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diegoliberal @ Black Mesa Part

Yes, yyou right, im glad you managed to make it work; and i really got a corrupt file, but i managed to grab the correct one and right now im at the part where you send a rocket to the space :)

Enjoy it!!

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diegoliberal @ Black Mesa Part

I had no issues until now :D
OMG ;w; it is like a dream becoming true playing it,
the "game of the year" (again) for sure :D

Make a donate button, those guys deserve it

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diegoliberal @ Black Mesa Part

I had same idea :(
i coundt play it last night.
But i left the torrent downloading the whole night and it finished by this morning ^^

i recommend you using it cause it has an installer, you just double click it and it will extrcat the files and install on th correct place automatically :)

Now is time for some nostalgia ;D
i reply again if i get ome other issues

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diegoliberal @ Black Mesa Part

Look for Izarc, is a file extractor just as winrar,7zip, etc. When you try to extract using it, it says : "Bad header file, continue to extract anyway?" Then you chose yes and is all done :)

My steps:
-Rename Part 1 to =
-Rename Part 2 to =
-Extracted using Izarc on file number 1 and it gave me another zip file called
-Extracted this another zip file ( using Izarc and i got the files, but with a header error and a sound file corrupt, and for some reason all the game is mute ...

Im downloading again u-u

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diegoliberal @ Perfected Doom 3 version 6.0.0

buddy i dunno why you got such low frame rate, i use it all the time (my fav gun) and i have no issues.

About the icon of sin, i just fought it :D !!!!!
It was AWESOME !!!
You fight it by the end of the game, on the hell levels, it is one of the 2 extra hell levels included ;)
The first being : Tower of babel
The second: Path of sin (where you fight the icon of sin)

^^ wish you luck fighting it, it took all my ammo away ._. ...

and bt...why the hell the baron of hell is harder than the bosses D; each time a baron of hell showed up i had to use god mode, whats wrong?! It stronger than all the bosses together, even ore than the icon of sin!!!

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diegoliberal @ Black Mesa Part

I found a way to extract that file but :/
It says zip header broken and one file is corrupt, a sound file.

And whn i play it is all mute excpt by ambience ounds... no talks, no ground-walking ssounds, etc... :(

To install is pretty simple, Extract everything, rename the root folder to "BMS", and put it inisd the folder sourcemods from your steam folder.

Like this:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\bms

But the issue with me is that i think my files got corrupted while downloading :( Im downloading again from torrent and playerattack website since both are a single zip file...

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diegoliberal @ Black Mesa Part

i did that, it gave me another file called .... and i cant extract this one... says "canot open it as a file"

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diegoliberal @ Quake "Epsilon" Build v2.0 - 12/05/2012

It's working here buddy :(
try again

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diegoliberal @ Perfected Doom 3 version 6.0.0

This mod is great ^o^
I feel like im playing a totally new game instead of one with some mods.
Doom BFG Editions didnt even came out and this is already kicking it's butt :3

Ahhh, btw...
Sometimes the double barreled shotgun just wont shot or just shots once, can you look into that? :(

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diegoliberal @ Quake "Epsilon" Build v2.0 - 12/05/2012

It worthed each second of wait until the download finished (5 Hours, slow internet :P )
It works flawless and with a soberb quality, i couldn't manage to put together all of that in all my time "modding" Quake/Doom.

It works in 60fps per second almost all the time on ultra quality.
I cant do same with the Doom3 HighRes stuff :(

Thanks buddy, now im fragging everyone in high-res >:D

And im going to download the other mission packs!

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diegoliberal @ Endarchy tweaks

Buddy, i have no words for what i played :D

I first ever heard of this project back in 2002 with Tenebrae, it was called Industri, i downloaded the demo and i got amazed for what was done, even i barely being able to run it cause such bad rig i had in that time!!

But suddenly i heard no news for months...then years...
And suddenly today, my gosh... i thought it was a hoax, i downloaded and i can't be happier *-*

Finally it was released :D !!!

Keep up the work on it, it looks very good and the feel of the game still same back in the old days with Q1 engine.

(fun fact is that i still have this 10-year-old build)

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