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Those who know me know that i am a massive Total War junky. I own every Total War game with the exceptions of the original Shogun Total War and Medieval Total War (the first one not the second one). Last year, after a successful release of Shogun II Total War Fall of the Samurai, a game that takes place in late 19th century Japan, Creative Assembly announced their next total war game. Seeing that Fall of the Samurai is the first total war game to take place in the lat 19th century and its the first total war game ever to feature, steam ships, railroads, breach loading rifles, and Gatling guns, EVERYONE thought that the next total war game would continue with this theme, either a Game taking place during the American Civil War, Franco-Prussian War, or other conflicts that shape the late 19th century.

However, after revisiting one classic Total War game, CA decided to revisit another classic Total War game, one that is probably considered THE BEST Total War game ever made. That game, my friends, is Rome Total War. Titled, Rome II: Total War, the game seeks to improve upon the ever popular Rome Total War with updated graphics, animations, and even an entirely new engine. The Total War games have evolved so much since the original Rome. Sea battles, improved diplomacy systems, addition of more seasons (in the original RTW, there were only 2, winter and summer) and many other things have been introduced to all Total War games that came after Medieval II Total War and it seems only fitting that Rome gets an update as well.

Can't wait for Rome: 2 Total War


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