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Revival of Yugoslav Wars mod

crowhitewolf Blog
  1. Last time I did any news of this old hunk of junk was back when I was 14, so here it goes.

Since the last public release of the mod, three versions crept on servers generally seen among the balkan social networks on xFire. As this was probably my most ambitious project, I feel the need to revive it and give it a proper intro, outro and burial as I am now 20 years old and probably will not have any personal time left for this in the future. I will mostly be remastering what I already have available, but if people are able to and willing, I could use a lot of help! The very last version is yet again to be multiplayer only and there is a huge possibility of me obtaining an actual server for it.

Many thanks to those helping lead old mod, especially to two certain dudes:


His guidance, advices, work with porting the models, sounds, animations alone has made this mod more than possible to exist in the first place. I can surely say he did the most work here.


He was a big name here due to the fact his server hosting attracted humongous attention to the existance of such a project alone, no matter how many different servers (hosted by other people) later re-used the old mod versions.

Torr3, small mods that add modern weapons, translation mods etcetera etcera as credits to the rest of the people who's names I had forgot and will not be able to reach due to two things, two fatal things occurring while I was gone working on my ship:

The complete shutdown of FileFront and social xFire. I cannot even describe how many projects, screenshots, development notes and contacts have been lost due to it all. With their shutdown, the oldschool playerbase also shut down.

Now back to the revival topic. I have not had a PC of my own for a long while, not to mention a decent PC (since 2007). But I earned enough cash, and next week will see the beggining of the new mod version(s)!

So feel free to subscribe and stay tuned here:

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