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Some of you might already seen that i am working (again) on a PSP Quakebased WW2 game.
Unlike my old "Wolfenstein Failgame" (it never reached a preofessional status, it was just a quake with reloading added weapons and changed enemy models) i have much more work done:

  • Complete customized weaponsystem (Firingfinctions and Reloading can now added easier)
  • Nice weapon and Bulleteffects (Bullets sparks of the wall, rifles acting complete different)
  • Ingame Menu for selecting Team and Weaponclass*
  • Cool new entities like Usefunction and effects (like Electronic short-circuit effects etc..)
  • Map specific entities (Generator turn on lights in the Bunkermap and cant be turned off again)
  • Engine is heavy modified and based on Bakers newest ProQuake 4.71
  • Singleplayer has been kicked out
  • Respawn timer (player needs to wait 3 seconds for respawn)*

* = Not finished and buggy.

Also atm there are 5 new maps in the work and some re-used unreleased NZP Maps and 2 from
my old Wolfenstein mod.

Also if you want to help with mapping and QC Code just write me a PM on moddb :)


First! No, but really, this mod is just awesome. Also, have you ever played action quake 2? They have this feature where once you're shot, you lose a set amount of health due to blood loss. Then, you can bandage your wound to prevent it, but it takes like 3 seconds to do so, and you can't shoot during the process. Is this implemented in your mod? I would literally pay for this game if you added things like this in!

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