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CaptainKickass Sep 1 2013, 2:24am says:

Nice game, looks well done. I'm only having one gripe at the moment, and that's to do with the naming of drugs. This is what tends to get games banned in Australia, an irritating but understandable policy that we unfortunately have. The most annoying part is how easy an issue it is to avoid: Make up your own names for them. As soon as a drug is tied to a real-world drug by name, the game is beyond the R18+ category in Australia (and a few other countries) and we won't get to see it. But for me, it's more a case of originality. I much prefer to see a developer come up with their own name for them, because then you have something to tie it to the game. Even if it's as simple as "Phromine" or "Drelanol" or "Perfonerone", it's immediately more interesting than just wedging in the real drug. Give it some thought, I've been watching this game with interest for some time now and was very glad to hear it had been greenlit, I only want to see you go further with it ;)

+6 votes   news: Dev Log #21: Version released; also Greenlit!
CaptainKickass May 27 2013, 8:56pm replied:

Ah thank you, I didn't notice the golden doors. I'll get back to stabbin' then!

+1 vote   game: Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
CaptainKickass May 27 2013, 12:55am says:

Only played a couple of times so far, but each time I play I suddenly encounter some crazy level 10 vampire king or something and die in three hits. Should there perhaps be some safeguard to stop me encountering something that is so clearly out of my league? Seems quite fun until I ecounter that instant-death bloke :P

+1 vote   game: Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
CaptainKickass May 4 2013, 4:27am replied:

I'm another Australian here to chip in, the stuff shown so far is all very atypical of Australia. Pretty much all our terrains are adapted to dry environments. There's a lot of dry plains and dry bushland, there's a lot of eucalyptus trees, gum trees, paperbark etc. The majority of the country is sandy desert. Western Australia has largely red sand and dirt thanks to our high iron ore. I mainly live on the west coast, but I've traveled around most of the country and haven't seen an Ox so far. Certainly no Vultures and next to no deer (seen them in a zoo before, never out wild hikes or anything), and we don't really have log cabins. Any kind of "hut" you would find would be corrugated metal with wood supports. Swamplands are still populated with flora adapted to dry climates, as through our summer most of the country is deprived of any significant rainfall. Snow occurs in a few very small areas in Victoria/New South Wales, and potentiall bleeds a little into Queensland. It only has a chance of occuring during the winter, and is not regular. I repeat, the representation of the Australian climate is entirely atypical of an actual Australian climate. I do a lot of hiking and camping, and of the few small mountains we have, none of them are as dense and lush as shown in this game. The only game you are likely to find that you could legally hunt would be a rare cow that escaped a farm. Try to be a little graceful with the criticism, don't get defensive and instead ask yourself if the criticism has any basis, because I am confirming every one of Reiart's points.

By the way, you are aware that New Zealand is not part of Australia, and has an entirely different environment, yes? This game could actually be plausible if you renamed it to be New Zealand (though you'd still need to remove vultures)

0 votes   game: Hunter's Trophy 2 - Australia
CaptainKickass Jan 20 2013, 9:03am says:

Very creepy, I like these. I hope they spawn in clusters ;)

+3 votes   media: Nekkers
CaptainKickass Mar 13 2012, 8:18pm says:

Am I the only one getting freaked out by that reflection? Where is all that green coming from?!

+1 vote   media: Bastion Map
CaptainKickass Jan 19 2012, 11:08am replied:

Seeing as they just hired the guy that's developing cubeworld, I think it's more likely they may be taking on some useful development ideas from him.

+3 votes   media: Green jungle is green
CaptainKickass Jan 17 2012, 10:17pm replied:

We do look at both sides. While piracy is a serious issue, a law to ban the internetis no an effective solution. With this law, any website with any questionably copyrighted material, will be shut down. Youtube? Gone. Heck, Facebook could be gone. Any form of network where people share things would be gone. All in the name of saving the film industry, which they claim is being KILLED by piracy, while every study is clearly showing that the film industry is making over 10 times more profit than it was 10 years ago. Hardly 'killing' the industry. It is instead a desperate cash-grab by the film corporations, which gives america the power to close any website they want, even before any form of investigation is conducted. You simply have to be ACCUSED of having some copyrighted content, and your website is immediately shut down, so that a few months later they can begin n investigation to see if it should have been shut down or not, and whether they should be taking you to court or not. Lovely bunch, these filmmakers.

+2 votes   news: SOPA Protest – Websites Shut Down
CaptainKickass Jan 5 2012, 9:32am says:

I'm pretty happy with this new terrain, it just got a little too dull when they implemented the new biomes earlier.

+3 votes   news: Minecraft Snapshot 12w01a
CaptainKickass Nov 13 2011, 1:23pm says:

Are they going to spawn Star Vipers hehe

+1 vote   media: Space Structures
CaptainKickass Aug 26 2011, 3:50am says:

That is preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sweet

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
CaptainKickass Jul 26 2011, 4:37am says:


+4 votes   download: Remix Escalation 0.9 Beta
CaptainKickass Jun 18 2011, 9:05am says:

I like the AI, but I prefer actual AI over 'cheating' ai, as in the ones that get infinite money or just automatically have an income of 4000 regardless of having mining facilities. The AI shouldn't be able to do anything the player can't do.

+3 votes   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Jun 9 2011, 9:15am says:

Two bugs to report, firstly bombers, well CIS ones at least, show up as 'missing' in the casualties after a ground skirmish. Secondly, the enemy AI was having an issue getting heroes out, they all seemed to come out on exactly the same point and simply got stuck inside eachother and did nothing. It was right underneath an LA-AT gunship, and I did have one of those anti-repulsorlift buildings, they seemed to be caught in the middle of the hover particles which is pretty weird. Not sure what was going on with that.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Jun 6 2011, 12:53pm replied:

I know the vanilla AI used to money cheat, you could destroy every mining facility and the consotrium would have vengeance cruisers for the next half hour streaming in. I think RaW just has reeeeeeeally painful killer AI though.

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Jun 6 2011, 12:16pm says:

I think the problem is that while having this crazy beast AI may be fun for some, a lot of people really jut want to try out units, and need a lot of time to work out how effective they are against other units. But the AI just destroys them so they don't get a chance, from my programming experience it really wouldn't be that hard to actually create an 'easy' ai that isn't as difficult as the 'hard' ai from vanilla. Maybe give people a difficulty to mess around in and actually feel like they are winning, not just a giant deathfield. I'm just holding on in GC at the moment, it gets pretty intense. Love the mod, but I really think the ai could be worked to be more new-user friendly or something.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Jun 4 2011, 11:45am says:

well it's 15 minutes until the 5th now for me, so...

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Jun 2 2011, 11:28pm says:

Looks fantastic from what I've read, but I might add that whenever 'spread out' is in the manual, it's written as 'spred out'. I'm guessing that was just in the manual, not the game though. No biggie anyway, its great work

+1 vote   download: Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual
CaptainKickass May 21 2011, 5:28am says:

I leave for one second, come back......43 updates!

+3 votes   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Feb 12 2011, 1:45am says:

I did kinda hope this would come out before uni goes back next week starts eating all my time, but what the hey, so long as I'm getting quality assurance I'm happy :D

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
CaptainKickass Feb 8 2011, 11:55pm says:

Only thing bothering me is no hovertrains anywhere...didn't ANYBODY play shadows of the empire??

+3 votes   media: Ord Mantell Final
CaptainKickass Feb 8 2011, 11:52pm says:

for such a lab I will pay you all of my dollars!

+1 vote   media: Laser PhysLab
CaptainKickass Jan 29 2011, 10:28pm says:

Yeah, like the germans need another indestructible deathmobile :P

+3 votes   media: New model: Tiger (late version)
CaptainKickass Jan 5 2011, 2:46am says:

ord mantell had better have some god damn trains, so many mods do ord mantell but have obviously never seen Shadows of the Empire.

+2 votes   feature: RaW Locations (Planets) List
CaptainKickass Dec 8 2010, 6:39am replied:

Everything at the moment seems absolutely fantastic, I'm only looking forward to more ai, and more balanced ai at that :D I suppose the robotics general is my fav, but the fafnir wouldn't have been my battletech choice. I do totally understand about MadCat and Atlas being overused, I probably would've angled for a Maruader. Brilliant work nonetheless

+3 votes   mod: Remix Escalation
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