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Darth_Saber Apr 27 2015, 5:04pm says:

Very impressive, Nomada_Firefox!

+1 vote   media: Tri-Schyte
Darth_Saber Apr 25 2015, 11:05am replied:

Step 1: Extract the zip file to a location of your choosing. Then select the data folder and use the right click context menu to select "cut."

Step 2: Go to where you have the mod installed, and open the mod folder. The folder you "cut" should be titled "Data." After you open your mod's main folder, you will see a folder entitled: "Data."

Step 3: While in the main window of your mod folder, with the folder "Data" clearly in view, right click anywhere on the screen and select "Paste." When asked if you want to replace the files already there, click "Yes."

Step 4: Delete any left over empty folders from the extraction process (Step: 1).

Step 5: Play the game friend, for you have just installed the patch!

+1 vote   mod: The Second Clone Wars
Darth_Saber Apr 23 2015, 8:31pm says:

Sweet charity!

+2 votes   media: Angel of Death
Darth_Saber Apr 22 2015, 5:05pm says:

Excellent work, the_Farseer; you captured the desired look and feel of the trooper very well. I look forward to using them ingame when they become available.

+2 votes   media: New Republic Trooper
Darth_Saber Apr 20 2015, 12:22pm says:

You create some of the best main selection screens of any mod I have seen, Nomada_Firefox!

+1 vote   media: 6.01b incoming
Darth_Saber Apr 18 2015, 9:34pm says:

Hmmm, it looks like those Sith walkers are equipped with twin concussion missile launchers, dual fast side laser cannons for infantry suppression, and one large laser cannon to combat vehicles. Totally sweet!

+1 vote   media: Hereby presenting: Ground combat
Darth_Saber Apr 15 2015, 4:28pm says:

Suggestion: Encode the Sith Emperor himself, and add Darth Revan as a hero acquired after the taking of the Sith capitol planet.

+2 votes   news: Hero List
Darth_Saber Apr 13 2015, 6:10pm says:

Is there a script, or do you want the voice actors to just go with the moment?

+1 vote   news: Looking for Voice Actors
Darth_Saber Apr 12 2015, 11:58pm says:

Юрий Гагарин былмужественным человеком зрения; мужчины , как он, ответственны за большую часть нашей первых рук Солнечной системы . Я надеюсь, что он имел большую жизнь.

Покойся с миром, товарищ!

+3 votes   media: Cosmonauts Day. Remember Yuri!
Darth_Saber Apr 6 2015, 3:54pm says:

Yesssss! I wondered when a mod would include this station!
Thank you, Barcuda13!!!!!

+2 votes   media: The Foundry
Darth_Saber Apr 6 2015, 3:48pm says:

Everything looks great, EmperorNiko!

+1 vote   media: She's looking good
Darth_Saber Mar 24 2015, 4:59pm says:

Sheer brilliance, the_Farseer!

Like you, I also think of the spotter droid as a near useless unit, particularly when their ability could have so easily been incorporated in with the artillery, and I wholly agree with your thoughts on the "artillery" aspect of the unit.

I look forward to using your preferred unit, and hope to see a patch with it included released soon.

+1 vote   media: MPTL
Darth_Saber Mar 21 2015, 12:21am says:

Wow, what a glorious battle, Jeroenimo!

+3 votes   media: Progress
Darth_Saber Mar 20 2015, 4:24pm replied:

Thanks, Jeroenimo; I keep track of many mods, and I thought the name might have been a typo, because the name is similar to the "Procurator" which I have seen in the Republic at War mod and elsewhere. I never knew that there was a "Procursator," but after your reply, I found this:

I love your rendition of it Jeroenimo, it is marvelous and I look forward to using it to crush my enemies.

+3 votes   media: Procursator new skin
Darth_Saber Mar 20 2015, 4:01pm says:

"Procursator?" Is it the same ship as the "Procurator," or it a new ship name?

+1 vote   media: Procursator new skin
Darth_Saber Mar 12 2015, 8:01pm says:

Good luck codeman99, and it is good to have you back.

+1 vote   news: I have returned...
Darth_Saber Mar 6 2015, 1:21pm says:

An excellent job on design and texturing, Jeroenimo!

+1 vote   media: Zenith Cruiser
Darth_Saber Mar 4 2015, 2:23pm replied:

I love the design and texturing, the_Farseer; your craftsmanship is always an awesome pleasure to experience.

+1 vote   media: Mz-8 Pulse Tank
Darth_Saber Feb 18 2015, 6:01pm replied:

Thank you for your kindness rkraptor70. Perhaps events will order themselves about soon, and the team as one can bring the mod to a glorious completion.

+3 votes   news: All good ideas don’t have a happy ending.
Darth_Saber Feb 17 2015, 2:02pm says:

I am deeply saddened by your father's death rkraptor70; I lost my father on Dec. 3, 2014 to colon cancer. I was the only one with him at the time, and thus I know what you are going through. May God comfort you and your family in all things and ways sir.

Good luck in all that you do, gentlemen!

+3 votes   news: All good ideas don’t have a happy ending.
Darth_Saber Feb 12 2015, 6:34pm replied:

Happy Birthday, EmperorNiko!

+1 vote   media: Some Info
Darth_Saber Feb 5 2015, 1:52pm says:

This is the best and most detailed B-Wing fighter that I have ever seen! Beautiful craftsmanship, the_Farseer!

+1 vote   media: B-Wing
Darth_Saber Feb 2 2015, 8:53pm says:

That one on the right reminds me of Worf; this is going to be good...

+1 vote   media: Klingon Grenadiers
Darth_Saber Feb 2 2015, 8:51pm says:

Wow, that is a very impressive skull, the_Farseer!

+1 vote   media: Krayt Dragon Skull
Darth_Saber Feb 2 2015, 8:50pm says:

Beautiful job, the_Farseer!

+2 votes   media: E-Wing Escort Fighter
Darth_Saber Jan 1 2015, 7:12pm says:

Happy New Year, Stargate Modding Group!

+2 votes   media: Happy new year
Darth_Saber Jan 1 2015, 7:10pm says:

The shield renderings are awesome, Jeroenimo!

+3 votes   media: Some ships and their shield meshes
Darth_Saber Jan 1 2015, 7:03pm says:

Beautifully done, Jedi_Clone_X2!

+2 votes   media: Imperial Saber Guard
Darth_Saber Jan 1 2015, 7:01pm says:

This renovation is marvelous, the_Farseer!

+1 vote   media: Corran Horn
Darth_Saber Dec 15 2014, 4:52pm says:

Excellent work, Mogenar!

+1 vote   news: PvM update: 12/14/14
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