What should i say , im extremly good in learning languages and im trying to do some C++ work , im a 3 year mapper now and i never gave up on any mod i started , even when its going slow it will be relased , the only reason to not do it is if i would die. So if you hate my mod and want to make me stop it , you have to kill me...... AND I CANT DIE!

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0 comments by ]BlackPhoenix[ on Mar 20th, 2010

I have to say that 2011 was a great year for me , my friends and most of ModDB.
Not only have I seen some new mods , but I also learned how to get a better map style.

Offcourse you (Yes , you) play a big role in it.
I could not have gotten to where I'am now without the advice and trust of all of you.
The internet is a place for many kind of people , some will be your friends , some will swear to kick you ass.
But to those that want a internet war I say "Capslocking people to death is not worth your time."
So the sense all wins.

Overall in all it was the best year that I could imagine.
But now comes the real challenge with 2012.
Surviving the finale of education , getting my life sorted out , and being responsiveable for a few crimes.

Still , I want to thank all of you here and those who know me on all other sides for staying by me , even in the darkest times of them all.

-Kindly hearthcut.


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