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So lately I've been asked to make a lot of car skins for TrackMania Nations forever.
first on the list as an mazda RX-7 GT Tuning with a Sonic The HedgeHod theme to it. its almost done I just have a few errors to correct, this happens when your 3d program and youyr 2d program clash, if my current laptop could run both at the same time while I was editing that would be friggin epic, but I also need to find a beter program from witch to do my 3d work. However his also leads me to needing a better laptop in order to run said better programs.

The next car in the shoot was a Mini Cooper S with a TF2 Heavy theme, where the car has the phrase "Good Times!" writen all over it, also the requester wanted the horn the same the same thing. I'll post a pic of that later, but the car it done, and the owner could not be happier.

Next up was a "Rainbow Warrior" Themed Ford Focus Ralley car, with a Jeff gordon motif. the car in nearing compeltion, and looks friggin sweet. I just have to add the a few sponsor stickers, and make a few adjustments and viola.

Next is a "Gothic" themed Aston Martin DBR9, this car is beautiful, and the tribal look I gave it to mask the black coloring, makes the gothic theme realt shine, yea i know, how can i cross the Gothic with the tribal/ easy, you make the car almost black and the color a little dull, then add the tribal desingns that reseable celtic or gothic desings and make then black, and shiny and bingo after that just add a few Catholic symbols, and hylight in red and done. the finishesing touches will be made soon and using a new barbed wire brush i made.

The final car that i have in my currnt rotation to make is a Nissan Skyline GTr with the theme of Hatsuna Miku from some japaneese game wehere you make your own song or something like that. I have yet to start this car but I'm going to use some Final Fantasy Advent Children and MGS 2 brushes i have to make the car look extra sweet.

thats it for now tata.

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