hey guys my name is Jonathan, and currently i run a small business designing games(go figure). Our big project right now is something were referring to as "project heilegon" and i'm not quite comfortable adding it at this time. However its coming, wait and see.

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Well i'm waiting for my new game to be authorized, and i feel like i should say a feel words about the game, on my blog...so only those really interested will know more about it. The original idea of operation heilegon, came from pokemon. I was tired of a great concept being used for a simple and boring rpg. So I decided to make my own rip-off of it, just for kicks and giggles.
Although, after talking to a few friends i had a revelation. Lots of people would love to see an action button mashing game similar to pokemon. Thus operation heilegon was born. However all my thoughts for a rip off were cast away, i wanted this to be completely my own idea and 100% original. So I formed a team with two close friends, and we layed down a basic map. However now the map is about 10 times larger then the original, and my team has increased to 5 people. We've built monsters, designed levels, and littered the world with static meshes, and i feel like it was finally time to begin showing the game to people to gauge interest.

Next post: i'll explain how we arrived at the name heilegon, and give a little incite as to what this "operation" is...

Thats all i have to say for now, however i plan on blog updates as well as news updates quite frequently so stay tuned!

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