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dennis77998 Jan 18 2014, 9:00am says:

i think i'll start running when they come...

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dennis77998 Aug 13 2013, 3:08pm says:


+2 votes     mod: Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Trinity Collection
dennis77998 May 18 2013, 7:26am says:

looks more like a turian frigate from mass effect with the wings :D but that's just me

+1 vote     media: SDF Cannon (Novalith Replacement)
dennis77998 May 12 2013, 9:14am replied:

the destroyers can fire through them(sorry for wrong grammar, im dutch :D ) there is a hole there, only for (super) charging the beam those panels are open, so they can keep it closed i guess

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dennis77998 May 10 2013, 5:26am says:

if i spot one of these coming for me... i would cry in my corner :D

+2 votes     media: Allied Air Force 2011
dennis77998 May 9 2013, 4:57am says:

what is that giant structure in the middle??

+1 vote     media: Heart of Darkness
dennis77998 Apr 18 2013, 10:53am says:

pillar of atumn reach and halo CE right? then ill choose reach because of the guns ;)

+3 votes     media: Which to choose from?
dennis77998 Aug 26 2012, 11:41am says:

i know brengle has made a mistake, and i understand you are angry about it, but more than 100 people want this mod, if you deside not to release it, people will get angry and things are all going south, i hope you think twice before cancelling the mod and firing brengle, please?

+3 votes     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
dennis77998 Jul 20 2012, 2:04pm says:

my bad, i meant 2 diffrent ships: harbinger and kwunu, the only dreadnought made by the volus lol, i fail aigan

+1 vote     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
dennis77998 Jul 20 2012, 10:39am says:

maybe an idea: make special ships like: harbinger, harbinger has 2 lasers, and the only volus dreadnought with stronger weaponry then a normal dreadnought(turian), and so on(just an idea), can't wait to play it and kill cerberus ships :D

+1 vote     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
dennis77998 Jul 18 2012, 10:57am says:

correction: the alliance more power and the rurians more defence, and maybe if tou put an asari dreadnaught in it, give it torps, mix it up a bit, for a different battle eacht time :D (i know i'm dumb :P )

0 votes     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
dennis77998 Jul 18 2012, 10:55am says:

why not make within the ''councillian forces'' different dreadnoughts, like the alliance one has more defence and the turian defence, and the salarian has the ability to cloak, just an idea, but it would be more fun :D

+1 vote     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
dennis77998 Jun 10 2012, 8:27am says:

if you add the geth and quarians, i think it will be complete, and btw what programs do you use? i want to try modding myself some ships but i fail bezause i have not the right programs :D

+1 vote     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
dennis77998 Jun 6 2012, 9:57am says:

fixed problem, i opend the .big file and deleted the ''Shaders'' file and now it works great :D

+1 vote     mod: Draconian Empire mod
dennis77998 Jun 2 2012, 9:05am says:

everytime when i start a match or single player it starts loading but at the end when i must load ''dustcloudgroups'' it terminates the game>.< can somebody help me?did i do something wrong? i read the whole readme file but nothing helps

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