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dejobaan @ Editors Choice - Best Indie Game

HOLY COW! I have an enormous, big grin on my face. :D I'm hollering at the rest of the team about it now. THANK YOU!

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dejobaan @ Marketing an Indie Game on a $0.00 Budget - Part 1

We're launching on the 3rd?

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dejobaan @ Some Interns are Like Monica Lewinsky; Ours are Sexier

Ooh! I think the ModDB team put in red and blue highlighting for Tamlyn and Ryan. We love ModDB!

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dejobaan @ AAAAAAaaAAA Error

That is a very ugly error. We are, however, fixing it. Now. At 2:06am EST. One quick fix is to turn off UAC in Vista.

But you didn't hear it from me. :)

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dejobaan @ The Name is Cool. The Graphics SSSUUUUUCCKKKK!!

You bet!

- Absolutely Nothing: Select this, and you'll take nothing with you on your jump. Absolutely nothing! Go play Wheel of Fish. Go on.

- Multipurpose Do-Nothing Jellyfish: Your grandfather gave you a rubber jellyfish before he was arrested on charges of distributing pornography inappropriately. Does it help you fly? Does it help you fall? Everyone knows what it does -- it squeaks when you squeeze it (press the left mouse button). That, and it has a keyring that's just loose enough so that all your keys fall off of it. That's what it does. But nobody's sure what it does.

- Optical Fiber Fibre "Flip-It" Glove: These glow-in-the-dark gloves (again, strontium aluminate -- thank you, and remember to tip your waitress) are perfect for when you're passing spectators. Simply flip them off (press the left mouse button) as you pass by, and they'll be shocked enough to write a letter to the FCC about how kids today lack all manners of respect.

- 0.9 Megapixel Camera: "Magazines will pay top dollar for snapshots of interesting advertisements with your crappy camera. This is a crappy camera, and you don't even have it. Yet."

- Autarch Magnum Lite Beer: C2H5OH. There's currently a world record of 20 successful jumps while drunk, held by Carmen "Donkey Rage" Andrews, may she rest in pieces. 0ity has promised you a case of his best, if you can hang for 120 seconds without using your parachute.

On that note, I'm going to sleep. ;)

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dejobaan @ Alpha Test Video #2

Aw, nuts, I meant to mod that up. I'm a klutz, I tell you! :(

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dejobaan @ Aaaaa! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

Thanks for the kind words! They warm my heart and my loins.

> Will there be a story mode XD awesome idea, tracking.

Hopeful answer:

> how can i download this game?

You can! Just wait for us to do the public alpha. Please!

> Can you say us a period of time it will release??


> jump game hmmmmm good idea is multiplayer or single player

I'd love to do a single-player game followed by multiplayer. I would, eventually, like a game where you can punch the other players, but all that does is make them laugh, because they're wearing about 50lbs of protective gear.

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dejobaan @ Dejobaan Dev Diary Session 1 - Aaaaa!

Thanks for the kind words, all. :)

> A6 or A7?

A7! Though I haven't touched shaders yet, because they exploded in our last game. :) Soon. <crosses fingers>

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