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DariusII Oct 4 2014 says:

I like when the bad guy gets out of the car and it loks like he's sitting on thin air. Did he just arrest Chris Angel?!

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DariusII Aug 18 2013 says:

yea, looking good.. but as the above two posters stated, the 1st person "animations" are non-existent. It looks as if the player is running around with a gun impaled in his stomache

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DariusII Feb 21 2013 says:

cool, i'm definitely getting it. I really enjoyed the demo. good luck guys!

+2 votes   news: ARASO PANDAN Launches “RED RUSHER” on February 25th, 2013!
DariusII Feb 15 2013 says:

This game is great! I really enjoyed it. When are you gonna rls the full version?

+1 vote   news: "RED RUSHER" Lite version released.
DariusII Jul 10 2012 says:

how hard is it to explain the "gameplay"? Why dont you put up a video of someone actually playing the game.. IF the game is that confusing to explain, I doubt there is any actual game to it. It sounds more like that old Dragon's lair game of the early 80s where you press a button and watch a video.. and then repeat the process every few seconds.

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DariusII May 1 2012 says:

best of luck man! Follow your dreams while you're still young. Working in a company is such a drag..

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DariusII Apr 14 2012 says:

Looks great guys! Can't wait to check it out. When is it going on pre-order?

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DariusII Dec 20 2011 says:

I concur.. VERY nice texture work on that rifle. Kudos.

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DariusII Dec 19 2011 says:

Guys, you gonna have a pre-order so people who pre-order can play the alpha? (ala Natural Selection2, Mimecraft, etc. )

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DariusII Dec 18 2011 says:

looking great guys! My only suggestion is to move the guns closer to the player view. They look really small. Or you can try changing the viewmodel_fov. Other than that, it's looking awesome!

Will you guys have drivable vehicles? That's the one thing I thought would have been fun to have in L4D.

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DariusII Dec 14 2011 says:

I can totally relate to this phenomenon you describe. I do a lot of animations myself in XSI and run into this problem of trying to focus on the main source of motion. I find it really helpful to be able to hide parts of the mesh (ie. arms) when i'm doing the first part of an animation. Do you not have this capability in your animation package?
I can't imagine doing my more complex animations with the arms obscuring the motion...

+1 vote   news: “You see blouse… I see breasts!” – Focus in Animation
DariusII Oct 14 2011 says:

whoever made these models deserves a popsicle...
with cream in the middle.

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DariusII Oct 14 2011 says:

cool! that's a neat trick, thanks for the tip.

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DariusII Oct 13 2011 says:

hey, how'd u get the lighting to look like tat on the flower pot and the bookshelf? IS that done using projection mapping?
I can get my walls to look like that (with a very high res lightmap) but I can never get my prop models to get that kind of lighting.

+1 vote   media: Introduction
DariusII Aug 29 2011 says:

Thanks for sharing this guys. It was really informative. I wish more developers would share their development routine. It would save a lot of time for us newbies asking "How did they do that?"

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DariusII May 11 2011 replied:

I thought it was free too.. I guess you guys really are "Breaking the Rules"

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DariusII Apr 16 2011 replied:

btw, the animations look great. Are you using motion capture? or did you animate that by hand. It looks really well done.

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DariusII Apr 16 2011 says:

Looking good! I really love what I'm seeing from this game except one thing. The proportions for the characters seem really odd. Their arms look too short. It looks really odd.. like their chickens.

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DariusII Nov 11 2010 says:

Wow, I just heard of this game.I can't believe it fell off my radar for 2 years. It's amazing how a game with such high production values can go unnoticed by some people (such as myself). Great to see it now.

+1 vote   news: Picture of the Week
DariusII Nov 9 2010 says:

looks good so far. Really dig the M79 animation. Nice and smooth. You may want to check the dimensions on the hand model. That thumb looks freakishly long. I'm sure many a basketball player would be jealous of such long digits.

+2 votes   news: Media/Status Update
DariusII Jul 1 2010 says:

really great work guys. Keep it up. If I can make 1 suggestion. Ease off on the motion blur. It looks really excessive and only someone who's had 20 beers would have their vision that blurry.

+1 vote   news: Thievious Work In Progress Update 5
DariusII Jun 29 2010 replied:

This pic is awesome..

Hansel: "You can DERELICT my balls"

+1 vote   media: The Derelict
DariusII Jun 28 2010 replied:

Mad Dog Mcree

+1 vote   news: Red Gun development announced
DariusII May 2 2010 says:

Really appreciate the informative tech posts. I never knew exactly how this was done in games, but now I do. One problem that I see in games (even current ones such as MW2) is the problem with screen overdraw when you have several large sprites overlap each other. For example, when someone throws a smoke grenade in MW2, the FPS will drop considerably as the player gets closer to the smoke clouds.
Source engine games alleviate this by actually putting a grey overlay on the screen and not rendering any smoke sprites that are too close/too large on the screen. It's kind of a hacky method but it works decently enough.
Do you guys have a system to combat overdraw of alpha sprites when too many of them overlap and fill up the screen?

It's funny how video cards have advanced so much over the past decade allowing us to spit out more and more fancy polygons, but the problem with rendering overlapping alpha sprites is still a big bottleneck for video cards.

+10 votes   news: Soft particles
DariusII Feb 5 2010 says:

didn't the original BF2 have leaning? Why would this feature be removed?

They removed leaning from MW2 (when it was in Modern Warfare1). Was it considered cheap tactic?
I guess some people were abusing it...

+1 vote   news: Project Reality v0.9 Released!
DariusII Dec 14 2009 says:

great job getting a working beta out. I played it for an hour without any crashing. You did a something 90% of mod developers couldn't do, which is release a fairly stable first BETA. I hope it grows from here. Here's some feedback from me:
- Please add some kind of visual feedback or aural feedback when you hit a player. It's really hard to tell if I did any damage to my enemy. The blood sprites are very hard to see at medium - long range. Adding a sound effect that plays on the attackers machine (like Call of Duty) will really help. If you really want to impress, add some flinch animations to really give players that satisfaction of hitting someone.
- Please add a bit more jetpack juice. I think adding 50% more will allow players to really try some cool things with the boosting and probably won't cheapen the gameplay too much.

Really love the gun animations and sound f/x. You guys did a really good job in that area. It's very satisfying seeing them in action.. but again, if you could do the same for player damage, the game would be even more satisfying.

Good luck.

Oh, and I wasn't getting any FPS issues.. that others were complaining about

+3 votes   news: Orion Beta 1.0 Released!
DariusII Nov 18 2009 replied:

Parallax maps only look good if the protrusions aren't extreme (ie. similar to bump maps). You'd get massive stretching, not to mention the fact that trees have empty spaces IN BETWEEN the leaves which is impossible to emulate with a parallax map. The tree would look like a spiky mess.

+1 vote   news: Xtreme plant optimization
DariusII Nov 17 2009 says:

I think Speedtree has the fastest/best looking implementation of foliage. Each of the leave elements are ALWAYS oriented to face the view. This gives the trees a very full bushy look.
Mind you, this doesn't work with all trees as some trees are naturally more planar (eg tropical trees).
We do a lot of foliage in our game and it's a pain in the *** getting them to look good while keeping the polycount down. I'd recommend going the speedtree route (ie. making each leaf element a sprite facing the camera) for the majority of your trees.

+1 vote   news: Xtreme plant optimization
DariusII Oct 20 2009 says:

and yea, not having dedicated servers seems to be an odd choice. Listen servers put a huge load on the host and you'd need a beast of a machine to host a decent game with more than 16 players. The only servers I join when I play CoD4 are dedicated servers. I tend to avoid listen servers like the plague because they're unreliable as the host can drop whenever he decides to start whacking off to porn

+2 votes   news: MW2 getting no modding love? ** Updated
DariusII Oct 20 2009 says:

I'm a big fan of actual custom mods that take the time actually change the game experience by providing new graphics and substantial gameplay changes. The kind of mods that require a client download.
I hate the server side plug in mods because everytime i join a different server, I have to get accustomed to the changes they made to the accuracy, firepower, run speed, etc.. I know I can just join a pure server but it seems the majority of servers are running these server side plugins and it dillutes the number of good servers I can join. Just recently, my favourite CoD4 server starting running a plugin and now I have to adjust my playstyle to it, or find another favourite server to play on.

+2 votes   news: MW2 getting no modding love? ** Updated
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