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Dsbraw01 @ Early Cartography of Althas

What program do you use for the mapping? I am currently creating a world of my own but am having trouble finding decent mapping software.
Love how the world looks so far, having more islands that you can get to by swimming/boating is always what I thought Skyrim was most lacking in.

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Dsbraw01 @ The Ridder Clan Mod

Thank you for replying so quickly and taking such an active roll in your mod. My family and I are making full use of it.

Looking forward to the next release!

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Dsbraw01 @ The Ridder Clan Mod

I recently downloaded and tried out your mod and figured I would give a run down of any bugs I encountered. Here is all that I noticed that seemed odd or unintended. Note that all I have played thus far is BFME 2 mode.

1. When facing off against a Godlike level computer the computer was initially difficult but later in the game became weak not even sending opponents. When I attacked the computer's base they only had a single resource collecting building. I am not sure if this is a bug but I wanted to bring it up.

2. Also during the fight with the Godlike level computer, playing as Mordor, when I defeated all of their buildings and victory should have been declared it was not and my characters kept trying to destroy the new goblin cave despite it showing it already destroyed.

3. Rohan and Men of the East do not allow custom Characters. I know Men of the East is incomplete but I wanted to let you know about Rohan if you didn't.

4. The factions seem to receive money at different rates. When playing against my sister she, playing as Gondor, had 6 resource gathering buildings and I, playing as Isengard, had 32 and we were receiving money at almost the same rate.

I love what you are doing with the BRME2 game, especially the new Men of the East faction. Thank you for the mod and good luck on finishing it.

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