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CorporalHicks Mar 16 2015, 11:47am replied:

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CorporalHicks Mar 6 2015, 2:48pm says:

Really good looking, mate! Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: AK-47 pack
CorporalHicks Dec 5 2014, 1:11pm replied:

Yes, tbh I can't play the vanilla CoP any more. I am so used to Misery so if I am gonna play CoP I would install Misery for sure.

Misery just improves the gameplay on so many levels that you can see it clearly and I don't see any reason to go back to the vanilla. Its not about the graphics at all, the nice textures are just a bonus, but the gameplay alterations and additions that I always wanted in the vanilla are now present in the Misery. Like the cooking feature, I wanted this sooo much in the vanilla but it the devs prolly forgot it or they didn't want the game to lean towards simulation much but I love semi realistic shooters so this was awesome addition. Thats just one example though. I'll have to write a book to describe all features in Misery and why they are good addition to the base game :D

+3 votes   article: FAQ for MDT
CorporalHicks Oct 1 2014, 1:12pm says:

I hope you have plans for Colonial Marine campaign as well :) I always thought that the DooM 3 corridors were amazing for xenos and marines ^^

+2 votes   mod: Blade Yautja
CorporalHicks Sep 18 2014, 12:33pm says:

Congrats man!

+2 votes   media: Congratulations
CorporalHicks Aug 27 2014, 2:47pm says:

Looks awesome! Thanks for showing this.

+1 vote   media: Russia 2028
CorporalHicks Aug 11 2014, 9:53am says:

The font can be better though. It may be better even if you just remove the Bold effect.

+1 vote   media: New UI Continued
CorporalHicks Aug 7 2014, 4:23am says:


+3 votes   article: Version 7 Features
CorporalHicks Jul 1 2014, 2:39am replied:

Yeah, my pic is showing A1. I always preferred A1 for some reason :D There's some old school vibe about it. Maybe its because I love the Vietnam war era.

+1 vote   media: Colt M16A2
CorporalHicks Jun 30 2014, 1:49pm says:

I think you should add the M16 as M16 + M203 variant being a unique weapon

The "mass" version should be the M4. Just my 2c ofc :)

+2 votes   media: Colt M16A2
CorporalHicks Apr 30 2014, 10:03am says:


+2 votes   article: Dragon Fin Soup Extensive 24 minute gameplay video
CorporalHicks Apr 4 2014, 10:06am says:

I can't wait for the game bro! You should post more videos playing some songs :)

+1 vote   media: Screenshot #5. Testing textures
CorporalHicks Mar 24 2014, 1:08pm says:

I hope we will be able to drive the rest of the vehicles too.

+1 vote   media: Darkness Return.
CorporalHicks Mar 16 2014, 1:02am says:

You should add some marines with sleeveless vests.

+1 vote   media: us marine
CorporalHicks Feb 6 2014, 2:33am says:

I wanted to try the mod but the first requirement is just way too high. 1 mil +.... I am making 15k+- per race. I need to win 80 (or so) races until I will be able to make my own team. Yeah no...

+1 vote   article: GRID - Life Career version 2.0 released!
CorporalHicks Jan 21 2014, 11:55am says:

Awesome work!

+2 votes   download: GAME GUIDE
CorporalHicks Jan 11 2014, 12:29pm replied:

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CorporalHicks Jan 7 2014, 10:55am says:

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CorporalHicks Jan 7 2014, 6:05am says:

This is gonna be glorious in coop!

+2 votes   article: Mars City Security WIP Update 12
CorporalHicks Dec 31 2013, 2:16am says:

It looks like Opel Kadett.

+1 vote   media: Angry 70s Coupe
CorporalHicks Dec 18 2013, 12:58pm says:


+4 votes   media: T3-M4
CorporalHicks Dec 17 2013, 1:32am says:

Whats the ETA of the Steam "version" ? Can we expect it in Q1?

+7 votes   article: Future contents for the mod!
CorporalHicks Dec 6 2013, 1:27am replied:

In this version they spawn for me at least. During the free roam I am seeing any special zombies VERY rarely but when some mission requires special zombie - its always there.

+1 vote   download: George Romero Mod T16 "Revival"
CorporalHicks Dec 3 2013, 12:32am replied:

Thats gonna be awesome! Is it necessary to start a new game for this option to take effect or I can replace the nospecialzombies files with the updated ones and it will be ok?

+1 vote   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown Update 1"
CorporalHicks Dec 2 2013, 8:44am replied:

Yeah man ;) I extracted just the Breakdown archive because I am not going to play the main story anymore so I never extracted the non BD archive.

+2 votes   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown Update 1"
CorporalHicks Dec 2 2013, 8:06am replied:

Strange. When I drive through zombies, my car gets smashed up, starts smoking and eventually blows up :D

+2 votes   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown Update 1"
CorporalHicks Dec 2 2013, 6:42am says:

Is it just me or NoVehicle Collision is not working!?

+2 votes   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown Update 1"
CorporalHicks Dec 2 2013, 2:10am replied:

Thanks! I hope you fixed the appearance of SZ even with the No SZ option enabled too ;)

+1 vote   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown"
CorporalHicks Dec 2 2013, 2:00am says:

Do you plan to release the Concept Artworks in high res? I really want to use some of them as wallpaper ^^

+2 votes   game: After Resetâ„¢ RPG
CorporalHicks Dec 1 2013, 11:58am replied:

Btw even with the NoSpecialZombies option, I am seeing screamers and other SZ walking around when I am driving through the world.

+2 votes   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown"
CorporalHicks Dec 1 2013, 11:38am replied:

I secured the problem! Its something with the option! The NoSpecialZombies without the extra ammo option is fine ;) I am sure you will fix it now after you know wheres the faulty item :)

+2 votes   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown"
CorporalHicks Dec 1 2013, 11:25am says:

Hey bro, sorry for the double comment but I am having a problem. My game crashes when I try to start it with more than 1 modification. Is this how its supposed to be? Because its kinda strange you know - I am trying to use different options that are NOT interfering with each other but the game still crashes. I never used this mod before because I wanted for Breakdown to try it out. I tried to use slow zombies + no car damage + no special special + more outposts, and as you can see they are from different categories and they have separate files for each other so there's no overwriting but the game crashes. Is this how it is supposed to be?

+2 votes   download: George Romero Mod T15 "Breakdown"
CorporalHicks Aug 8 2013, 4:55am says:

Great! Just keep adding more civilian weapons and stick away from the military grade. The MN is good choice because these days its very cheap and very common weapon.

+2 votes   media: Monstrous Monthly Media Release !
CorporalHicks Jul 19 2013, 2:38am says:

Those are not classes. Its just the position the soldier is taking in the unit. Besides that they are all the same - they don't have any advantages over each other. Its just more interesting way to say "You are taking role of soldier of the Fourth Reich, soldier from the Red Line and soldier from the Polis".

+2 votes   media: Metro classes
CorporalHicks May 18 2013, 9:30am says:

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CorporalHicks May 9 2013, 1:17pm says:

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CorporalHicks May 5 2013, 2:16pm replied:

That's a no brainer, yeah :D Its better to be in group in the Zone.

+2 votes   member: CorporalHicks
CorporalHicks May 5 2013, 11:51am replied:

Thanks man! I always were part of Freedom, since SoC : D I approve their beliefs at most compared to the other factions in the Zone. (besides Loners, which I don't count as full scale faction)

+2 votes   member: CorporalHicks
CorporalHicks May 2 2013, 10:07am replied:

I guess I am blind then.

+1 vote   media: Suburbs Preview
CorporalHicks May 2 2013, 3:23am replied:

Yes the car to the far right is bigger than the ambulance..

+1 vote   media: Suburbs Preview
CorporalHicks Nov 30 2012, 2:47pm says:

You should place the plants more "chaotic". In the nature nothing grows so perfect and to line up every plant like it was done in a factory is wrong, imo.

+4 votes   media: New Map WiP Fos_Paddy
CorporalHicks Jan 29 2012, 9:13am says:

Great! I can't wait to try it out in coop!

+2 votes   media: Short Gameplay Video
CorporalHicks Jan 27 2012, 2:20pm says:

I am not a big Snatcher fan myself but I am tracking this project since the beginning and I am so happy to see its grown up to become stand alone game! Keep up the good work guys, I can't wait to try it out!

+2 votes   article: Snatcher Mod Update! (Jan 2012)
CorporalHicks Sep 26 2011, 3:19am says:

Its better to create it this way - 1% whiskey = 1HP. Lets say the bottle have 20% (for 20hp) and you can use it anytime you want. I mean you just press and hold the button to drink as much as you want, and then when it reach zero to throw away the bottle. Your way with 1 time drink the whole bottle and throw it away idk... its somehow strange for me lol

+2 votes   media: The first health item, the whiskey bottle!
CorporalHicks Sep 16 2011, 6:04am says:

This looks sooo good! I can't wait to play it in coop!

+2 votes   media: Some gameplay on Hospital and Station
CorporalHicks Jun 23 2011, 5:45pm replied:

This, Im so sad now :( I expected Carmageddon remake for GTA IV. With the models and such..

+2 votes   mod: Carmageddon Mod
CorporalHicks Jun 22 2011, 5:05pm says:

Tell us some news about IC:V too guys :)

+2 votes   article: Red Orchestra 2 Release Date Announced!
CorporalHicks May 7 2011, 3:56pm says:

I hate this map in AvP 2. Its imba for the marines and its overall friendly for the preds.

0 votes   media: AvP2 Remake: A Lesser Fate
CorporalHicks Apr 21 2011, 10:13am says:

I want to see how the zombies will react to such a huge enviroment. I mean if the players are not spawned in the houses, but in the open the zombies have no chance to kill somebody.

+2 votes   media: bbs_Swamp
CorporalHicks Jan 22 2011, 9:47am says:

Cabin survival - always epic.

+3 votes   media: nmo_cabin Spotlight Images
CorporalHicks Dec 10 2010, 2:23am says:

If this is the main menu it kick ***.

+4 votes   media: Ticklish
CorporalHicks Nov 25 2010, 1:43pm replied:

Yea now it works for me too lol

0 votes   download: AvP Classic Redux R1
CorporalHicks Nov 21 2010, 2:44am says:

Woohooo I cant wait for the HD trailer !

0 votes   media: Pre-Release Demo Trailer
CorporalHicks Nov 5 2010, 10:18am says:

This is AvP 2 model, isnt it ? You can contact a user named Mad_Max_RW, he is creator of one great AvP 1 mod called Redux and he can give you all AvP 2 models for both marines and aliens, you just need to contact him and ask him. He probably will help you, so talk with him man!

+2 votes   media: ALIEN .mdl
CorporalHicks Nov 2 2010, 6:48pm says:

My advise is this - first try to import some alien or marine model, to see if anything will go right. If so, then go for the maps, everybody can make aliens maps, even there are some of them already made.

+3 votes   mod: Alien Swarm Aliens Mod
CorporalHicks Oct 11 2010, 11:30am replied:

Yes find a solution to this error ffs...

+1 vote   download: 11-99 Enhancement Mod v1.3
CorporalHicks Sep 1 2010, 12:10pm says:

Any news?

+1 vote   mod: BBQ C2
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