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0 comments by Blur. on Aug 5th, 2013

If anybody is looking for a texture artist, hit me up or tell them that I'm looking for some generic work. I'm free. However, the models need to be of high quality and baked from a high-poly. I'm best at weapon texturing but can have a go at environments if that works also. It'd be great to see something of mine actually go into a mod. I don't always check my messages on Moddb so quickest form of contact would be through either Steam or my GameBanana profile. If you have neither, ModdB will suffice. I'd also want credit and all the basic requirements. On the bright side, you won't need to pay me.

Hope to hear from you.

Report abuse Um...yay?

0 comments by Blur. on Jul 18th, 2013

Vacation. Woop. Now to spend pointless hours on the internet. Oh how different this is from life at home. Now I'm just going to waffle on because apparently 300 characters are a must. Recently somewhat finished the M500. Some people are complaining about material definition. Meh. What else. Oh, I can't find more models to texture. I really want to get back to making videos. Problem isn't recording software or editing, it's more of the effort required and the fact that I have to install a skin etc. It's tiring.

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0 comments by Blur. on Jun 24th, 2012

I've worked on quite a lot before my summer and I certainly have improved over the time. I've learnt how to texture dynamically very quickly indeed and have had lots of fun in between. I also have had exams over this time and, to be honest, my only distraction was modding and music, but I did well enough. Results will be with me by August so yeah, that's a long wait. Anyhow, school results will be here by the 6th Of July. Contradicting to that is the fact is that I'm leaving on the 6th for holidays. So I don't even know how this is going to work out, anyhow, I'm just hoping stuff works out for me this summer and noting messes up. I really need to relieve some stress. Been real stuck up about my crush, can't figure out whether she likes me back or not. And I don't want to stress over it on summer. I'd ask her out but I have no fucking self-esteem. I'd be surprised if you had read till here, I've lost all my personality.

I'm just hoping stuff stays well over summer. If I get the balls, I'll do it on Monday.

Report abuse Hello there.

0 comments by Blur. on Dec 31st, 2011

I'm new here, although I have been lurking for a while. Not new to modding; been at it for almost a year now. Main the source engine, is what I mod. And, preferably CS:S. I've created multiple mods for the game over at game banana. The much more focused single weapon mod site. And, I'm new here, never used moddb as a user. I'm known as Blur, on game banana too. I'm already working in a mod with a few guys for Half-Life2. 'Attack-Day'. I guess I'm their texture artist, but, unfortunately, no new models are there yet.

I hope I have fun here.

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