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crowfish Jul 6 2011 replied:

We are wondering about it, did it get done, or was 2 years still not enough time.

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crowfish Jul 6 2011 replied:

we can see that your post was made in 2009, its now 2 years on and still nothing, its been a long few months away,lol.

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crowfish Jul 6 2011 says:

This didnt work, mod wouldnt load, wonder if its just too old and broken to work ?
All i got was bad texture for a load screen then it failed, kept saying that parts wernt there like it was broken, as the web site is in french to hard to find any proper information on how to make it work, wondering if its just me or are others finding this a bit to broken to be worth the trouble.
I'm not saying it dont look good, I just cant find proper instructions to make it work, do i need all the 3 parts loaded or just the morrowind base and the gate mod, see even this is a bit of info that i can do with ?

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crowfish May 3 2009 replied:

I don't mean to be critical, but I will, updateing the progress bar on your games site might be a good idea, its been at 61% for a very long time.

All looks good so far, since the site was revamped, I look at the site every 3 months to see if that 61% might have gone to 62% but still letdown.

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crowfish Mar 20 2009 replied:

Would be nice if that 61% was a bit more by now, as it's been like that for a while now.

Can you please update this to show the true percentage of completion.

I would like to beta test this when you have a release version, the french is a bit hard to understand for me so I cant sing up to any thing, would be nice to see something to sing in english.

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crowfish Jan 20 2009 says:

Wanted to register on the site but could not understand the language, maybe instead of writing it all in english, maybe just some pointers on the direction to sign up ?

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