Lead Concept artist for the Angels Fall First Universe. I have been known to dabble in 3d tho.

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Daemoria Jul 15 2014, 12:52pm replied:

When I was tasked with this design project I was mainly trying to establish several distinct feeling styles. Each of those 5 designs just serve as a nucleus for the entire fleet.

Just curious if you are saying that these designs in general need to stand out, or just the last 3 styles.

Thanks in advance for clarification.

+2 votes   article: The Human Condition
Daemoria Sep 3 2012, 9:49pm replied:

If that were the case I suggest replacing the current textures with some nice default shading. take a look on how people present untextured models on the polycount forums.


that thread link is a good example of displaying untextured models for critique.

+1 vote   article: BlackSoul - Some Other Weapons
Daemoria Apr 16 2011, 11:28am replied:

standalone game. built using the UDK

+1 vote   media: Planetstorm Environment Art March 2011
Daemoria Apr 16 2011, 11:27am replied:

this is going to be a standalone release, no need to purchase unreal tournament 3.

+1 vote   article: AFF Planetstorm News, April 2011
Daemoria Apr 6 2011, 1:57am says:

i couldn't hear any thing. D:

+1 vote   media: HW1 Raider Chatter
Daemoria Mar 24 2011, 7:53pm says:

shame about the seam splits unless you have some way to hide those, normal maps will be where you'll get your detail from.

hopefully the techheads at Epic fix that up in the future.

+1 vote   media: DX 11 Tesselation
Daemoria Mar 14 2011, 11:59am says:

Montages make everything better/faster. :D

Do you plan on removing the terrain from the screen if it is occluded by a shadow?

+1 vote   media: Alpha 5: shadows iteration montage!
Daemoria Mar 7 2011, 8:22pm says:

Dat specular bloom. *sunglasses... on* :]

+1 vote   media: Dat Ass... >.>
Daemoria Mar 1 2011, 2:29am replied:

no, we hate art. bleh get it away from us! it burnssss.

but for serious..this is some nice work. does 'spoony' have a website of more work?

+1 vote   media: Sidewalk Chat (Gillian + Metal)
Daemoria Mar 1 2011, 2:24am says:

Those are some nice animations, the steady walk with the gun at the ready was probably my favorite tho. Did you you use mocap data, or CAT animation for these?

doh,default animations..didnotread. Anyway, nice music. :D

+1 vote   media: Snatcher Mod - Gillian Seed WIP Test
Daemoria Feb 12 2011, 2:52pm says:

so very cool. this is a very tight little game you've put together, very fun too. :]

+1 vote   article: Goblin Camp v0.14 Release
Daemoria Feb 12 2011, 2:50pm says:

I'll have to mimic the others in saying that the cutscene looks gorgeous. Very nicely lit.

+1 vote   article: Assault Dropship
Daemoria Feb 10 2011, 9:12pm says:

nice, not something i've seen in a video game yet. kudos for being original.

+1 vote   media: WIP02 - Character concepts
Daemoria Feb 10 2011, 9:11pm says:

I think their clothes could use some more color. I know the thought behind them is something along the lines of 'sneaky buggers' but in some lighting, they'll just look like a mass of black, not very distinctive.

more color, maybe mimicing their facial tattoos, more types of materials with different specular values.

+2 votes   media: WIP01 - Character concepts
Daemoria Feb 9 2011, 7:47pm says:

it looks like the normals are still a bit 'soft' on the edge of the fighter, the light bleeds over more than it should. other than that...amazing work!

+2 votes   media: Normal and Specular Mapping
Daemoria Feb 9 2011, 6:46pm says:

I was about to mention how similar this movement is to quake strafe jumping (hella fun times had there) ..and then the damn quake 1 insignia pops up. So i assume it was all deliberate. :D

+1 vote   media: WIP09 - Air control
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:39pm says:

*refering to the video 'game test1' *
moon walking is a feature, not a bug...right? :]

Tracking this, because that main character looks awesome.

+1 vote   game: Pirates Adventure
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:38pm says:

hahahaha, this is pimp!

+2 votes   media: Sketch Texture Variations (Work in Process)
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:36pm says:

Reminds me of that old board game, Candyland. Awesome work so far on the landscape. :D

+1 vote   media: In-Engine Screens
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:35pm says:

It would be better to display the in-game images at their intended resolution, or maybe double-resolution with nearest neighbor interpolation for the resizing algorithm. The over-scaled nature of these pics currently isn't very flattering.

+1 vote   media: In-Engine Screens
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:17am says:

i've been looking foward to this for some time now.

+2 votes   article: Playable Build
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:14am says:

I have to say that the tank doesnt follow any texture cues from the rest of the Kadesh race. Its much too simple, and the orange it uses as a primary form isnt present anywhere else on kadeshi ships.


maybe something more like the above?

+1 vote   media: Gardener of Kadesh
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 1:01am says:

I think you really should push the over the top powers of awesomeman with equally awesome weapons. Regular k-bar knifes are too plain and boring.

Maybe a machete, with live tigers as a wrist guard, stuff like that.

+1 vote   media: Knife
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 12:59am says:

this reminds me of an old mod involving a papercutout for some older unreal engine build. you had to avoid getting damp or your ink smeared, stuff like that.

in any case, interesting art style you have going here, i'll be tracking this.

+2 votes   game: Sketch
Daemoria Feb 8 2011, 12:56am says:

Hurrah for Jensen actually having some back-story! That dude with the arm-cannon is a douchebag tho, i look forward to using a GEP gun (or the DE:HR equivalent) on his face.

+1 vote   article: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Adam Jensen Trailer
Daemoria Feb 7 2011, 3:03am says:

Wanderer, you must take the soul stone to the hellforge..oh and watch out for sharks as well.

+2 votes   media: Be Stealthy when you steal treasure.
Daemoria Feb 4 2011, 7:13pm says:

that power armor design is nice. bulky without going to absurdity, while still looking like it has a fairly high freedom of movement.

+1 vote   media: Captain Thane Magnus
Daemoria Feb 4 2011, 7:11pm says:

Everything looks great! my only criticism i could add is that those weapons look awfully easy to drop, no straps or anything.

+1 vote   media: Cinematic + Gameplay Trailer
Daemoria Feb 3 2011, 2:08pm says:

haha, this reminds me of 'Army of Two' and it's brofist animation.

How much of a pain was it to set up working replication?

+1 vote   media: Multiplayer client sync WIP
Daemoria Feb 1 2011, 12:44am says:

Really nice track you put together. I can see the player running thru the abstract levels to that for sure.

+4 votes   article: Momentum - Weekly Update including a Video
Daemoria Jan 20 2011, 5:51pm says:

I am really liking the stark lighting and material direction you are using in these images. Keep it up. :]

+1 vote   media: Sky Test #4 (Color WIP)
Daemoria Jan 17 2011, 12:31am says:

thanks for releasing these tools to the community gratis. .dds exporter certainly looks useful, like you said.

+4 votes   article: OverDose Tools… For Your Own Use!
Daemoria Jan 10 2011, 6:54am says:

looks interesting. i'll be following this.

+1 vote   game: Abode In The Crown
Daemoria Dec 26 2010, 3:27pm says:

great job. I do wonder how you'll keep gameplay focused, but i imagine you'll have some interesting way to deal with that.

0 votes   media: Outerra Year 2010 Retrospective
Daemoria Dec 22 2010, 4:53pm replied:

delayed so it can be further polished. I see no downside to this, there have been too many games that were rushed to completion lately. Maybe Squenix actually wants to deliver a good game to the fans?

+1 vote   article: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Gameplay Trailers
Daemoria Dec 6 2010, 10:52pm says:

if you haven't already, you should consider showing your work off at the various gameart forums. Polycount, and gameartesians i can think of off hand.

I have too many projects of my own to help out here, sadly.

+1 vote   article: Now open for all positions!
Daemoria Dec 3 2010, 9:19am says:


+1 vote   media: Teaser
Daemoria Nov 29 2010, 9:13am says:

I wish i could help contribute to this mod, but my skills are generally in the 3d modeling and concept art department. Altho i did get a degree in animation, I didn't really enjoy it. >_>

but i will do some play testing... :]

+2 votes   article: Release date, mocap, and available positions
Daemoria Nov 24 2010, 5:42pm says:

i like the dodge move speed you went with. Very zippy, and the minimal amount of motion blur really helps sell it.

+2 votes   media: WIP06 - Slide and dodge
Daemoria Nov 16 2010, 7:14pm says:

daaamn this is looking good.

is there some degree of air control in the jumps, or are the posts sticking out of the wall always the 'correct' distance to jump to?

+1 vote   media: Smooth moves
Daemoria Oct 21 2010, 12:55am says:

i guess i'll just say it, i like that health bar alot.

+1 vote   media: Gameplay Screens
Daemoria Oct 21 2010, 12:51am replied:

sure looks like the udk to me. Even has the same scaleform ui, same link gun, oh...and all the same unreal 3 vehicle assets.

Daemoria Oct 21 2010, 12:48am says:

you sure have some talented artists. I love this suit design.

+2 votes   media: Soldier
Daemoria Oct 18 2010, 3:22pm says:

nice movement/weapon mechanic. If it was more obvious when people teleport, it'd be cool. Something like a interpolated blur from start to end point.

+1 vote   media: Concussion Blade Teaser
Daemoria Oct 12 2010, 9:31pm replied:

actually he was referring to creepers, the botched experiment in gene-engineering to create pigs on the minecraft ringworld.

+2 votes   media: forgotten images
Daemoria Oct 4 2010, 4:18pm replied:

ah, my mistake. I didn't go to the 'original image', instead I was relying on the shrunk gallery image.

+1 vote   media: Full graphics settings
Daemoria Oct 4 2010, 3:45pm says:

aside from the bloom/emmisive surfaces, what does full graphics settings change? it doesn't even look like you're using texture LODing between the 2 settings.

+2 votes   media: Full graphics settings
Daemoria Sep 22 2010, 11:58am says:

The lighting solution for these models make the textures look much too 'dirty'. I would suggest adding more light specific to them, or just increasing the light bounce from lightmass, so they match the nice bright concepts.

That said, very good modeling. I look forward to the finished textured models. :D

+1 vote   media: Work in progress - In-game renders of characters
Daemoria Aug 25 2010, 10:16am says:

For once, a space game where the ships dont look like crap! I love these designs.

+1 vote   media: The Solaris
Daemoria Jul 25 2010, 5:30pm says:

wow, that was a quick death...

+2 votes   game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Unreal Zone
Daemoria Jul 13 2010, 8:43pm says:

I love the iconic robot designs.

+1 vote   media: Nikki and the Robots
Daemoria Jul 13 2010, 8:43pm replied:

I'm pretty sure those are fast moving and in the background, the combination of which leads to the nice motion blur.

If they were razor sharp like the train car, it would most likely lead to screen tearing in those sections.

+1 vote   media: Nikki and the Robots
Daemoria Jul 12 2010, 4:16pm says:

This is sweet! You pretty much nailed the look from those early concept images.

+1 vote   media: June Screenshot 01
Daemoria Jun 29 2010, 6:41am says:

those orb drones are really fluidly animated. the camera also works pretty nice.

all in all, pretty good for an early prototype.

+1 vote   media: 8th Legion Explosion and Ragdoll effects
Daemoria Jun 6 2010, 5:25pm replied:


Just a little nip and tuck, and soon you too shall be tossing plasma bolts!

+1 vote   media: In-game screens (from console)
Daemoria Jun 5 2010, 1:50am says:

I have to say, for a screen shot, if that is what it is, it's amazing. Perfect concept art -> final product translation.

+1 vote   media: In-game screens (from console)
Daemoria May 29 2010, 5:51pm replied:

If land based levels are included, yes it could very well be in aff-2aw. Most likely it'll be some sort of ambient background for a loading menu type thing.

+1 vote   media: Undercity Landing Platform by ~Daemoria
Daemoria May 18 2010, 1:41pm replied:

what, you mean aside from 'Stalker' directed by Andrei Tarkovsky? :D

+2 votes   media: General Pictures 4
Daemoria Mar 17 2010, 4:44pm says:

I love the writing. :D
great job so far, this is shaping into something awesome.

+1 vote   article: Preliminary Conversation System Video
Daemoria Mar 3 2010, 4:15pm says:

cool tool :D

+1 vote   media: writing a turret setup editor
Daemoria Dec 25 2009, 4:36pm replied:

a **** game.

0 votes   game: breed
Daemoria Sep 18 2009, 4:10pm says:

Move all your Zig!

+2 votes   media: Swarm
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