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Fission035 Feb 5 2013 says:

well, at least upload a trailor/video of the MOD v1.5 and highlight the new changes you made, please.

I can see there are many fixes you've made in the v1.5, hope you have fixed the bug/problem where the zoom/scope of the sniper rifle disappears when entered in Shootdodge mode while zooming.

btw, is there any way to merge the original FPS mod (or the shepard one) and your MOD? if there is then please do tell me!

plus, tell me how to replace or add a weapon from other MOD to your MOD! (Like the minigun from 'cinema 2' and the chainsaw from 'Absent grave')

why is Max Payne 2 listed under 'Multiplayer' section?
Is it a Multiplayer game?

Why Is Yawning Contagious? XD
sorry for asking so many questions, anyway thanks

+1 vote   download: Payne Effects 3 v1.5 FINAL FULL
Fission035 Feb 4 2013 says:

Hello there, Silver. I really want to play this cool MOD!!! but there's a little problem. because of some reason I can't download any file from the internet which is larger than 450 MegaBytes and I won't be able to play Max Payne 2 after 1 week :( so, could you please try to make the MOD a little smaller? I mean can you upload just the simple MOD file with v1.5 improvements and without other MODs merged with it? (keep the boiling mod if possible) I have PE3's previous version installed in my pc (v1.4) & I think the MOD is just plain AWESOME and probably the best MOD for Max Payne 2! That's why I want to play it's final version before removing Max Payne 2 from my pc.
Looking forward to your (positive) reply.

[and btw, sorry for my bad english]

+1 vote   download: Payne Effects 3 v1.5 FINAL FULL
Fission035 Feb 4 2013 says:

Isn't there any paych or something? coz the file is too big

+1 vote   news: Payne Effects 3 Update 1.5 FINAL FULL
Fission035 Dec 5 2012 says:

Please upload this super cool mod on Desura coz my internet connection is very slow and this download does not support resume function. But it's much easy for me to download mods from desura! so' plz, plz, plz upload this mod on Desura. I really want to play this mod!!

+1 vote   download: Kung Fu Evolution v2
Fission035 Dec 1 2012 says:

You need to be strategic and you can beat this game easily! 10 out of 10!!

+8 votes   game: Return To Castle Wolfenstein
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