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DarthValer @ The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

I solved the problem with "Fixing droids". Thanks again :)

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DarthValer @ The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

All right, I'm gonna check it out.
This is the part I spoke about:
The Exile had the option of killing Vash here or agreeing to meet her on Dantooine with the rest of the Jedi Masters.

Darth Sion, who discovered the Exile's location, went to the system and seemingly killed the Exile. On the Ebon Hawk, the main characters spoke of what will now happen to the galaxy. Kreia stated that now that the Jedi are exterminated, the Sith will betray each other.

On Darth Nihilus's ship, the Ravager, Sion confronted Nihilus claiming that he was the more powerful now that the Jedi were no more. [...]

Some time after, T3-M4 reawoke the Exile, who was not dead after all. They returned to the Ebon Hawk and left M4-78.

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DarthValer @ The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

I have a problem with a quest on M4-78.

"It's 'Fixing Droids' in particular. After having talked with the droid near the landing area I went to the Black Market Droid who offered me the legs for 3.000 credits. I refused, hoping to find any during eventual carnages. Now that I've restored M4-78, the black market droid wont' speak with me, but I've got no droid legs and have already searched through all the planet. Have I lost something or it's a bug? I don't want the quest to stay in my journal.


Furthermore, I've read on Wookiepedia that Vash should have survived M4-78 and that the Exile should have been ambushed by Darth Sion, causing a discussion among the fellowship of the Ebon Hawk and triggering the Darth Sion vs Nihilus cutscene. Have I misintrepreted it, did you lack raw material to restore the original idea or did you deliberately change it?

Anyhow, the M4-78EP was a wonderful mod. The difference with the other planets is tangible (also given that I dislike the droid-focused setting) but it still feels like it belongs to the game itself and its "historical" value is more than enough to make it extremely enjoyable. And in the end, Lonna Vash has proven not to be the shame of a Jedi she seemed to be in the vanilla game. Perhaps something even worse :/

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DarthValer @ M4-78 Enhancement Project

Is it me or this download is unavailable? I'm trying on Deadly Stream, but the speed is as slow as it could be (5kb/s).

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DarthValer @ The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

Even though these trivialities I've found the mod very accessible and have finished Dantooine and Nar Shadaa. Now, some questions:
- I've read that my savegame will be completely compatible with the next update if I do not go to Korriban. Is that the only requisite?

- Plus, where would you place the new planet in an ideal chronology, whereas the main aim would be to experience as much content as possible (comments by the companions, side-quests triggered by the satisfatcion of extra-planet conditions and such)? I, for example, am following the canon-path suggested by Wookiepedia (Dantooine, Nar-Shadaa, Onderon, Korriban).

- Will Lonna Vash be featured in the game after the next update? I've always hated the way she was treated in the vanilla game and I hope to know her better, she seemed to have much potential. :(

Thank you so much and keep up with the good job. I didn't expect that in 2012 there would be still such a mass of Kotor fans and even two huge mod at work (RoR)... What can I say, May the Force be with ye.

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DarthValer @ The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

You are the most bestest in the world, I've been waiting for this mod for so much time that I lost hope, but I was happily wrong. I've already started a new game and devoured half the mod (and I must say that the restored content enhances the experience a lot, I would even dare to claim that it fills good part of the gap that made Kotor 2 uncomparable to its predecessor)

I wanted to thank you for the ease of the installation, which caused no problem at all, while I also wanted to report some minor bugs I've experienced that yet may be limited to my pc set:
- Sometimes the "Burst of speed" blur effect stays on the screen during cutscenes or non-main-charachter-led sequences even after the 36 seconds, making necessary either the deactivation of frame-buffer effects in the graphics menu or the utilization of the power in the game.
- On Dantooine I was unable to protect the main door during the battle with the mercenaries for after the first wave of enemies, the screen went black and wouldn't go any further so that I was forced to load a previous save and combat on the rear, where I met no such hindrances.
- A few random crashes and some issues with the keyboard that happens to be not responding in the game when I return to it after Ctrl+Tabbing it.

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DarthValer @ Edain Mod

I have several questions, I hope they're not completely useless, nor already asked:

1) Is it possible that Gollum disappears from the map, making the precious unavailable to the greedy ring heroes? (I ask it for it seems to have happened several times in my games)
2) Until now I've never seen the enemy purchasing a ring hero wielding the ring. When the AI gets the ring it seems it gets it back to the fortress and awaits there that someone else gets to take it. Is it a leak in the AI or was I simply unlucky?
3) Why doesn't the Rohan AI produce Peasants, Archers and Javelins? It just builds barracks in order to recruit catapults.
4) I've really appreciated Gandalf the Corrupted even though its speed makes him quite weak. I've not understood well, instead, what's the point with Gandalf the Blessed. He seems the same as Gandalf the White, he has some sparkling light around him but the rest is just the same as always. I've read that he heals the allies near him, but I think it's too little for the second most powerful being in the Middle-Earth wielding the One Ring that rules them all.
5) I was amazed when I saw what you made with the Armor Upgrade for Isengard, but felt a little of disappoint when I saw that the Weapon Upgrade mechanics were the same. Isn't there an alternative way other than making the enhanced weapons glitter?

I might have some other questions, but right now I can't remember them. Anyhow, I want to underline that I barely found a handful of criticisms amongst thousands of good points.

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DarthValer @ Edain Mod

Can someone explain me how come does the translation take so much time? I remember I came on this site long ago (many months), but the abscence of an English translation made me postpone the download. Now the temptation took the best of me and I'm really enjoying this mod, but I'm having a hard time understanding what this buff enhances or what that power does, and this kills a good part of the fun.

So, what is it that makes this translation so long to produce?
I have no intention to polemize, I just want a reason to shut the f4cK up and return sucking my mother's breasts.

Ah, I hope that sooner or later you'll add a basic Infantry for Rohan rather than just those puny peasants. Something like those cool troops that look like dismounted Rohirrim that I also saw in "LOTR: The Two Towers" videogame.

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DarthValer @ Edain Mod

Hi. I'm looking forward to playing this mod, but I'm reluctant because of the german language. I shouldn't have problem with an English translation. I do need to know what I'm doing in the game, not just clicking on random images hoping to make the good choices. Moreover, I hope that this mod is more balanced than the 2.01 Patch from RotWK. I switched to U2.02 and I find it very fitting. I'd hate to renounce to balance (which means fun) in order to get a deeper representation of the Lotr lore.
Anyhow, I wrote here just to make you know that one more fellow is here to hail your greatness and to await the English translation... :)

[I'm Italian, thus forgive me about the bad english. I massively used Google Translator]

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