Formerly known as Delta289 for the almost 5 years I've been on this site. I'm a giant fan of Lord Of the Rings and Warhammer 40,000. I used to be really big into star wars but due to recent events my interest in Star Wars is pretty much spent. My patience just ran thin with the decreasing quality of stories coming out of that company and I no longer wish to be associated with any of it.

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I regreat to inform the fans of my stop motion animation series that production on Star Wars: Battle of Bonadan Part III has halted for the time being,due to an unfortunent series of family oriented events.

The reason for putting production on hold is that most of my lego models and movie sets are now on my bedroom floor in pieces. After an unforseen confrentation with another member of my family, the shelf containing most of my lego models was diliberatley tipped over and came crashing down upon the sets and props i had constructed for the movie. The official models can be salvaged and quickly reconstructed, however my custom models will take more time to rebuild. the reason being that i will have to reconstruct the custom models completley from memory.

regards, delta289

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