Hey there. Im not to much of a modder but I do storyboarding every now and then. I have a knack fro coming up with characters and game ideas/stories all the time so if you need somebody to brainstorm with let me know. I also can do some alright voice acting if needed. Anyway thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of this page :3

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Crispy2theMAX Mar 19 2011 says:

Jesus the mod was a piece of **** anyway. From what you could do already was just run in a simple building that looked nothing like a school and shoot up civilian models from HL2 was a ****** joke. I dont think they really had any intentions on working on it so quit being butthurt that one mod went down. Most of those devs were probably /b/tards anyway so it's not like it matters. Just move on.

+9 votes   news: Why we removed the school shooter mod
Crispy2theMAX Jan 28 2011 replied:

Better watch out for that gay water >.>

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Crispy2theMAX Oct 28 2010 replied:

again....what the **** am I reading?

+4 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Crispy2theMAX Oct 27 2010 replied:

Well if you want to get an answer kid ya got to ask nicely. Also keep in mind that these people are working hard on the mod and also have a life. I mean ruMpel's usually busy slappin hos for his money or tripping on **** to make new ideas for stuff for his game. No but on a more serious note ya just got to be patient and polite and they will answer in time.

P.S: I dont mean to be a **** but practice your english a little more. I can understand the point you are trying to get sometimes but most the time I just dont know what the **** im reading.

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Crispy2theMAX Oct 26 2010 replied:

what the **** am I reading?

0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Crispy2theMAX Jul 5 2010 replied:

not saying it isnt going to be good but lawl fpsc

+3 votes   news: Campaign Screens
Crispy2theMAX Jul 5 2010 says:

fps creator ftw

+1 vote   game: Xarelok
Crispy2theMAX Jun 25 2010 says:

Nobody's playing this D:

Also you should think of adding a bot system

+1 vote   news: Ragnarok Arena Beta 1 Released!
Crispy2theMAX Apr 25 2010 says:

Alright well I see that theres no servers at all for this mod even though its pretty sweet. I created a hamachi network for any of you that wanna play whether you have a retail or cracked version.

Network: Cod4 Zombies
Pass: 123

EDIT: Ok lurking through the comments I found a few I guess but I still have the hamachi network up for all who want to

+1 vote   mod: Reign of the Undead - Zombies
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