Just an amateur game designer who likes cooperative FPS. Known best for a single player map pack called "Skyscraper" for Quake 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, and Doom 3 versions. Check webpage for more information. If webpage cannot be found, click it again or try back later.

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Deadmeat1971 Jul 1 2015, 10:04pm says:

There is a readme section for setting up a cooperative server which I created if interesting. Also, I have also enclosed a modified pk3 to eliminate the facehugger glitch. It was strictly modified for cooperative multi-playing. Just read the readme first before downloading the zip. I thought this would helpful for those who's into multi-playing. It's located midway on the link. Known as Aliens.zip.


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Deadmeat1971 May 25 2013, 9:07am says:

From time to time, if interesting, I would setup a server for both SniperModV2 and V3 installed (to be used with Assault Coop beta 3.0). Check Addons for further details. These mods contain campaign maps, ac_Steam, ac_Regulator, ac_Control, ac_Rebellion, and ac_Archive. Unfortunately, they can only be used as 'listening' server. Setting up as a dedicated server cannot be possible.

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Deadmeat1971 May 7 2013, 11:20pm says:

I'm not FlameKnight7. I modified these maps on my own (by studying as much I can on the .CRY files which FlameKnight7 provided in the beta 3.0). The letters 'ac_' are there to separate my maps from FlameKnight7 if he decided to finish the campaign (mod). So at this moment, I do not know the answer for FlameKnight7's intentions. What I can tell you is that ac_Archive and ac_Rebellion are campaign maps. I have also converted some previously in my SniperModV2, ac_Control, ac_Regulator, and ac_Steam. You may want to check out Mixer's "Contest Island-Invasion" as well which has his own COOP campaign maps (Catacombs, Dam, Factory, River, Swamp, Volcano, Training, Carrier, etc.). I have created this SniperModV3 to experience the best of both worlds (FlameKnight7's and Mixer's). Enjoy.

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Deadmeat1971 Oct 16 2012, 7:09pm replied:

I'm still enjoying this mod. A matter of fact, I have converted three campaign maps (ac_Steam, ac_Regulator, and ac_Control) to continue after Bunker. You can check them if you like.. It's referred as the "SniperModV2" under addons. I did a small video on YouTube showcasing how to setup and such:


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Deadmeat1971 Aug 1 2012, 7:25pm replied:

If you behind a router, open your ports between 49001 to 49010. That's how I solved my issue. I hope this helps..

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Deadmeat1971 Aug 1 2012, 7:21pm replied:

Make sure you friend has the ports opened if he's behind a router. I had the same problem myself. The ports for Far Cry I beleive is between 49001 to 49010.

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