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Some days ago, there was great news for all indie game developers: 8-bit funding was just launched, being the first corwdfunding website dedicated to indie game developers! Of course, DungeonQuest is already in 8-bit funding, trying to find some contributions so I can hire a great artist which makes the game look really epic.

Now, let's see which are the game goals, where's the game development right now, and what's my next step:

  • Each player controls a character in a party of up to four heroes. Now the game works only for 1 or 2 players using the same keyboard. It's great to play hand to hand with another friend, but the next step is adding XBOX 360 controller support.
  • Players can choose between 10 heroes of high-fantasy: warrior, elf, dwarf, thief, wizard, cleric, palladin, assassin, barbarian, and necromancer. Warrior and elf are already implemented. Thief and dwarf are at 50%.
  • Each hero has different initial stats for movement, jump, health, magic and damage. These stats can be leveled up gaining XPs. Stats are already implemented. Next step is implementing the level up system.
  • Players can customize the colors of the hero hair, skin, clothes, armor and weapons. The coloring function is already implemented. There's a little glitch with skin colors, but I hope it will disappear when the pixelart is replaced.
  • Players fight hordes of the following enemies: goblins, orcs, fimirs, chaos warriors, ogres, shamans, skeletons, zombies, mummies, harpies, specters, minotaus, spiders and lesser beasts like rats, and bats. There are no enemies implemented. Enemy pixelart is 25% completed. My intention is to re-use the coloring system for enemies. So I can add and color new enemies directly from the level editor.
  • Dungeons are filled with traps, secret passages, treasure chests and many surprises. Floor traps and spikes, secret passages, and doors are implemented. Dart traps, chests and switches are the next things to do.
  • Big boss enemies wait in the end of each dungeon. I want huge bosses with weak points, attack patterns and some clever puzzle solution instead of large HP bar. For now, big boss fights are in my list of things to do, somewhere behind lesser enemies.

There's a lot of work to do, so let's get going. I'll keep you posted ;)


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