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Bram01 May 24 2013 says:

running the latest mod, on an intel i7 with 16 Gig of DDr 3 1600 ram and SLI Evga GTX 550 Ti cards,win 7 ultimate x64, it happened again just now, the game just stopped...Where as the Original HW2 had an auto save to resume, the mod doesn't, so you can begin all over again...quite frustrating isn't it rofl.
As I Always play 5 cpu against me all high settings (max units) the game becomes veeery slooow which only improves after killing 2 or 3 enemys....another point to improve is, when your crew unit is being destroyed and you achieved the rank of fleet admiral, it takes ages before you can even build 1 collector...after rebuilding the unit and all ranks and crew & officer cabins its takes about 5 rounds before you can build your first collector again. Strangely, when I destroy a bogey crew unit the building goes on as if nothing happened...bit strange eh..
Futhermore the separate battle unit research is over the hill as far as I am need loong games to accomplish this research.
Finally a very nice mod with nice units, I must confess I never use many of them as my aim is to get 7 battleships and a light shuttle as soon as possible, so I can commence destroying my bogeys 1 by 1.
I have still good memories of the time when we played Hw 2 online with teamspeak...lot to do in those days :)

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