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Millennium - A New Hope

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Millennium is the first episode of a series of 5 games, each time you finish a game you get very eager and excited to play the sequel. The story is marvelous, the music is perfect, beautiful graphics, great dialogs between characters and of course, characters who have been pass through meticulous work... each one of them with their own great personality. With great places to explore, lots of side-quests to do and great secret rooms with awesome rewards to find. Millennium is your perfect non-linear RPG to try.



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This is a fun game that it will provide you with more than 20 hours of unique gameplay and an exciting story. There's also a lot of extra features like hidden characters if you complete the game without touching the Healing Girl, the secret world called ''Gates of Hell'' and all. Appart from that, there are fun characters that will have you laughing the entire game, also full of references of movies, places and villains that I'm sure that everyone will like. :)