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BlueGhost @ User Error

A slight correction, you do get permission 8 from port sniffer when you complete his tasks and talk to him, so the only one you can't get is permission 7. Of course, that still means a lot of archive bins cannot be opened, and their contents remain a mystery.

There's also part of the pentagon that has a force field you can't get through. There's probably nothing there, but it's still funny to see the switch on the wall and no way to get the permissions to open it.

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BlueGhost @ TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod

I have 1.0 as well, it's a blast to play with. I guess I was one of the lucky ones who just happen to look at the right time to get it. One comment I'd like to make after seeing the video is can there be two options for all gold? Having played with 1.0 it is nice having gold versions of all of the weapons only and you still have to go to all of the bins and get the stuff you wanted out of it, and still have to seek out the optimizers, and if done right, you end up with gold everything with a few optimizers to spare. I understand some people like to be uber powerful from the beginning, but there are those of us that enjoy playing the game and getting all of the out of the way things. =] I know I 'could' still go to the bins and access them, but I'm lazy, I won't if I don't have too. Using the code to get gold weapons is proof of that ;P Also the whole getting 100 points to spend on yourself is cool. I've been using cheat engine to do something similar giving myself 37 extra points at the beginning so that I have all 5 maxed out when Jet reaches version 9.0.0, that way you can actually enjoy everything for a short while. Just my two cents. Thanks for the hard work on this and user error guys, keep it up.

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