Not much to say...I can be reliable with drawing stuff and I'm still learning/teaching myself how to make games and whatever. I won't drop some crappy fail on making one on ModDB so no worries xD Once I think/start making something that even seems close to great then I'll post it.

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Assassin's Creed III Uplay rewards?

3 years ago by deathreaper180 3 comments

Well as some/or most people might know ACIII is coming out this October before Halloween. I was just thinking to myself, "Damn I hope there's some good Uplay Rewards for this game when i get it." Because It would be so nice to be running around as Altair/Ezio for a reward. Feel free to give some thoughts about what you may think would be cool rewards I know I will xD

Game Making help

3 years ago by deathreaper180 2 comments

I've been thinking about starting to make my own game for the PSP. Of course I really wont do much until next year for that's when i start taking some classes for this kind of stuff. I would really like it If maybe i could get some "serious" ideas because I don't want to be another Super Call Of Warfare Advanced Portable 3D guy posting lame ass shit all around moddb. I'll probably start with some concept art if it looks pretty good around now so I can post that at a later date. I'm really thinking about doing an RPG/Strategy or a Shooter styled game for the PSP. Or I was thinking of just making some sort of a spin off game from one of the titles that are out around now (like a Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed for example).

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