I am a man about sound! I am currently working with Running With Scissors as their Sound Designer. In April 2015 they released the POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost DLC, which was my first project with them. I am still really excited to keep collaborating with people and further my skills.

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Greetings to all!

Just wanted to make a quick post. I have literally just created my profile here, and I am relatively new to the gaming 'industry'. My area of interest lies in sound and I got my first taste of working on games last year with a mobile phone game (as stated in my bio, this rekindled my interest in working with games). So since then I have been wanting to know more and more about game audio, how it's used, and especially how it is implemented.

I am currently part of two indie projects, working as a sound FX designer. Although I do love playing with and creating new sounds, I really want to get my hands in on actually putting the sounds into the game - being able to audition sounds so as I know if any alterations need to be made, and dictate how the sounds will react and be perceived.

So, yeah...I am a newbie (please be gentle), but I am very excited to work on projects an, especially, to learn more. If anyone reads this and can offer information and/or advice that may be of use, do please get in touch. Everyone else - I look forward to seeing your work and, please, go about your business.

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