing?


Capture the diamond, no problems here. TDM AND DM cannot be truly improved HOWEVER....

for realisms's sake, a one life to live mode would drastically improve every game mode.

Last man standing Deathmatch > DM

Last man standing TDM > TDM

Last man standing CTF < CTF see? they wouldfnt improve EVERY game mode! but all the same i think a last man standing overall rule should be included. respawn versus 1 life. give us the power to have more fun!!!

more game modes are deffenitley in order. like classic Deathmatch, you remmeber doom, or Quake, where you didnt start out with a weapon's kit and a full set of clips, you had to FIND your weapons AND your ammo!

THAT is TRUE deathmatch! that is how they did it in Doom, that is how they did it in Quake, that is how they did it in Perfect Dark, and that is how they should be doing it STILL.

Dont get me wrong, i LOVE having the kit selection, but i MISS the survivalist game play of fending for yourself. plus having weapons scattered about the map encourages players to keep moving, instead of campping next to an ammo crate.

also, more ammo crates. 10 just isnt enough.

especcially if we were lucky enough to get a 5 sq. mi. area instead of 1 sq. mi.. 1 Sq mile needs at least 25 ammo boxes... 5 Sq. miles would deffenitely require a minimum of 125 ammo boxes.

so what is it, were the programmers pressed to meet a deadline, or did they pull a NO-NO and think that the gamers werent capable or up to the challenge of making REAL maps?

P.S. i am SO pissed off that i cant put waterfalls in my maps, im not even going to start on that.

fed up with the rant

HotNirvanaJudoTrend Blog 4 comments

i am so sick and tired of ranting! i want to accomplish something, make change, not just BITCH about all the problems! im so sick and tired of the "blogging community" since i cant accomplish anything by just bitching!

hey, i felt like i needed a blog, that "We're sorry, but no blog posts were found here." message were taunting me. i didnt like the way it was lookin' at me.

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