Hello everyone! I'm a recent graduate of 'Interactive Multimedia', which basically means I have no idea what I want to do for a living, and that I'm mediocre in a variety of areas. All jokes aside, towards the end of my studies I took a strong interest in motion design and animation. So hopefully I'll be able to starting digging my way into the field soon!

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Gn0meSlice Jul 26 2014, 10:59am says:

Your posts are always such great reads. Even as a non-developer I can appreciate them. Thanks for sharing!

As a side note, will you also be considering the PlayJam GameStick as a platform? Not sure how easy porting is from OUYA, but they're both android consoles.

+1 vote     article: Monogame and going Multi-platform
Gn0meSlice Jul 22 2014, 5:14pm says:

I hope you guys do well. I think it's a good idea you're postponing 'Early Access' as well; in its current state (at least the build I played from IndieGameStand) the game is not likely to get good reception on Steam. Add a little more content though and I think you're good to go.

Good luck!

+1 vote     article: NOWHERE Progress Report: It's Going Great & Terrible At The Same Time
Gn0meSlice Jul 22 2014, 4:57pm says:

Don't forget IndieGameStand! Speaking of which, will you be adding redeem keys there? :)

+1 vote     article: Lantern Forge Ver 1.03 on Steam and Desura
Gn0meSlice Jul 16 2014, 10:36am says:

Congratulations! Interesting post to read through as well. Once the game is complete, do you think you'll also be releasing outside of Steam?

+1 vote     article: 39 Days to Mars is coming to Steam
Gn0meSlice Jul 12 2014, 7:19pm says:

Very happy to see this game reach completion. Well done you guys! Best of luck with the release. =]

Re: Distribution, please consider Indiegamestand.com , they have a store similar to Humble and it's very easy to use!

+1 vote     article: So Many Me's coming to Steam & OUYA this July, 17th!
Gn0meSlice Jul 11 2014, 10:44am says:

Hey, great news. Good luck with your release. I might request beta access, but I'm not sure I'll have time to really get into it enough to give you any feedback. Hope it goes well!

As a side note, will the game be releasing anywhere else besides Desura and (eventually) Steam? Have you considered Indiegamestand.com ? They have a really easy to use store.

+1 vote     article: In Exilium entering Beta!
Gn0meSlice Jul 11 2014, 9:42am says:

Well if you have to delay your game, this is definitely a good way to tell people about it.

Best of luck.

+1 vote     media: launch delays- sorry guys
Gn0meSlice Jul 10 2014, 10:21pm replied:

How about a cluster bomb launcher? Those are always fun.

+2 votes     article: DEV BLOG ENTRY 13: A VISIT TO THE ARMORY
Gn0meSlice Jul 9 2014, 1:39pm says:

Awesome news, can't wait to try it out when I get a bit of spare cash. Good luck with Greenlight!

Have you considered Indiegamestand.com as a distribution channel as well? They have a pretty sweet store, and it's super easy to use.

+1 vote     article: Catmouth Island is done! :3 :3 :3
Gn0meSlice Jul 8 2014, 6:06pm says:

Awesome, best of luck to you guys, would really like to see this one turn out as good as it can be.

+3 votes     article: Open for Pre-Orders now + Greenlight launch!
Gn0meSlice Jul 8 2014, 9:55am says:

Amazing. Can't wait to see more.

+1 vote     article: Introduction to Besiege
Gn0meSlice Jul 7 2014, 5:55pm says:

Looks awesome! I really like how the art style and full 3D presentation work with the point and click gameplay, it's an approach I don't think I've ever seen before. Please consider releasing on Indiegamestand.com

+2 votes     media: Showing off the game. :3
Gn0meSlice Jul 3 2014, 4:22pm says:

Looks great guys, good work! I'm not sure I like the textured look, but the design itself is solid.

+1 vote     media: SHOFER new logo type design
Gn0meSlice Jul 3 2014, 3:41pm says:

Great news! Any chance you will be considering Indiegamestand.com as well?

Either way, good luck with the game moving forward. :)

+1 vote     article: Warp Ball on Desura!
Gn0meSlice Jul 2 2014, 12:06pm says:

Congratulations guys! Will you be released it outside of Steam as well at some point? Maybe once it's fully completed?

+2 votes     article: Frozen State Released
Gn0meSlice Jul 1 2014, 4:17pm says:

Great news guys! Please consider adding Indiegamestand.com to that lineup of distributors!

Good luck with the release. =]

+1 vote     article: Schein - Announcing Release Date
Gn0meSlice Jun 30 2014, 2:26pm says:

Looking good guys, good luck with Greenlight! Please consider an Indiegamestand.com release as well, at some point. =]

+1 vote     game: Thief Town
Gn0meSlice Jun 26 2014, 9:49pm says:

Congratulations on the new release! Will you be adding Desura redeem codes to IndieGameStand as well?

+1 vote     article: Lantern Forge Released on Desura!
Gn0meSlice Jun 15 2014, 5:15pm says:

The first two seem very desolate to me. I think I like the third the best. The fourth is a bit too colourful.

+2 votes     media: 4 Feels
Gn0meSlice Jun 15 2014, 5:12pm says:

Sad to hear the initial scope for the app has been lost (very sad), but I'm glad to see you plan on carrying on with this stuff in the spirit of the game.

+2 votes     article: Tons of Updates, Art, App Development Restart
Gn0meSlice Jun 5 2014, 10:20am says:

YES. I want it!

+1 vote     article: Progress Report #4
Gn0meSlice Jun 5 2014, 9:39am replied:

Awesome news! Exclusivity is something I really dislike. Please allow me to suggest Indiegamestand.com They're awesome!

+1 vote     article: Spirit is now Qora! New Demo on Steam!
Gn0meSlice Jun 5 2014, 9:18am says:

Woo! Good luck with this guys!

On a side note, do you have plans to release on PC outside of Steam? Please say yes! Indiegamestand.com perhaps?

+2 votes     article: Abatron is on GreenLight
Gn0meSlice Jun 4 2014, 11:56am says:

Congrats guys, good luck moving forward!

Quick question, do you have plans to release outside of Steam? Indiegamestand.com perhaps?

+3 votes     article: We've officially launched on Steam!
Gn0meSlice Jun 4 2014, 11:35am says:

Good luck indeed. Do you have plans to release it outside of Steam as well?

+2 votes     article: Spirit is now Qora! New Demo on Steam!
Gn0meSlice Jun 3 2014, 1:06pm says:

kapew pew pow kaplowy

+2 votes     media: pew pew
Gn0meSlice May 31 2014, 11:20pm says:

This is looking great!

On a side note, I am a motion designer who is thinking about branching out into animation for games. I see you're using Spine for animation. Would you recommend it?

+1 vote     article: Greedy Guns - the Big Boss, the Mini Boss and gardening.
Gn0meSlice May 31 2014, 5:50pm says:

Good luck with this... finding the right publisher can be a challenge.

If you decide to self-publish at some point, allow me to recommend Indiegamestand.com They have a sweet store, very similar to humble. And the staff is very friendly.

+2 votes     article: Let’s wait how everything turns out
Gn0meSlice May 31 2014, 11:24am says:

Congratulations on getting Greenlit!

+1 vote     article: MechoEcho on Greenlight!
Gn0meSlice May 30 2014, 9:46am says:

Pretty tempted to buy this one... release it on Indiegamestand.com and you have a deal!

0 votes     article: Hyphen is now finished and on sale!
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