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0 comments by Clear_strelok on Dec 10th, 2011

Now it's sure, Stalker 2 was cancelled and the GSC Studio are dead. It seems that the the cost of developement and the failure to find an editor for the console version completely ruined the project.

Report abuse What do you want for christmas ? La la la la ! Hem...

0 comments by Clear_strelok on Dec 8th, 2011

No, i'm not dead. Not totally.
And you can expect some surprises for the next week.

Report abuse Merry christmas ! ( And a little bonus...)

0 comments by Clear_strelok on Dec 24th, 2010

Merry Christmas to all! As a gift (Ho ho ho) I show you the new menu for Call of Pripyat on which I worked hard in recent days. It is not really finished and still has some texture change ( Including the one I used for the SVD, it comes from a menu of beta Oblivion Lost but not perfect.) but the essential appareance is already here.

(Click to see in Fullscren )
Report abuse A little Artwork

3 comments by Clear_strelok on Nov 8th, 2010

I am currently working on creating a new NPC for Call of Pripyat, including two female characters that I did a quick sketch before you start creating the 3D model. I know it's not very beautiful but its just a beginning. ^^

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