I have over 14 years’ experience in the development, management and implementation of software solutions, especially using Microsoft Technologies. I've also worked as a Project Director on major projects. Over the last ten years, I have gained more and more management and Team Lead responsibilities within an international context. Before these management responsabilities, I was expert and architect on Microsoft solutions. I’m working on the development of softwares based on Unity engine and .Net, initially in order to create a company focused on software development and consulting. In game area, my goal would be to make games about environment protection and biodiversity.

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Thanks to Indie Statik, I’ve discovered the game Reus, from Abbey Games.

I’ve bought the game yesterday and I’ve been playing it for a couple of hours and I can’t stop ! Great god game.

For a game maker like me that has always wanted to make a god game using a 2D earth shape like in Reus, it’s a huge feeling to play this game and the gaming experience looks far deeper than other kind of previous game with the same approach, so do not hesitate to buy it !

Except the fact that I don’t like the global menu (but the important ones when you're playing are fine) and that I haven't found yet a way to control time speed (maybe not implemented for technical reason that I understand), I really enjoy and recommend this game !

I’m really interested to see if this game, unlike Sim City, tend to make sustainable world….


Je recommande ce jeu qui me tient en haleine depuis mon achat, sans pouvoir m’arrêter !

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