There isn't much to say about me, but I check ModDB frequently for my favorite mods, I enjoy modding as a hobby, and I like to dabble in many different activities.

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Google Conspiracy?

CoachShogun20 Blog 3 comments

I've noticed several things since I downloaded Google Chrome:

1. My spelling has improved thanks to the integrated spell checker
2. I can surf nearly twice as fast
3. I've been seeing more of those "Google pays me $100 a day!" ads.

Did I just start noticing them more often? Did Google just increase its advertising funds? Is it all just coincidence? Like Area-51 and the assassanation of JFK, the world may never know...

Killing Floor: First Impressions

CoachShogun20 Blog 0 comments

Just downloaded Killing Floor, and I must say its fun to play. Challenging too. I figured it was gonna be a camp-fest like in COD:WAW Nazi Zombies, but since the trader moves each wave, so do you. The inventory limits really make you think about what you have to choose. The maps are amazingly fun, but they take too long to get across since there's no sprint button. Switching to your knife speeds you up, but not nearly enough. I've yet to try multiplayer yet, because the only severs with people require passwords. Singleplayer is fun though, definately worth the $19.99 you have to pay now, and if you got it earlier then even better. I'll make a more extensive review later.

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