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Grega 3hours 31mins ago says:

Oh yea as a side note. Ryo has a thread with some updates on the weather going on.

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Grega 6hours 32mins ago replied:

Why would it be doomed for not being a fighter game? ESF is a shooter at its core, while Xenoverse is a fighter. There are fundamental differences and the most basic level.

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Grega Mar 3 2015, 6:38pm replied:

Meh sorry couldnt get round to uploading the pics i took.

Hows about a little update then. We just finished the tumbling/sliding system for ground impacts.

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Grega Mar 1 2015, 7:51am replied:

Dont worry when we begin stress testing we will probably holler if anyone is interested ;)

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Grega Mar 1 2015, 7:50am replied:

90% of the community posting on the forums is hardly a few retards.

Out of all 3 years that we ran the open beta from the start to the finish, the number of people who actually reported bugs was 6 with a total of 15 new bugs reported by those 6 people.

And after the stop of the open beta those 6 were invited to join the testing team for their contributions. And yes we did keep count.

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Grega Feb 25 2015, 1:25pm replied:

Ofcourse its full of bugs. Its a beta >.<

What do you expect from that phrase?

In any case it was an exact copy of what we had at the time. but since people did nothing to really help test, we decided its a waste of time and energy making tose releases and just stopped making them, going back to internal versions untill release.

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Grega Feb 17 2015, 2:49pm replied:

Ryo is the coder behind the GFX.

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Grega Feb 16 2015, 11:22am replied:

Nah its the SVN file system.

Basically red exclamation marks means files were changed, blue plus means files were added and red cross means files were deleted.

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Grega Feb 15 2015, 3:47pm replied:

Well boobs is kindof a codename for the jiggle physics for the model animations like clothes and hair. Its kind of an inside joke though.

As for Dalte, thats just how he is. Were you expecting something totally professional without any humor thrown in maybe?

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Grega Feb 15 2015, 2:43pm replied:

Its the SVN update logs, along with the dates when the updates were made and who made them.

So what part of it is nonsense O.o

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Grega Feb 12 2015, 6:11pm replied:

It was directly over STEAM, so i dont think it was saved anywhere, unless one of the people there recorded it. Though thats doubtfull really.

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Grega Feb 12 2015, 1:59pm replied:

Yes tehre was an anouncement on the forums, but we deleted it after the event to prevent confusion.

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Grega Feb 11 2015, 7:49pm replied:

Actually we did ^^

We tried out taht STEAM streaming service acouple of weeks ago. Not sure if anyone recorded anything or not, but we pretty much had an event talking to people and showing off the state of the game. And its bugs XD

Getting stuck outside the map is quite funny. Especially since i abused the debug teleport command to get myself in to an instant melee hit position XD

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Grega Feb 11 2015, 4:56pm replied:

Its not a commercial project, that is correct. But we are not going to release it as open source, because that would mean we are giving up on it and tossing it asside.

ZEQ2-lite is open source because its intention is to be a sandbox for people who want to learn how to become a developer. ESF doesnt have such goals, so going open source is the same as saying "We give up with this, we are done with it so we are tossing it out there for whoever and wahtever." And tahts something we will not do.

As for the current state release. During the open beta fiasco, it was decided to not do that untill we release it. And we are standing by that decision.

As for updates. This is from January.

And this is from the forums.

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Grega Feb 11 2015, 4:52pm replied:

Dont confuse the purpose of the projects.

ZEQ2-lite was released as a platform for people to learn how to make their own games. To learn how game creation works, using ZEQ2-lite as a sandbox for that experimentation. It was not meant as a game and acording to Zeth "Doesnt have the mechanics to be a game".

Also we had an open beta. We got complaints and insults because it was buggy. So we stopped it. And tahts a decision we stand by.

As a side note. Ryo posted a couple of pics from what he is currently tinkering with, in case anyone is interested ->

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Grega Jan 16 2015, 11:01am replied:

Yea no idea whats going on with that. I know Dalte was supposed to be making a video. Guess he didnt finish it yet.

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Grega Jan 14 2015, 3:42pm replied:

ESF needs to be started though steam.

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Grega Jan 7 2015, 8:40am replied:

No idea. Its Ryos settings ^^

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Grega Jan 5 2015, 7:37pm replied:

More likely Ryo just played with the effects since he fixed the distance fog/cloud interaction

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Grega Jan 5 2015, 7:36pm replied:

You mean the current inteam build or just someone working on something for the game?

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Grega Jan 5 2015, 8:39am replied:


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Grega Dec 30 2014, 8:15am replied:

Dont know about xenoverse and pirate warriors, but if UNS4 is as ****** a port as UNS3 was, then it wont do jack **** to help the PC gaming scene.

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Grega Dec 27 2014, 5:06pm replied:

Thats like saying Halo 1,2,3 and so on is the same as Spartan Assault.

Same theme different genre.

Totally different gameplay.

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Grega Dec 14 2014, 5:53pm replied:

Quite honestly. Not really asking ^^

Moddb puts that up there by default.

As for an update. I know Dalte was supposed to be making a video. Other than that, not much to update. Ryo is currently the most active with updating shaders, so that they require less resources and free up CPU time to increase the FPS. And DT is working on creating animation libraries.

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Grega Dec 13 2014, 11:39am replied:

Which ones are fully done: None.

Which ones are not even started: None.

Which ones are missing transformations: All of them.

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Grega Dec 11 2014, 10:34am replied:

there will be 11 characters in total (androids and Ginyu force count as 1 character due to the buddy system)

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Grega Dec 10 2014, 4:20am replied:

Nah the egg is just a copy of Goku so it isnt fully in the game yet with only 2 forms XD

In terms of characters we have 0 of them fully in the game. But we do have character forms that are in the game fully. Like GOkus base form, Trunks base form, Vegetas base and SSJ forms and so on.

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Grega Dec 8 2014, 10:07am replied:

Been in for a while.

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Grega Dec 5 2014, 8:12pm replied:

I know what you mean. Its what got me playing this game when back in the day.

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Grega Dec 5 2014, 12:12pm replied:

You are just jealous you didnt post it XD

+3 votes   media: POTW 1 December 2014
Grega Nov 18 2014, 9:00pm replied:

Well to be precise it is a sault move. Speciffically the backflip. Then you also have the frontflip and side flips. They are sub categories. Though the term summersault is usually used for roles as far as i know.

+5 votes   media: POTW 16 November 2014
Grega Sep 17 2014, 12:19pm replied:

Krillin uses a sports bra XD

+1 vote   media: PotW 08.09.2014 - It's pizza I promise
Grega Sep 8 2014, 5:52am replied:

Its probably just a few "yay saysers" really. I wouldnt pay any attention to it.

+1 vote   media: PotW 06.09.2014 - ICE ICE BABY
Grega Sep 7 2014, 8:12pm replied:

We did kinda do that. We are only using the original HL launcher and net code. Everything else was replaced with our own updated systems.

The way the maps load, the way the characters load, particle effects created specially for ESF. We updated the model format and had to write our own compiler for the files, along with edits to HLMV so it can actually view the models.

We pretty much built the whole thing from ground up with the GoldSRC engine at its most basic as core. Getting attacks to work outside the void, coding in a physics system that allows movement outside the boundaries of regular HL, making the system compatible with the new map formats, while providing accurate collision detection between players and the environment.

As for 1.2.3 It is a total conversion from HL1. That means that it doesnt use elements of the original game, unlike mods that just edit the original game in some way. But the engine itself was still stock HL1. If you wanted, you could copy over the HL1 campagin map files in to ESF and play though the HL single player with ESF. Though the monster AI may get screwed up in the process, but it should be possible with a few edits. You can no longer do that for the final. Trying to load a regunal .bsp map would result in blank space with nothing in it, because the map loader was changed.

Now with the systems working as intended i meant game breaking bugs, actual system functionality and so on.

Now i know you are not looking for a discussion, but i just hope i have answered some questions you may have with my replies.

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Grega Sep 7 2014, 8:35am replied:

We are using small parts of the HL1 SDK. But so many things were changed, that it doesnt really resemble GoldSRC anymore.

And with decent means good working FPS that doesnt drop with as many bugs gone as we can smash and systems working as they were intended.

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Grega Sep 6 2014, 4:58pm replied:

Its about as much of a neew game as HL2 is a new game compared to HL1.

Take it as you wish. But the older you get, the less time you have. That said no we would not release an unfinished version if everyone stopped following. We would simply continue working at our own pace untill we get something decent out.

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Grega Jul 11 2014, 10:17am says:

Well if you want to enter the world of game modding/creation, then you should pick what you want to do first.

Then go and find some tutorials. Mapping is mostly modeling and texturing, so youll neede to learn how to properly use a modeling software and something like photoshop.

If you want to go in to UI, then its photoshop or similar and so on.

Its really up to what you want to do, and not what others want you to do.

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Grega May 18 2014, 7:25pm replied:

Not the lowest. But its the ones Ryo uses. So i cant say what settings they are exactly.

And well Ryo doesnt force AA on.

0 votes   media: PotW 11.05.2014 - Namek's End
Grega Mar 28 2014, 9:29am replied:

He said more or less.

Meaning the number jumps round depending on how many bugs we report/fix and so on.

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Grega Mar 25 2014, 10:28pm replied:

Its less than 90% if thats enough for you.

We are still lacking Gokus higher forms in the game, Trunks higher forms, a lot of animations and other characters. As far as game code is going we have the melee system mostly in, but it still needs fine tuning, updates on the recovery system, updates on the movement system and so on.

+5 votes   media: Picture of the Week. March 25, 2014
Grega Oct 7 2013, 3:14pm replied:

It should work just fine if the card supports DX10.

Im not familliar with intel chips though :s

+1 vote   media: Picture of the Week. October 06 2013
Grega Oct 1 2013, 10:39pm says:

We have a very basic combat system that consists of "hold one button and fly in to someone to hit him with a punch, a throw animation or a combo animation"

Thats about the extent of the combat itself. The main question in ESF is more along the lines of "how will i outfly my opponent to get in that one hit that gives me an HPO advantage". And with the freedom of movement that can lead to some really interesting tactics.

One could say ESF is one of the worst DBZ games by its content, since it isnt a straight up fighting game. And at the sime time one of the closest DBZ experiences for the player, since so little is left to luck. AS you play, as you practice you yourself make huge leaps in skill going from not even touching the opponent to being pretty much untuchable even in a situation where there are 2 opponents going at you.

So it kinda depends. If you want a game thats close top DBZ itself and nothing else, then you may not really like ESF. BUt if you like the feeling of seeing progression as you practice yourself (and trust me it shows in this game, a small advantage in skill is what separates loosing horrible and owning the other guy) then youll probably love this game.

+1 vote   article: Destruction Answers
Grega Dec 25 2012, 5:50pm replied:

By my count ESF has had round 13 full releases + a bunch of open beta releases, that i did not count, since 2001

+2 votes   article: Merry Christmas 2012
Grega Dec 18 2012, 2:01pm replied:

No It is for Half Life 1. ESF will not work with Half Life 2 or Half Life Source, just plain old Half Life 1 from 1998.

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Grega May 5 2012, 7:06pm replied:

Nah just the lighting of the map. Orange light + blue skin = grayish ^^

+1 vote   media: Burter on an Island
Grega Apr 13 2012, 4:35pm replied:

Nope. Its all the power of Open GL.

And mind you that its the Open GL version thats part of the HL1 engine. Because we dont have access to the source, we cant update to a newer version.

+12 votes   media: Water Reflections
Grega Feb 11 2012, 6:30pm replied:

We did that.

It ended badly ^^

We even went though the trouble of including a full change log of features, bug fixes and updates with every release along with making sure we cleared all major crash bugs out from the releases.

We were meat with complaints and nothing more.

+3 votes   media: Burning attack
Grega Feb 10 2012, 7:50pm says:

Im wondering if we should even continue having a POTW seeing as dalte is just throwing out random pics and videos every now and then :s

+1 vote   media: Burning attack
Grega Oct 2 2011, 5:24pm replied:

Hes a member of the forums, so he knows. He was being sarcastic ^^;

+2 votes   media: Picture of the Week: September 25th, 2011
Grega Sep 26 2011, 8:18am replied:

The first release was in 2001 though ^^

+1 vote   media: Picture of the Week: September 25th, 2011
Grega Aug 8 2011, 8:27pm replied:

Well. Pretty much everything in the game runs on Open GL. From the map system, to various shaders and even our particle system.

If we wanted to add Direct X support we would have to rewrite about 70% of the code.

I guess the only major difference for the players is that ATI is a bitch when it comes to Open GL drivers.

+1 vote   article: Introducing the new lean, green, fighting machine
Grega Aug 8 2011, 8:57am replied:

Open GL only.

+1 vote   article: Introducing the new lean, green, fighting machine
Grega Jan 24 2011, 9:19pm replied:

Neither animation nor physics. Its a particle effect.

And destructible entities are part of HL itself. This is just that ported over to our map format (A.K.A recreated for the use on our maps and with the XML system)

0 votes   media: POTW: 23 Jan 2011
Grega Jan 12 2011, 5:12pm replied:

You do realize that the projects are not linked to the point of 1 team 2 mods right >.>

Its 2 teams 2 mods, with some members on both sides helping each other out.

And some members working for both sides.

+2 votes   article: NNK Status Update
Grega Nov 30 2010, 9:24am replied:

Its just animations for running near the ground/walls ^^;

+1 vote   media: Melee Video Guide
Grega Oct 3 2010, 9:20pm says:

Or maybe its a planet about to die ^^

Also i fixed the image name ^^

Weird thing though. You cant really see the lava here :s

+2 votes   media: Hot Molten Lava.. Is this hell?
Grega Aug 3 2010, 6:24pm says:

I hope you guys know that when the map is finished you will not be able to fly where Raven flew in that video.

The mapper determines the fighting area and no one can leave it. But as far as possibilities go. that video kinda shows it off XD

+2 votes   media: Soaring over Cellgames
Grega Apr 15 2010, 8:45am replied:

Remember, its the mapper that decides how far into the background you can fly ;)

+2 votes   media: PotW: Buu's Mouth Beam
Grega Mar 25 2010, 12:17pm says:

I'd guess throw ;)

+1 vote   media: PotW: Android 16 Caught a Big Fish
Grega Feb 28 2010, 8:46pm replied:

How so. Our new map system supports normal mapping textures along with the ability to have our polygon count up round 100k contrary to half lifes default 2k limit (800 as recomended for Half Life Multiplayer when it came out)

+2 votes   media: PotW: Mystery Map
Grega Feb 28 2010, 6:07pm says:

Meh sky titled it wrokgly.

The main point is that we are using different methods including Z-Brush to create our terrain now. The mystery map was a secondary objective.

+2 votes   media: PotW: Mystery Map
Grega Jan 3 2010, 11:06am says:

Which makes me ask.

Public submited stuff get update anouncements on modwatch?

WTF. Who even uploaded this?

+4 votes   download: NoName
Grega Dec 15 2009, 11:42pm replied:

Cant help it. Missing animations XD

+2 votes   media: Trunks vs. Frieza POTW
Grega Nov 17 2009, 4:09pm replied:

The video itself is only 50 seconds long you know ^^

+2 votes   media: Animated map textures
Grega Oct 19 2009, 9:36pm replied:

Trouth be told you cant really call that HL1 mapping anymore ^^

But more will be known at a later date XD

+1 vote   media: 10-18-09 POTW
Grega Aug 9 2009, 5:11am replied:

I cant seem to remember a sword beeing used by Trunks in GT though ^^

+3 votes   media: Silhouette
Grega Jul 30 2009, 9:17am replied:

No i just mean that the Fireza modl in that picture is the same as the one released with the Open Beta Final. No changes to the model itself were made.

+1 vote   media: Updates Pictures
Grega Jul 29 2009, 9:15pm replied:

Its the same mode as in the open beta.

+1 vote   media: Updates Pictures
Grega Dec 22 2005, 8:24am says:

I finished the first map for BTL.

Check out the downloads part for teh movie

+1 vote   mod: Dragon Ball: Break The Limit
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