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dave_5430 Apr 25 2015, 8:51am buried:


Oh, look, the maps that got you kicked out of (G)Zdoom forums!
You cocky little ****!

-10 votes   news: BD v20 Trailer
dave_5430 Apr 22 2015, 6:43am says:

Wow, you guys are really running out of money for **** projects quickly, aren't you?

+2 votes   media: Black Market Playing Cards
dave_5430 Apr 14 2015, 7:53am says:

Still not going to be as good as TAZ =3

+1 vote   news: Development update
dave_5430 Apr 5 2015, 5:56am says:

Seriously, fix your russian **** already and include an English installer option next time.

+1 vote   download: Shoker Weapon Mod v2.1 (11 April 2014)
dave_5430 Apr 3 2015, 6:27pm buried:


Did you make the gameplay any more engaging than a long walk down a 'spooky scary' mirror maze?

-9 votes   news: Alchemilla 1.1 is ready!
dave_5430 Apr 3 2015, 6:23pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Shoker Weapon Mod
dave_5430 Mar 23 2015, 7:18am says:

Now if only the mod was any logical, or good... hmm...

+9 votes   media: MISERY is a brutal mod
dave_5430 Mar 17 2015, 8:38pm says:

What the ****? Wasn't this a STALKER port?

Whelp, one less game to track.

Good luck in your future endeavours.

+10 votes   game: SURVENGE
dave_5430 Mar 17 2015, 7:15pm says:

Pixel shader 1.1 error.

Launched in R2.
Disable SSAO.
Installed kb2670838 (because you said DX11), while this is generally frowned upon by the stalker community.

Nothing works.


GTX 260, latest drivers.

Can play Pixel Shader 1.1 games.

+1 vote   download: Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP
dave_5430 Mar 17 2015, 7:13pm replied:

I didn't get it to work. Help?

+1 vote   download: Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP
dave_5430 Mar 17 2015, 5:40pm replied:

Also, I'm happy you are back, some of us got worried you jumped off a bridge after other Stalker modders dropped.


+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
dave_5430 Mar 17 2015, 5:38pm replied:

I'm aware, I also calculated ^THOSE^ using hit_power and k_hit.

There's no such thing as an armour system in SoC.

You can lower the hitbox damage, but...

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
dave_5430 Mar 6 2015, 3:58am says:


+2 votes   news: Next Up: Slavery
dave_5430 Feb 25 2015, 1:21pm says:

What is this, rust 2.0?

-1 votes   news: Bend dem' update
dave_5430 Feb 23 2015, 1:30pm says:

Hum, some of those objects seem 'fuel containing', so wouldn't a Molotov/grenade set off an explosion?

+2 votes   news: Update 2-22-15
dave_5430 Feb 20 2015, 8:57pm buried:


Have you guys decided to add gameplay to this mod yet?

-18 votes   news: Alchemilla - Major patch will coming
dave_5430 Feb 15 2015, 5:52pm replied:

And why is there such a difference between the 5.56x45, 7.62x51 NATO weapons, while all of the 9x39, 7.62x54, 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 weapons have exactly the same stats? I understand you might have better things to do, but now it's just more obvious this is all copy pasta'd

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
dave_5430 Feb 15 2015, 5:47pm replied:

Handguns would be:

Makarov/Tokarev (9x18/7.62x25) DAM 0.67
Beretta M9 (9x19) DAM 0.85
Five Seven (5.7x28) DAM 0.86
M1911 (11.43x23) DAM 1.45

Which, in my opinion, seems alright.
Except that the desert eagle uses .45 with the same stats as the 1911.
Which is stupid.

Also, speaking of missing ammo types, why do the german rifles and such use 5.56 or 7.62 ammo instead of their 7.92 counter parts which, mind you, are already in the game? You even have the code for these rounds available!
I mean, I know half of this was carbon copied out of LURK and the likes, but at least use the same ammo types if you got them anyway?

Also your mp445 still uses SW40 rounds, which you didn't add to the ammo list.

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
dave_5430 Feb 15 2015, 5:44pm replied:

So, I just spent the previous 3 hours putting every weapon, ammo and attachment combination into one big spreadsheet, and I figured out that the damage outputs are absolute bullhonkey.

I would understand if there was some sort of RPG like upgrading going on, but these things are all messed up.

As it currently stands, the (AVERAGE) level of progression based on weapon category, ammo type and average category damage would be:

AK47 (7.62x39) DAM 0.82
AK74 (5.45x39) DAM 0.98
FAL (7.62x51)DAM 1.08
M4 (5.56x45) DAM 1.10
SVD (7.62x54R) DAM 1.20
Groza (9x39) DAM 1.24
L115A3 (.338 Lapua) DAM 2.85
Gauss (Gauss) DAM 6.40
Mossberg (12 gauge) DAM 6.68 C. ~ 2.90 slug
M79 (.50 Cal) DAM 40.88

Naturally, I can forgive the 7.62x39, as it's the starter area weapon range.

However, 7.62x51mm NATO MARKSMAN rounds? Hell no! That **** takes half your body with it when it tears it's *** through your system. Plus it has a low mag capacity.

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
dave_5430 Feb 15 2015, 10:46am says:

I'm sorry. I picked this mod up again and, although I am still relatively enthusiastic for a new update, answer me this:

In what universe is a 20-gauge buckshot spread more efficient at 150 meters than a 7.52x54mmR headshot to a kevlar clad, no-helmet wearing soldier?

Adding to that, since when did the 7.62x39mm round become so useless at short to medium ranges, barring overpenetration?

Does anyone here have a fix to some of these unrealistic weapon ballistics?

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
dave_5430 Jan 26 2015, 2:17am says:

This is more of an 'art project' than a 'game'.

The concept of it being a 'game' would mean that it includes failure states.

Which it doesn't.

In theory, this is just a 'spooky scary skeleton's haunted house' version of Dear Esther.

Despite the amazing work on assets, textures and scripting, I can't plow through this game on atmosphere alone, not even if I love Silent Hill.

0 votes   news: Prepare for your nightmare! Alchemilla is out!
dave_5430 Jan 23 2015, 7:24pm says:

Doom 1 E1M1 has the title screen song mixed in
Title screen is actually ... whatever.

+2 votes   download: Ultimate Doom I and II Metal Rededited
dave_5430 Dec 17 2014, 1:37pm says:

******* ads.
**** this website.

-3 votes   news: NEYA-7 - December Updates
dave_5430 Dec 4 2014, 12:18am says:

If I had to believe the many visitors on the many websites, you would have received more downloads, traffic etc., if you kept to the original game plan. Downloads doesn't mean happy users.

That's all I'm willing to say, as a follower of this mod since the very beginning.

+6 votes   news: FAQ for MDT
dave_5430 Nov 16 2014, 6:56am says:

**** these goddamn 3 minute long ads.

+1 vote   media: NEYA - 7 WIP Video (Living World)
dave_5430 Oct 20 2014, 6:00am replied:

Doesn't work on my w7 64-bit edition.

+1 vote   game: Codename: Outbreak
dave_5430 Oct 6 2014, 1:31pm says:

I currently have the 32-bit steam version here on my google drive.

Also not sure if I edited this to actually work fully on unzip...

Not sure if it'll last long with loads of traffic but I suppose we'll find out soon.

+1 vote   download: RavenShield 2.0, Steam
dave_5430 Oct 5 2014, 7:31am says:

Is this a reupload of sorts? I had this thing on a separate server for a while now.

+2 votes   download: RavenShield 2.0, Steam
dave_5430 Oct 3 2014, 3:55pm says:

Oh, ****, that quick already? I wasn't read for this.

Next paycheck I'll pick it up asap.

+1 vote   news: TinyKeep launch + full extended trailer
dave_5430 Sep 28 2014, 7:49am says:

I ******* knew it.

The balls on these guys.

+7 votes   news: The next step for L.U.R.K.
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