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Classic - Stargate Space Conflict

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I think I've fallen in love for this mod after only two days of playing V1.3!
At first i was concerned that ships like Atlantis would be vastly over powered.. granted they are overpowered but they each feel as though they're balanced against each other. SGC sends out Atlantis, well at least i know my zpm hive can do serious damage after the shields drop.
While most homeword 2 moders seem to forget, YOU MADE CAPTURE FRIGATES! This is something that is a personal favorite of mine so it earned you my respect just off that.
I have to say though the biggest improvement I've seen has got to be what you did with the AI, I was shocked, i was playing hiigaran vs wraith and their hive ship actually JUMPED! it scared the **** out of me, and though it jumped soon after i went about making a gravity well gen, which I've never done vs a cpu player.. and an easy one at that.

The only downsides to any of this would be for one cloak fields encompass more ships then they should in many cases like jumpers. One cloaked jumper can keep an entire fleet of them hidden. For two would be again those capture ship rates, though cap ships are a personal favorite they seem to work almost too well. Even vayger and hiigaran's seem to have too easy a time capturing a hive ship.

I would like to make some suggestions as to other game mode types and features that could be included into future versions of this mod: Firstly a facility capture game similar to king of the hill with the exception that this hill is a ZPM powered factory capable of producing Ancient vessels to bolster defense, though I'm unsure if this is possible. Another feature I'd like to see would be capture-able ZPMs that could augment ships like carries or destroyers. I'm not sure if this mod allows full use of captured production ships, but this ZPM would give more incentive to capture carriers. if only to steal their zpm. The stargate factions might also could use limited hyperspace inhibitors. mothership also have to much speed

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