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Slow down while healing!

Hasuak Blog

And this is not a blog post about gameplay and healing. It was supposed to be a joke or something.

The Stage has been quite slow lately. I did not get that place in Ludocraft and lost my motivation for few days. Now I've been just mapping for original Doom (fuck yeah) and trying to create something. I just understood that this project NEEDS MOAR CHARACTER MODELLERS (aka. pylons). A experienced modeller would be nice too.

What would get me motivated enough would be a new flashlight (for the game, duh). I hate Doom 3 original flashlight because it reveals too much and is pale white in colour. We need much smaller area with a little yellow/orange colour. After that, a little tweaking around screen bobbing because I want it look much more realistic. It should bob up and down much more when running/walking to give the feeling you really are not a marine in sturdy exo-skeleton.

After that, the weapons would be nice. That possibly means just about 2 melee weapons, some kind of pistol and shotgun (a Revolver and Sawn-off imo). If you really shoot with shotgun and have never really used it (especially a sawed off), it really kicks. I want to give players the feeling that, they only use their guns if it's the only way out of the situation. Otherwise I recommend them to run/bash them with some quick melee weapon (small hand axe).

When it comes to survival, it comes to healing. A small trigger system with 'use' button to heal yourself is what I have planned. Remember the style in Condemned: Criminal Origins? That would be the shit. You approach the health kit, a message 'press action button to heal yourself' comes up with a small image of hand, you press the button, healthkit empties and you get healed (duh). Same goes with picking up and reading memos.

By using the PDA system, we can make readable memos be memorized into players personal 'scrap book'. That would really be helpful when it comes to padlock codes and puzzles.

So if you are reading this and think you can do anything in modelling, animation, rigging, Doom 3 scripting/GUI system, PLEASE leave a message!

- Hasuak

Ranting Reaver

Hasuak Blog

The Stage is doing well. Dress Figure is being rigged right now and ModDB seems to be full of people looking for various jobs. We are still looking for coders and character modellers. Storyline's base is almost done and monsters and characters are discussed. Only thing that worries me the most is how the graphic-novel cinematics are done. Should I actually script them in GUI or make as video files? I prefer making video files, but I really don't know shit about video making. Hmm.. I may know a person who's interested in helping in this matter..

What can I say to fans right now? Keep on checking and stay tuned for upcoming news updates and images! I may even give more information about the storyline.. ;)

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