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freekygaz @ Teaser Comparison

Looks amazing. Considering it looked amazing before its become algabreicly amazing.

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freekygaz @ Angels Fall First: Planetstorm RC5 Released!

Bloody brillient mod!

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freekygaz @ ZEQ II Lite Public Beta 1

Freaking awesome! I cant wait for more of this. EPIC!!!!!

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freekygaz @ X32I Redemption - New Teaser


This I will be keeping an eye on. Great musical score too.

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freekygaz @ Top 100 Voting

Im not condoning what the German military did during ww2 but its really not any where near as cut and dry as your trying to make it. Even if you just go down to the basics of a normal solder killing an innocent person. This very topic was researched after the war to try and decide on how to treat the men who committed war crimes. The experiments, conducted by a man named Milgram, are on the net and explain the whole thing. But just to be sure you understand il simplify what he did.

He took a group of civilian volunteers and told them he was doing research on learning styles. They were told to ask questions to a person hooked up to electrodes (they could not see the person only hear them) They were told that should the subject get a question wrong they should be shocked with a gradually increasing charge untill they get the question right.

What was actually happening was that the subject was an actor who would play a long and where appropriate pretend to get shocked (bear in mind the civilian could not see the subject only hear them.) During the course of the test the actor would begin to get questions wrong purposefully so as to get the civilian to initiate the shocks. It eventually got to a point where the shocks were, as far as the civilian was concerned, dangerous and/or lethal.

Now despite there concern for the subject who they thought they were killing a high proportion continued to shock the subject, even after all sounds ceased and it was believed the subject was dead. They did this only at the request of a few psychologists recording the events.

In that experiment they were people who enjoy the freedoms of thought and action we all do. All military personnel are trained to follow orders because there life and others depend on it. So they are even more susceptible to illegal orders.

As for the USAF supporting the modding community I think its great and a testament to the kind of weight the modding community has behind it.

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