One crazy bastard, who loves most games, and loves to make new stuff for them if I can. Given enough time I will make an entire mod by my self, I just have to learn a few things along the way, well Best get started, now where to I begin?

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Okay So I have Finished these cars:
Nissan Skyline R-34 GT "Slung Nutters Edition"
Nissan Skyline R-34 GT "Freddy's Back"
Nissan Skyline R-35 GT "Hatsune Miku Edtion"
Mazda RX-8 GT "Sonic The Hedge Hog Special"
Chevroelte Camero SS "Gunslinger Proof"
Acura Integra GT " Aqua Clean"
Chevrolete Chorvette "Hot Bitchy Girl"
Ford Falcon "Mad Max Medic"
Shelby Mustang Gt 500 "Pinstiped"
Shelby Mustang GT 500 "AZ D-Backs"
Nadeo Stadium Car "Arizona"
Custom made Clan car for KROSS CLAN.
Aston Martin DBR-9 "Gothic" & "Twisted"
Pouncer - "Green and Yellow Circles"

Cars I am still working on:
Ford Falcon "Mad Max Medic" - I am reworking the tires, and a few minor details, to make it even better.
Chevorlete Chorvette "Hot Bitchy Girl" - The original requester, asked for a few addtional things to be added to the car.
Porsche Carrera GT "Bill Nye Teh Science Guy" - I need to finish getting the over all car finished (a black and silver design, then I have to mkae the horn sounds, and work on the logos, like Bill's head
Ford Mustang 87 Fox Body - I'm still waiting for the model to be finished, before I can start to add, the real design touches to this.
Shelby Daytona - I'm still trying to come up with a great looking design, I have to make it Red and Green.
Mongonery Hawker "Tribal" - I'm working out a few kinks in the production process, this one could take a awhile to make.
Chevrolete Chorvette "Carpark" - I just have to hammer out the details of the stipes, and this is pretty much done.
Hunter Relaible Custom "POW" - a truck I have been working, as a tribute to those who haven't come home yet.
Wipeout Van Hubar "Pyro" - Still working on the stripes, think I might just restart the entire car all over again.

Other then a few pending requests, and any cars i have forgoten, that should be all of them , for now any ways.

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