Hi and welcome. My name is Dennis "Duruk" Schenkel. I have been Modding / designing since 1999. Started as Project Leader for SAS Into the Lion's Den (1999-2002) for the Unreal Engine. 2001 Gamepsy Mod of the week. 2002 Invited for Unreal Mod Summit at Epic Games HQ. 2003-2006 Designed and hosted Neverwinter Nights Custom world. 2008 Won IntelĀ® Crysis Mapping Contest in category Creativity (Multiplayer). 2009- till 2010 worked on half hour simulator demo - September 2011 Awarded the second place in the design competition "Think inside and outside the box" (over at Crydev.net) - November 2011 Awarded first place in the "10-Year-Old Brother" Challenge." - March 2012 Awarded runner up in the "Story Telling Level Design Challenge 2"

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Sorry for the bad quality, but Moddb has a 200mb max file size limit.
The full video (35 minutes) is in blueray quality.

HD 720 version: Youtube.com
Vimeo HD version: Vimeo.com

Here is a preview of the last 9 minutes of the cycling demonstration simulator that I created for a friend (part 3of3). The last 9 minutes of the session has several "interval" sections (starts at each pair of orange poles and ends at each orange finish sign) and a small part of the "Time travel" (yellow section)

The idea was to create 40-50 minutes sessions with the focus on the road. Adding not too much detail to speed up the progress. It was hard work to develop an idea into the actual video, but the preview shows that its possible.

I removed any reference to the company which was setup for this idea. The demo was created on the Cryengine2 for testing purpose, hence the Crytek adds. If we would develop it commercially we would have switched to another engine, so it would be possible to add our own advertisements.

More information and video parts are comming soon

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