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Game Review on Feb 11th, 2014

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Kerbal Space Program
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Game Review on Dec 7th, 2013

KSP is like Dwarf Fortress but with less dwarven fortresses and more space!
It´s a game where you decide what you do.
You could build a space station, a base on the Mün, a VTOL to cruise on the planet Kerbin, a network of sattelites, some space fighters to destroy previously build stations or something completly different.
Also, KSP is damm hard. You can´t even get into orbit without knowing what you do. A degree in space could help!
If you´re somewhat connected with the KSP community, you will learn tons of new terms like Kessler Syndrom, Hohmann transfer, apoapsis, periapsis, prograde, retrograde, aerobrake, gravity turn and many more!

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Game Review on Oct 18th, 2013

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