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Genero @ Johnyliltoe

Your link works now, but I didn't want to spam your post unnecessarily. I see you played A Machine for Pigs. How did you feel about that game? I'm currently building something I'm calling the "Game Dissection Lab (name subject to change)," where I look at titles from a design perspective. And to be fair, AMFP was a decent game, but it broke some design rules that made me really die a little inside.

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Genero @ After Resetâ„¢ RPG

Have you got yourselves covered on the advertisement front? I only just discovered this project, but I like how it sounds. Still, a social media plan and presence is often worth much more than what's being spent on it, if done right.

Also, in retrospect (sorry, I'm going to be the one who's a captain hindsight now), you should have had something more tangible on your kickstarter campaign page. I'm loving your back-story, but you're not trying to sell us a book here. Next time, have a personal presence and some actual mechanics going on in your video.

I'm aware that there's a lot more info once people scroll down, but if there's anything I've learned from the industry, it's that we're not entitled to people's time. We have to earn it. If we want people to read what we've written, we need to hook them immediately with the video. The smallest doubt and they don't want to put the extra energy into reading.

Don't get me wrong, I understand why you put up the trailer, it's a great trailer. But it doesn't tell me anything about the game and that's why I - as a customer - become uncertain.

Even though many people aren't educated in game design, I think there's some kind of subconscious consensus that we've all acknowledged; the fact that an idea is not subjected to the constraints of production. This is the risk of game development and the reason that excessive risk mitigation and prototyping phases exist.

Once you can show people that you're past the initial road-bump of risk mitigation, it is much easier to attract customers and investors.

Anyway, I wish you good luck, fingers crossed that you'll get right back on track despite the little Kickstarter incident. But to be fair, I value people who have made mistakes and acknowledged them, far more than I value people who have never committed any mistakes.

~ Dave

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Genero @ Shtuph


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Genero @ In soviet russia police fucks you

I see someone has been playing a lot of Saints Row.

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Genero @ BlackSoul - Weather Demo

The weather system looks really nice, can't wait to see more on how you integrate it into your game :D When making a horror game though, sound design is extremely important (I'm sorry, you probably already know this, bear with me for a second as I play the role of captain obvious). Your current weather demo looks great in the graphical aspect but the ambient sound makes it feel a bit more like bliss in terms of the mood. Add something eerie that the player can't quite put the finger on or triangulate in terms of direction, that usually gets to them. It's all about making them not wanting to stay in that one place for too long, but also making them feel like they are in danger if they push on. I don't know if you ever played the Penumbra games, but one of them didn't even have enemies in it, the whole scary factor was purely audio design and it worked remarkably well. Maybe look at it for some inspiration ^^ I have to admit that the game itself fell a little flat though, but it's an excellent demonstration of some of the things that can be done. Anyways, keep up the good work <3 The visuals are awesome

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