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2 comments by bluefire40 on Sep 4th, 2009

Then you are in luck. A proper ModDB page will be up within the week, along with a fresh video of 4 weapons and their functions in the mod.

If you want an explanation of why I have held off on a ModDB page, it is because I want our first impression to be a good one. If we just came onto the ModDB page with our current single picture of a Thompson and a half baked description copy pasted n times over, then we'd get bad impressions and comments such as "This looks like crap, you suck."

It's better to take time to make it better than to rush it and have it look like a generic mod.

I promise you though, we will be different. If our difference is good or not, we won't know until our first official post. We refuse to be like anyone else, and instead will take the mundane and make it fresh again.

Too poetical?

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