As you can read i'm from Germany and so I'll start my Bio with an old german greeting "Moin!" So, now i said hello and i don't know how to go on, well, how is it coming that you're on my page? Are you bored or anything? Well, you won't find any advernture here, only if you want to talk to me, you can always send me a PM here. Well, there's nothing that intrests you in my life. Maybe you ask why i call me FenrisGirl and have a Werewolf as an avater, well, i'm a little obsessed with those creatures, they're just great :3

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FenrisGirl @ The Kite

It's a good, very realistic short Point and Click game. I will not say Adventure, because it's far too sad to be called an adventure!
I don't want to spoil anything but for what I can say.
The Game was great. At some Parts I didn't have a clue for what I should do next but a Playthrough helped me a lot. I loved the little Riddle with the numbers, very well made :)
I only can recommend this game for everyone who wants to play a short, very good and realistic Point and Click :D

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FenrisGirl @ One Night: Full Circle

At first sight this game seems to be great. I always had something for these pixelgames and i really like the kinda dark atmosphere and, did i notice it right, if you close the inventory it's the sound that appears in Silent Hill if you close your Inventory there? Quite awesome :)
I'm seeing forward to download the other games aswell :D

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FenrisGirl @ Baby Blues - Toddler Horror Game

T.T my poor heart is never able to beat peacefully again!
The Jumpscares were so bad and creepy! the worst was the man jumping up in front of the window! Imagening being 5 years old and you hear such scary things like that. I mean the background sounds were great they just made the atmosphere perfect! At some points i just stood there and thought "You won't enter that room. In there's something scary wich is only waiting for you!" but besides all that horror i have to admit that i really enjoy playing it! I think it would be great to play it together with some friends, maybe some alcohol and it's a big party fun :DDD

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