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Well this is my first blog on here. I joined the site last year when Far Cry 2 mapping was popular and they where running a contest. I got a few maps out. One was an honorable mention "Pirate Stop" you may have also played my 007 "Complex"

Well I just got done with my Red Dead West Far Cry 2 map. I started on it back in July when I saw footage of Red Dead Redemption. I thought id try my hand at a western map. It turned out really well but haven't had a chance to test is with players. Ive played enough online to know what people overall like in maps. Besides being a large map I think it will be good. I could make a smaller version to appeal to more people if that's something they want. I wanted is to be more of an open world.

I am working on Pirate Stop 2 now. The first one still seem to have a following even though the map is far from perfect. Granted it was my second map ever made. It took me 8 hours to build that ship. I'm already 8 into the next rendition and the ships 2-3 times bigger. I'm going for a lot of detail. It will be the most intricate single structure ever made in a far Cry 2 map. I am also addressing most of the problems of the original. Graphically, some asset pieces can only be viewed so fair in game before they disappear. This was an issue with the previous ship. It is now built with different pieces. It was also a little hard to see what was what because the inside of the ship was all the same wood. The new ship has added accents around door ways and step areas for better navigation. I'll post some screenshots once I have the ship more done. It's about 70% dine. The map Over all the map is only about 40% done. I still have the island to do which will be 3 times bigger.

Update: Just posted a screenshot of the ship in Pirate Stop 2. The ships about 85% done.

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