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PSE Tac 15i

Sliderp Blog 1 comment

So I decided to model a PSE Tac 15 simply because there are barely any bloody crossbows out there. Collected a whole bunch of reference pictures from all across the web. It's quite ridiculous how few proper orthogonal pictures there are of this thing, but I managed to find about 2 or 3 which were extremely good for modelling on.

So I ended up with a whopping 43451 polygons, about 10k of which are in the stock alone. Do whatever you want with it, just remember that it came from Germany.

Have fun!

Grab it here!



DiamonD has returned from quite a long period of "getting things sorted out" and we're now back on track with Blue Shift: Reassignment!

Feel free to leave a comment!

Currently, a large chunk of custom content is already done, but it might take a bit until all the small touches and most importantly, new code is done!

So, if you are one of the loyal 181 followers or are just checking by, stay tuned. It REALLY is coming, this time.

I've recently been thinking about joining the mod Jedi Knight: Galaxies. It's here on ModDB, so feel free to check it out anytime.
Currently I'm basically just preparing for it. Getting back into shape, modelling some Star Wars stuff, you know.

It's gotten quiet around here. I remember checking every day to see something new, everyone talked, on Steam, Skype, MSN, whatever. Those times are pretty much over.

I've been spending the past few months finding something to do. It's kind of weird, actually.
I remember actually doing stuff and all of the sudden it comes to a complete stop.

By the way, in case some of you don't yet know, BS:R is basically halted for the moment. Or forever. I have no clue. Ashiq has decided to pursue a career in philosopical research and legal studies.

Thank God he told everyone about it before going. Oh wait, he didn't.

So, I've been wandering the slowly dying Half-Life Community (Yes, I said it. It IS obviously MUCH, MUCH smaller than it was maybe a year ago.
Most talented people have moved on or just have better things to do and thus the only ones left are a few talented people, dedicated maniacs and fucking idiots, who shouldn't even be here.), trying to find something to do.

So I offered my help to Jedi Knight: Galaxies, which looks like it bears quite an amount of potential. I have no idea as to how they're going to pull it off, but so far it looks incredible and I see it as a nice opportunity to get back into working on stuff like that.

I really miss working with a team. Preferably a team of people I know and like.
Nothing will ever be quite like the testing sessions of Ashiq's Half-Life Pack Final or the many times we tested stuff from our Natural Selection Pack, which never saw the light of day.
Or how we all got onto Skype and just had a great laugh, first on The Hidden and later on Transformice and beyond. Even 2-man Co-Op on BS:R, trying to figure out why the map is broken and how to fix it (Remember that shit in the sewers, Ashiq? Where I jumped from your head to the other side of the room just to find an invisible wall of DEATH?).

Of course, our friendships don't die or anything like that, but the communication between eachother and the way we did stuff will probably never be the same.

In short, it was fucking priceless working and laughing with your guys. I wish we could do so again.

Maybe one day.

- Slider


Sliderp Blog

Hey again.

Recently, I've finished the MAC-10, as you can see in the images section. It has 8787 polies and wants to get UV mapped.

Also, Julian (Jay-Zed) and I have decided to take over the world.

He's a pretty kickass guy.



Sliderp Blog 2 comments


Kevin here.

1. Robbe bought an Xbox 360, including Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST! Win!

2. I'm back in modding business.



contact me on my Steam account:


Thanks! Check out the KABAR and Lightsaber I've posted in the Images section!

Some guy that has too much free time here.

So, you've seen my civilian model? Well, it's ALREADY outdated!

I played around with it a lot today and fixed a few things, including Hair, Moustache, and I made him less fat.

This is my FIRST Humanoid Organic model EVER.

I'm quite happy with the result, I wish I could UV it... *hint hint*

Organic UV mappers are welcome.

Thanks again.


Well... Let's say the Civilian and the Umbrella don't count, eh?

A break?

Sliderp Blog 1 comment

Ohai people, Kevin here again.

Lately, I've been bored.

So I have decided to take a break from modding all together for about 2 weeks maximum.



A) Ashiq is either fucking dead or playing Guild Wars.

B) TF2 is much more fun.

C) Noone gives a crap whether I do something or not, so what the hell.

So, have fun in your two weeks without me, all you modding nerds.

Seriously though, I'm really sick and tired of doing stuff for nothing. None of my work will ever get UV mapped or used except 1 or 2 that I make especially for BS:R which I then shove up Ashiq's ass.

Whether I do stuff or not is completely pointless, so what the hell.

Ohai, Slider here. It's 2:47 here and I'm dead tired... DiamonD suggested sleeping... I suggested HL DM. Guess what happened.

Seriously, a game 11 Years old is just epic win. PLAY IT, NOW!

Btw, at around 1 AM, a Spider came down my ceiling... Arachnophobia is not good. My bro smashed it to a pancake shaped thingy at my wall.

"The only thing you can fear is the fear itself."

True, because Arachnophobia is an irrational fear. I mean.. they can't hurt me, they're tiny and have no bawlls. I could smash them, but I can't. I just get scared away by them.

Anyways, check the Shockroach. Yes, I made a render in the middle of the night for your entertainment. Check it at the Blue Shift: Reassignment ModDB page right now! (Of course, before playing Half-Life.)

Remember to add me on Steam...


Cheers, maggots.

Hi, Slider here, modeller of Blue Shift: Reassignment.

Working on BS:R is wonderful. I'm surrounded by a small team of modders which are extremely humorous and always just fun to work with.

DiamonD: If you don't know him, you're living behind the moon. Wonderful guy, obsessed with tofu and cats. He's extremely friendly and thinks about every suggestion made by the team twice. He's also a faggot. Lol.

He also does most of the work. Great man.

There's one certain picture of one special person that scares the living fuck outta him...

The Zxeno Prophet: A frenchman! A quite awesome one, actually. He will code your testicles. Err, I mean weapons. He's also very friendly, but can get quite serious sometimes (He can seem serious, but he really isn't.). I think we'll have serious business even after BS:R together.

He also likes to have certain special things with horses and their backsides. *COUGH*

Raz777: He's skinner and overall team support. When we're tired, he's always there for a game of Sven-CoOp, Half-Life, OP4, The Hidden and so on. He might be a newcomer to skinning, but you can basically watch him get better over time. He doesn't have any... special needs, like DiamonD or me, but he's also kinda weird. Who isn't?

Minuit: I honestly know the least about Minuit, but overall, he's a great brit, a great coder, an amazing mod developer and just knows what the hell he's doing. He's got the balls needed to make a mod.

That kinda sums up my short thoughts about the team members.

What about other parts of my life? Well, I'm always slightly busy modelling. You can always contact me on Steam:


Oh, by the way, Zxeno is unwrapping my Sniper rifle!

If you want a go at skinning once it's done, just PM me.

Epic Stuff and Cake

Sliderp Blog

Since DiamonD liked the TF2 Grenade, I had a go at skinning it. It turned out quite decent, even though I'm not satisfied with the top. *DiamonD agrees*

So, I had a go at skinning the TF2 Dynamite and... it's "epic sex" as DiamonD would say. It's made in GIMP and I used no tutorial for it whatsoever. It's made with epic love and a layer of scratches.

Hope you like it, post feedback, please!

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