A long time designer, manager and lore developer. Don't have interest in guys, sorry, my boyfriend slot is taken. No interest in trading pokemons... But I am interested in free compliments. And cybernetic applications.

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In the 5 years past...

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"To be, or not to be ?" -William Shakespear

That is the question I ask myself related to the world of creating modifications.

In the past years I have been inactive, forgetting about this world like an adult forgets the good moments of their past. Sadly the present is now catching up and I stand at a crossroads with both my health and my stage of life.

It may feel like ages ago but the view makes me precieve it in seconds time, times when I could not propperly use grammar... Times when I had overly ambitious goals that I could not accomplish such as a 12 chapter mod or being the single level developer for a Portal mod which then without my approval changed it's base premise and became Portal 2.

Despite all of those setbacks, I look back and I see a person full of optimism, a person that was not afraid to step up and face the challenge ahead of them. Today I feel like I've lost the connection and became old, bitter and shelled.

I no longer develop mods, no loger do I have the same feeling towards level designing... The feeling of challenge and gleeful joy in a creation that I would label today as a piece of trash work at best... Yet in all those creations that were frankly awful I see myself, and how I was not afraid of critique and publishing my work towards the community.

Time corrupted everything and even me, today I am a lonesome Leukemic sitting among her communities which are being taken over and ruined by adminsitrators believing to be the center of the galaxy.

I am no longer the joyful Frohman, parody of the Half Life comic, persistent developer and optimist. The feeling of me having become way less overwhelms me even to this point as I write this message, knowing I will not write another one as this is merely my passing-by cloud over the blog of me.

I only wish to know...

Am I the only one with such view, or have others had experience on this topic too ?

The late year in review.

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I have to say that 2011 was a great year for me , my friends and most of ModDB.
Not only have I seen some new mods , but I also learned how to get a better map style.

Offcourse you (Yes , you) play a big role in it.
I could not have gotten to where I'am now without the advice and trust of all of you.
The internet is a place for many kind of people , some will be your friends , some will swear to kick you ass.
But to those that want a internet war I say "Capslocking people to death is not worth your time."
So the sense all wins.

Overall in all it was the best year that I could imagine.
But now comes the real challenge with 2012.
Surviving the finale of education , getting my life sorted out , and being responsiveable for a few crimes.

Still , I want to thank all of you here and those who know me on all other sides for staying by me , even in the darkest times of them all.

-Kindly hearthcut.


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