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GonzoDark Apr 24 2012 replied:

Could you also PM me :) Thanks

+3 votes   game: Trine 2
GonzoDark Mar 29 2012 replied:

That sounds amazing, can't wait to see the next release and the trailer.

+1 vote   game: 3079
GonzoDark Mar 7 2012 says:

It is quite easy to kill the king, you just need to get close to him and hit him before he blows up, you can still hit him even though he is pulsing (about to blow up).

Remember to use your Demon Smiter and make sure that it is the right level, you can check by using 'C' (scout enemy level)

If your demon smiter is not strong enough then go speak to one of the leaders (star on their back) and they will give you a new demon smiter.

When you hit the demon king, he will teleport to a location close by - repeat till you have killed him :) enjoy

+1 vote   member: elvenspeaks
GonzoDark Mar 4 2012 replied:

you can gain items that will make you move faster ;) for example: +0.3 movement speed = current * 1.3 = 30% faster (at least that is my guess)

+1 vote   game: 3079
GonzoDark Mar 3 2012 replied:

I am seriously considering buying the game on BMTMicro...

+1 vote   game: 3079
GonzoDark Mar 3 2012 replied: +1 vote   game: 3079
GonzoDark Feb 28 2012 replied:

Nevermind, I forgot I had to quit the game to see the main-menu :-)

+1 vote   news: 3079 Update Out!
GonzoDark Feb 28 2012 says:

I found a little bug in the game, when you have completed the game (Killed the Deamon King) then it tells me to hit "Esc" to return to the menu, there is just one slight problem, the key is already assigned to ask the user "Are you sure you want to quit?, Hit Esc to return or F2 to quit".

But other than that; It was an amazing game! and I can't wait to see more updates in the future.

0 votes   news: 3079 Update Out!
GonzoDark Sep 22 2011 replied:

I did not get a mail with "congrats you are in the beta testing" - but I went to the download page and got the Linux 64-client and then I logged in to find out that I was already in the beta testing :)

I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 and it is not working that great on 11.10 yet, but I guess it will come in due time :P

for example these games does not work:

Urban Terror (Can't be installed)

Machinarium (Can be installed but it crashes the client when I try to open it)

Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo/ and the full version (./launcher: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

World of Goo 64-bit

and these games does work:

Atom Zombie Smasher
World of Goo 32-bit
World of Padman
And Yet it moves

and I would love a "Save password and username" option when I login.

going to test some more games :P

+1 vote   news: Desura Linux - Beta launch
GonzoDark Sep 21 2011 says:

I can't wait :O been waiting for years for a client like this for the Linux platform! been a member of the group for a long time - I can't wait! :D

+1 vote   news: Desura Linux - Beta launch
GonzoDark Sep 9 2011 says:

Awesome news! Can't wait.

+2 votes   blog: Linux Games
GonzoDark Sep 9 2011 says:

This is a post done by Protektor (on his own profile) on Sep 8th, 2011:

"I am plesantly suprised at the number of people who are actively interested in the Desura Linux client. I have approval for about 21 games at the moment and that is growing all the time. I also have 11 Open Source games that for will be added in my first round. I will be getting to more but there is only so much time in the day and I am going as fast as I can. I am hoping that by the time the majority of the people are using the Linux client that there will be a large amount of games to choose from. Well back to testing and prepairing games."

Great news! Can't wait to see the list of games and play them myself.

+2 votes   news: Linux Game Lead
GonzoDark Sep 9 2011 says:

I would love to see Desura for Linux out already :) I understand it might not be 100% finished yet, but you have a lot of people waiting for a beta client.

+3 votes   news: Linux Game Lead
GonzoDark Aug 26 2011 says:

As benderamp already said, when we talk about opensource games then most of the most popular games have already been added to mainstream distrubutions.

But I would love to see the following games in Desura Linux:

Heroes of might and magic 3
Unreal Turnament 2004
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Savage 2
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Angry Birds

+2 votes   news: Linux Game Lead
GonzoDark Jun 23 2011 says:

I would guess almost all of the humble indie bundle games and frozenbyte bundle games and some more.

Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot
Penumbra: Overture
Revenge of the Titans
Samorost 2
Shadowgrounds Survivor
World of Goo
World of Padman
Amnesia: The Dark Descent


+1 vote   news: Desura Linux Development - We have UI!
GonzoDark Mar 19 2011 says:

I would love to test it out! :)

+2 votes   news: Off Limits - Closed beta invites for Desura
GonzoDark Jan 6 2011 says:

a tattoo is a really really bad idea.. am not going to buy the game now..

-2 votes   news: New Update Live & Desura!
GonzoDark Dec 19 2010 says:

I can't wait for the Linux client :D

+3 votes   news: Humble Indie Bundle 2 - IT'S ALIVE!!
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