Origionally worked on the half life 2 modification - Nightfall in 2006/07. I'm currently studying for a qualification in computer game art while I compile a more comprehensive portfolio. Some work examples can be found below, so if you're interested drop me a comment. Personally I dabble in all areas of art, but I'm more comfortable with building environment assets. Presently working as an artist on a modification called 'The Spire' for the Unreal development kit.

1 comment by clarky006 on Mar 26th, 2010

Waves to anyone who's reading

Just to kick this blog off, I'm Matt.

Hey ha, so yeah. I've been lurking here since 2006, long time I know. I've been involved in one big mod project in the past and have always taken game development seriously (with a giant pinch of fun sprinkles ontop of that of course).

I've been doing art for aslong as I remember; only recently being able to commit a majority of my time to really getting to know tools like zbrush and max properly (yes, they are my software lovers).

So to keep it short, the current project I'm working on is very exciting, mainly because the people I'm working with are also friends of mine, and are very enthusiastic about the design ideas for the game. Luckily I have the privalige and responsibility of art direction, so no doubt I'll be blogging my thoughts on updates or any community questions that may follow any media release.

So, hope to talk to you soon.

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